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Blast Chamber Radio aims to focus on the one group that is ruining your every day life...... people that cant laugh. Lets make sure those backed up fruiggots get what's coming to them. A swift kick in the hilarity box. Giving the audible F-U to talk radio everywhere. Tuesdays & Saturdays @ 7pm cst.

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BCR: The Final Marathon Show Part 3

BCR is joined by the guys from There Are Too Many Movies to see who holds the record for the most guest attendance, discuss who has been on the show, what started BCR, what started There Are Too Many Movies, and whats on the horizon for both shows (.... well we know whats on the horizon for one of them. Death). Ep.521 Website - http://blastchamberradio.com iTunes - http://blastchamberradio.com/iTunes Twitter - @blastchamberradio Facebook - http://facebook.com/blastchamberradio Instagram - http://instagram.com/blastchamberradio Blast Plays - http://blastplays.com

1hr 3mins

14 Aug 2019

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