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Why Missionaries Need Counseling: Featuring Amy Newsome

Amy Newsome is a lifelong missionary in Japan who serves with Mission to the World, and she shares with us some wonderful insights into the benefits of counseling for those who are serving as missionaries. Amy is a missionary and also a professional counselor, and her wisdom and experience are a great benefit to us.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


13 Jul 2022

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Why Pastors and Church-Planters Need Counseling: Featuring Michael Crawford

In this episode we talk with Michael Crawford, the executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware. Michael brings his significant expertise and pastoral voice to help us understand the reasons pastors and church planters will benefit from counseling for themselves. Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


6 Jul 2022

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Why Kids Need Counseling: Featuring Julie Lowe

In this fourth episode of our series, we talk with Julie Lowe, a biblical counselor and author who works with children and their families. Julie shares some things parents can notice that may help them understand whether their children may benefit from talking with a counselor. Julie also shares practical questions parents can ask of counselors in order to find a counselor who will be a good fit for their child.Click HERE to follow Julie Lowe.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


29 Jun 2022

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Why Women Need Counseling: Featuring Shannon McCoy

In the third episode of this series, we talk with Shannon McCoy, a biblical counselor and author. Shannon shares many ways women will benefit from counseling, whether they are struggling or just needing a safe place to process. She also shares some of the barriers women tend to face when they need counseling. Shannon has also written a book called, Help!I'm a Slave to Food, and she shares a bit about the book with us. Click HERE to follow Shannon McCoy.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


22 Jun 2022

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Why Men Need Counseling: Featuring Tim Lane

In this second episode of our series, we talk with Tim Lane, an author, speaker and counselor. Tim shares with us ways in which counseling can be helpful specifically for men, and he gives some helpful tips for how to find a counselor who will be a good fit. Tim is a wealth of wisdom, and this episode will be beneficial to both men and women.Click HERE to follow Tim Lane.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


15 Jun 2022

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Why Counselors Need Counseling: Featuring Brittney Moses

This episode kicks off a series on why various groups of people will benefit from counseling. We begin by talking with Brittney Moses, author and podcaster who advocates for mental health and spiritual well-being. Brittney shares with us some reasons counselors may need to engage in counseling for themselves, including compassion fatigue and self-care. She also shares about some of her own journey of growth and healing which has led her to the ways in which she now leads and encourages others.Click HERE to follow Brittney Moses.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


8 Jun 2022

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Abuse in the Church: Our Response to the SBC Guidepost Report

In this episode we discuss our responses to the Guidepost Report on its independent investigation of the Southern Baptist Convention. Specifically we address how churches can come alongside abuse survivors in order to make the Church a safe and healing place for those who have experienced abuse.We also invite our listeners to register for "The Trauma-Informed Church: Responding Compassionately to Abuse Survivors," a three hour webinar on July 5, 2022, designed to help church leaders with practical tools for responding and helping survivors heal. Click HERE for more information about that webinar. Click HERE to read the Guidepost report.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


1 Jun 2022

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When Home Hurts: Interview with Jeremy Pierre & Greg Wilson

In this episode we discuss When Home Hurts: A Guide for Responding Wisely to Domestic Abuse in Your Church, a book written by Jeremy Pierre and Greg Wilson. They share with us some very helpful ways the book can be utilized by pastors and ministry leaders in seeking to care for victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse. Click HERE to follow Jeremy Pierre.Click HERE to follow Greg Wilson.Follow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.comhttps://bethmariebroom.com


25 May 2022

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How Christians Can Approach Secular Psychology: Part 3

In this third episode in a series of three, we continue the conversation with Dr. Nate Brooks, Assistant Professor of Christian Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. We will each discuss ways we engage with secular counseling modalities in our counseling practices. The first episode in this series is Episode 33, and the second episode is Episode 37.Follow Nate Brooks:https://www.couragechristiancounseling.comFollow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.com/https://bethmariebroom.com


18 May 2022

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How Christians Can Approach Secular Psychology: Part 2

In this episode we continue the conversation with Dr. Nate Brooks, Assistant Professor of Christian Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Nate shares more wisdom with us about how we can think about modalities of secular counseling from a biblical perspective. This is the second part in a three-part series. Part 1 is Episode 33, so please listen to that episode first if you have not already.Follow Nate Brooks:https://www.couragechristiancounseling.comFollow us:https://counselforlifepodcast.comhttps://elizahuie.com/https://bethmariebroom.com


11 May 2022

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