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The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show!

Whether you love camping, hiking, or paddling, we've got you covered! Each and every episode, The Outdoor Kind's John Van Barriger and his co-hosts will talk about the great outdoors, conduct an in-depth interview with a unique personality, and offer real-world safety tips to make your time in camp, along the trail or on the water safer and more enjoyable. Our podcast is produced for all outdoors enthusiasts in the U.S. and Canada! And the icing on the cake? We'll also feature music from an independent artist with a strong connection to the outdoors! Join us on our ongoing adventure!

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Episode 005: Arctic Adventurer James Raffan, plus PFD Safety for Newbies and SUP'ers!

In this week's episode, John Van Barriger chats with author and Arctic adventurer James Raffan. Co-host Marissa Dolotallas joins John to talk about PFD safety for newbies, hikers turned occasional paddlers, and SUP'ers. They also discuss their summer plans and the upcoming Erie Canal thru-paddle. Plus, we close this episode with a special song by the "dream team" of James Raffan, Jerry Vandiver, and David Serkoak of the Ahiarmiut. 

1hr 25mins

20 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Episode 004: Summer Trip Planning, and Co-Hosts Dan Burish & Mindy Lawyer

Host John Van Barriger discusses paddling the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and his next big trip - thru-paddling the Erie Canal. (He also considers the possibility of return-hiking the 360-miles to the put-in location in Buffalo, NY.) In this episode, we also introduce our remaining two co-hosts: fly fisher Dan Burish of Eugene, Oregon, and super hiker Mindy Lawyer of Greenville, South Carolina. Hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode!


23 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 003: Meet co-host Marissa Dolotallas, a chat about Sun/Heat Safety, and a song by Matt Sayles

Host John Van Barriger and co-host Clare Gibbs discuss sun and heat safety, talk about their recent paddles and hikes, introduce co-host Marissa Dolotallas from Meaford, Ontario, and close with a great track by Matt Sayles. We hope you'll enjoy today's episode - and subscribe so you don't miss another!

1hr 14mins

17 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 002: Meet co-host Clare Gibbs, plus "The 10 Essentials" Safety Segment

Our second episode features a lot of laughter in an interview and Baker's Dozen questions with co-host Clare Gibbs; a full safety segment on "The 10 Essentials" you need to survive - and thrive - in the great outdoors; chit-chat with Derek Specht (of Paddling Adventures Radio); and music by Frostbitten Grass. Have a listen!

1hr 19mins

3 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show, Episode One!

Join host John Van Barriger as he welcomes 10 special guests to The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show's premiere episode! Hear short interviews with hiker/paddler Tori Baird; "Happy Camper" Kevin Callan; "Camper Christina" Scheuermann; Arctic Explorer James Raffan; Outdoor Kind co-founder Janet Werth; and firefighter Chad Willemssen. Musicians Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson join in the fun, and then provide a debut performance of the beautiful "Seattle Mist." Adding to the festivities are John's responses to the Baker's Dozen questions, and two super-secret special guests! If you enjoy hiking, camping, or paddling, subscribe to The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show today!

1hr 37mins

26 May 2021

Rank #5

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The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show's Mother's Day Special!

Join us for a special tribute to all of the mothers who inspire us to get outdoors! This preview edition of our upcoming podcast features a full-length interview with Linda and Alisun DeKock, a mother-daughter hiking and paddling duo who will make you laugh, think, and remember to enjoy your life. Also featured in this special interview, we discuss safety when hiking the Grand Canyon and introduce the first installment of our Baker's Dozen questions. These questions will be asked of every guest on the new podcast, giving you a better insight into who they are. We'll also wrap up the show with a beautiful song by Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson that is the perfect end to this Mother's Day special. So join us for this sneak peak into our upcoming podcast...and don't forget to hit the "subscribe" button as our first official episode will drop soon!

1hr 3mins

9 May 2021

Rank #6

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The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show Trailer

Host John Van Barriger shares the make-up of the upcoming podcast. Join John and co-hosts Clare Gibbs, M.D., Dan Burish, and Marissa Dolotallas when their first episode drops in early May 2021!


17 Apr 2021

Rank #7