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A podcast from ECT4Health for nurses and paramedics. Rob Timmings is an Aussie Nurse educator who will provide weekly interviews, and tips and tricks, KYJs and general easy nurse/paramedic conversation to stimulate, inspire and learn from.

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Ectopics :Sleep and Shift workers. Part 2 with Anthony Wollaston

In part one of my discussion with Anthony Wollaston - Emergency Nurse Practitioner on the Sunshine Coast, we had a fascinating discussion on the effects on health that poor sleep brings.  This episode we continue the discussion - picking up where I left off, a discussion on Sleep Nutrition.   This is Part 2 or a 3 part podcase series.


2 Sep 2021

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ECTopics: Shift Workers and Sleep with Anthony Wollaston Part 1 of 3

In this part one of our three part discussion, Anthony Wollaston NP unpacks some amazing insights into sleep and the shift worker. If youre not getting good sleep, its killing you .  I hope you enjoy our candid discussion with my mate, Anthony Wollaston.


24 Aug 2021

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Ectopics :MS Josh Marshall and Inclusion Access

My mate Josh Marshall is one of those nurses that takes the lemons and turns them into lemonade.  Once a runner, then diagnosed with MS at 24; in just 10 years he has found himself unable to nurse and now in a wheel chair. he shares his experience with MS, being in a wheel chair, and now changing the world one CEO, and One cafe at a time to understand the process of making their workplaces, venues and facilities, Accessible. Starting a NFP business called Access Inclusion, Josh now consults with and educates organizations, in their legal and ethical  obligations to equity, access, and inclusion. This podcast will change the way you view Disability.  Josh Marshal can be contacted at Inclusion Access on josh@inclusionaccess.com.au


14 Jun 2021

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Ectopics :April 2021 -ABCs David Iliffe on Autism Awareness month

For many Years, David Iliffe from Breakfast on ABC southern Qld has been a mate, and confidant, on a little Big issue that connects us both.  Not our love of radio, our families or a nice craft ale, but our commitment to to the plight of parents who have children on the autistic spectrum. Like many syndromes, Autism in all its forms manifests as, at times, odd behaviors, and issues with normal socialisation.  My kin, and Davids's share similar traits. This time of year he interviews specialists to highlight autism awareness in what is Autism Month - April. Today I turn the mic on him, and dive deep in the the experience of a Dad. For more info and credible CPD please look to https://aeiou.org.au/ And a personal thank you for taking to time to listen to this, at times, heartfelt conversation. Rob.


14 Apr 2021

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Ectopics :March 2021: A Rally for a cause and the Dunga Derby

Dunga Derby and the Rally for a Cause is a Charity we supports for families going through some really tough times.  We are presenting a a fundraiser for the Derby and presenting an educational day for nurses .  $199 for a fully catered 7 CPD full on day of nurse education. Contact us at www.ect4health.com.au, or www.dungaderby.com.au


19 Mar 2021

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ECTopics- CKD and CVD - the link

Hi it’s Rob here we recently had a question about why cardiovascular disease is in really high incidence in patients with chronic kidney disease. It’s pretty complicated but we can really drill it down to 3 dominant pathophysiology. This podcast takes about nine minutes and attempts to go through the three issues that link kidney disease and heart disease


21 Oct 2020

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Ectopics : July 31 - Covid Hell in Melbourne

In the last few days, Melbourne ED RN Tanya Wallace made waves in the social media world with a post of herself after doffing her Covid PPE.  Exhausted, and frustrated with the community lack of adherence to social restrictions, Tanya made an impassioned plea for people to wear masks and socially isolate.   It was shared by over 700 people in the first 12 hours, and no doubt echoed the frustration of nurses all around the country at complacency. In this episode of ECTopics, I chat to Tanya about her experience, and that post.


31 Jul 2020

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ECTopics-Pain Assessment

Hi folks back in front of the microphone again, the little episode of ectopics looks at pain assessment and the familiar OPQRST.Hope you enjoyed it .Check out our webpage and our courses coming up athttps://www.ect4health.com.au/whats-on-where/


26 Jul 2020

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ECTopics 18: Thyroid and its hormones

This quick episode looks at Graves Disease, Hasimoto's, and Goitre.  I touch on the T#/T$ hormones and tips for Thyroxine medication


18 Jun 2020

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ECTopics :17 Claiming CPD

Many nurses want to know how to claim CPD for their 20Hour minimum reqirements. There is alot of free recording templates, but in this episode Rob Timmings form ECT4Health discusses the Rule of Threes - a simple way to diarise and reflect. #CPD #AHPRA #NMBA #ECT4Health


7 Jun 2020

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