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Episode 5: Drongo Patch Rundown

This week, Alakazooom and Mutedinlife talk about the newest character, Drongo!  In addition, we run through the long list of balance changes.  Hero updates, card changes, UI improvements, and more!  New players rejoice, you can actually play the game again.This week's episode is very long, because there is a lot to talk about.  If you want to jump around, here are some timestamps to help you navigate the episode!0:00 - Intro 1:45 - DRONGO! 14:30 - Hero Balance Changes    14:30 - Wukong    22:45 - Iggy    27:00 - Kallari    31:45 - Kwang    34:40 - Gideon    40:00 - Wraith    41:00 - Zinx 43:15 - Card Updates (by affinity) DEATH    43:15 - Awaken the Emeric    48:10 - Guard Piercer    48:20 - Invader Mage    48:30 - Nameless Curse    48:45 - Shadow Dancer    51:05 - Vampiric Blade KNOWLEDGE    54:00 - Cryo Agent    57:45 - Echelon Soldier    58:00 - Generator    58:25 - Rejuvenator    58:50 - Sleeper Agent    59:10 - Supply Sergeant    59:25 - Wetware Virus ORDER    1:02:05 - Brilliant Fortification    1:03:09 - Domain of Stillness    1:03:19 - Gates of Salvation    1:03:50 - Godmother Vigilant    1:05:37 - Knight of Ashur    1:05:53 - Mallenk's Grace     *We forgot Mallenk's Tribute, sorry.  But the card is way worse now.  B or C tier.*    1:07:13 - Yomi Guardian GROWTH    1:08:30 - Battle Shepherd    1:10:08 - Exoskeleton    1:11:00 - Flame of Zechin    1:15:10 - Growth Totem    1:16:20 - Pack Leader    1:18:10 - Spry Kin CHAOS    1:19:15 - Deathcrawler    1:23:05 - Nukeblood Mutant 1:25:00 - Gems (Multishot Gem) 1:26:15 - MASTERIES/New Player Changes 1:32:10 - Scoreboard Updates 1:33:28 - Deck Builder/Card/Gem UI Changes 1:35:22 - Card Shop Changes 1:26:20 - Misc. Updates/Loot Crates/Mega Vault 1:37:25 - Muted tells a story 1:39:15 - Longest Outro of All TimeGoodness that took forever to write.  See you next week!

1hr 43mins

29 Aug 2017

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Episode 6: O Revenant, Where Art Thou?

This week, Alakazooom and Mutedinlife break down the effects of the 42.3 patch.  Kwang is still unkillable, Wraith is still bad, and Gideon isn't any better either (told you so).  We talk a little bit about how the meta is/isn't changing, which heroes and cards we think you should be playing, and what changes we suggest to bring certain heroes and cards into a more balanced state.  Alakazooom talks about Super Smash Bros., and we give a moment of silence for the death of Revenant.  All this, and more, in this week's episode!Alakazooom was travelling for most of the past week, so this episode is a little bit less organized than usual.  Now that he is in his new place, our audio recording setup is a bit different, so please bear with us as we try to perfect the new system. Missing the time stamps from last week?  Prefer not having them?  Have any other suggestions or things you want to hear?  Email us at CrashBangBoomThePodcast@gmail.com and give us your feedback!  Follow @CrashBangBoomPC on twitter to stay up to date with new episodes and all things Narbash.  Please subsribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Podbean at crashbangboom.podbean.com, and consider leaving us reviews!  Thanks for the support, see you next week!

1hr 12mins

5 Sep 2017

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Episode 4: What makes a game good?

This week, Alakazooom and Mutedinlife talk about what makes a game good, what we mean when we talk about "balance", and how this all relates to Paragon.  Based off this video by cursedlemon (video has strong language), Alakazooom gives some insight about what exactly we are talking about when we talk about a game's "balance."  We discuss snowballing, the optimization of settings, skill, and beauty.  Then, we talk about how this relates to our experiences on the fields of Agora.  This podcast has it all: Trips to St. Louis, arguing on reddit, Halo, hockey, and, of course, Paragon!If you enjoyed the show, or if you critiques, questions, or ideas for future shows (or if you just want to say hello), please email us at CrashBangBoomThePodcast@gmail.com.  Please follow us on twitter @CrashBangBoomPC for updates on new episodes and all things Crash Bang Boom!  If you like what you heard, subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Podbean at crashbangboom.podbean.com, and consider leaving us an iTunes review.


21 Aug 2017

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Episode 3: V.42 First Impressions

Alakazooom and Mutedinlife talk about their first experiences in V.42.  In this episode we talk about some general first impressions, (the lack of) balance, wards, support woes, and the reputation/mastery disaster.  We also revisit some of our card predictions from episode 1 and see if we were right, or if things are different than we expected.If you have any feedback, send us an email at crashbangboomthepodcast@gmail.com, or visit our twitter @CrashBangBoomPC.  Thanks for your support!

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15 Aug 2017

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Episode 14: A Wild Whisp Appears!

Alakazooom is dying of the Plague, so our friend Whisp joins us to talk about the aftermath of the v44 patch.  We give our opinions of the UI and what we like and dislike about it.  After offering some opinions on how we would change the UI and what we would keep the same, we talk about the hero reworks and general balance of the patch.  In particular, we talk about Gideon, his ult, and the need for real cleanse cards.  Sorry about releasing this episode late, Alakazooom has been sick and editing has been a struggle.If you like what you heard, or have suggestions for future topics or for how to improve the podcast?  We would love to hear from you!  Send us an email at CrashBangBoomThePodcast@gmail.com, tweet at us @CrashBangBoomPC, or write us a review on iTunes!  If you want to stay current with the podcast and hear about new episodes as soon as they are released, follow us on twitter, subscribe to us on iTunes, or follow us at crashbangboom.podbean.com.  Thanks for your support!

1hr 11mins

10 Nov 2017

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