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Craig Kohn Aspergers Coach

Listen in as I interview Craig Kohn the Aspergers Coach about how he started his business to help others with Asperger Syndrome. Contact Craig at: Craig.kohn@yahoo.com Craig Kohn the Apsergers Coach


24 Dec 2014

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Starting a Business As an Adult on the Autism Spectrum with Biz Pop Training

Want help learning how to start a business as an individual on the autism spectrum? This new program by BIZ Pop LLC, is designed to do just that. They are offering in person seminars and will soon be offering online videos and other trainings via their program to help adults on the autism spectrum and other special needs adults be entrepreneurs. This was a very interesting conversation and I’ll really intrigued and inspired by what they are doing. They have a temporary website at BIZ Pop LLC. You can also follow them on twitter here.


17 Nov 2014

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My Name is Max and I Have Autism

For this episode, I found a 13 year old boy named Max Miller who has written and published his own book and drawn his own pictures. Listen in as I interview Max and find out why he wrote this book, his favorite picture in the book, his future plans and much more. This is Max’s first interview and I have to say he did quite well. Buy his book below from Amazon. Hello, My Name Is Max and I Have Autism: An Insight Into the Autistic Mind Check out Max’s Mom’s Blog here.


13 Oct 2014

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Autism Candles for Autism Awareness and Autism Entrepreneurship

Listen in as I talk about autism candles and what they are doing for autism awareness and autism entrepreneurship.


6 Oct 2014

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Blogging for Money as an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

Listen to me share some ideas and reasons why blogging can be a good way for adults on the autism spectrum to make money. ProBlogger 31 Days to a Better Blog


22 Sep 2014

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Building a Business as an adult with autism using your talent for art

Many adults on the autism spectrum have a talent for art and this young man is no different. Watch the video interview with his mom or listen to the audio below to learn more about how to take your talent for art and make it into a profitable business.


8 Sep 2014

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Pros and Cons of Network Marketing for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Have you ever considered network marketing or direct sales as an option for entrepreneurship for adults on the autism spectrum? The reality is that this business model is not a fit for everyone, but it is a fit for some. Listen in as I share my top 10 pros and top 10 cons to network marketing or direct sales for adults on the autism spectrum.


2 Sep 2014

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Julia’s Project World

Learn about a young lady with autism who is also deaf and her photography, her blog, her business and more. Julia’s Project World Other autism interviews


21 Jul 2014

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10 Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship on the Autism Spectrum

What does it take to be an entrepreneur on the autism spectrum? Listen in as I share my 10 steps to make it happen successfully.


24 Jun 2014

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Linda and Brent Anderson Unintentional Humor

Have you ever thought about building a business based on autism humor? If not, you really should. In this interview I interview Linda and Brent Anderson, founders of Unintentional Humor a speaking and writing business celebrating the uniqueness and funny bone part of autism. Buy their book on Amazon at Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind™ vist their website- Unintentional Humor Twitter Facebook


16 Jun 2014

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