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Each week, Indiewire Editor-in-Chief Dana Harris sits down to speak with some of the most influential figures in film, TV and the internet.Subscribe on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/indiewire-influencers/id1021668923?mt=2

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Henry Rollins Has Seen Some Things (And He'd Like to Share Them With You)

There are bucket lists... and then there's Henry Rollins' bucket list. After rising to notoriety as the lead singer of Black Flag in the '80s, Rollins has built on his punk legacy to become one of America's most unique cultural filters. And to his ever-growing list of accomplishments, he can now add movie star. As the immortal antihero Jack in Jason Krawczyk's "He Never Died," Rollins' role allowed him to bring his rigorous work ethic to yet another creative endeavor. On this week's episode of Indiewire Influencers, Rollins speaks with Indiewire Editor in Chief Dana Harris about the mental training and the wide swath of life experiences necessary to maintain his kind of output.


29 Dec 2015

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Why '45 Years' Filmmaker Andrew Haigh Never Tires of The Past

Andrew Haigh loves relationships. Whether it's the bond between young lovers ("Weekend," HBO's "Looking") or longtime partners ("45 Years"), exploring Never those connections shape his work as a filmmaker. This week on Indiewire Influencers, Haigh talks with Indiewire Editor in Chief Dana Harris about his fascination with these interpersonal stories and the process that gets them on screen.


22 Dec 2015

Rank #2

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How Screenwriter Drew Goddard Masters the Unclassifiable

Drew Goddard was a science kid. Growing up in the tucked-away town of Los Alamos, NM, he was surrounded by the type of minds and personalities on display in "The Martian." Goddard adapted the script from Andy Weir's novel, a project that originally crossed his desk in its nascent e-book form. This week on Indiewire Influencers, Goddard talked with Indiewire Editor in Chief Dana Harris about the process of making a brainy crowd-pleaser.


15 Dec 2015

Rank #3

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Jason Segel Explains Why David Foster Wallace and Kermit the Frog Aren't That Different

Jason Segel, if nothing else, is a man of many influences. In this week's episode of Indiewire Influencers, he talks with Indiewire Editor in Chief Dana Harris about "Primal Fear," Roald Dahl books, Jimmy Stewart and Peter Sellers' performance in "Being There" - and that's just the beginning. In many ways, the culmination of those combined cultural experiences shapes his work as David Foster Wallace in James Ponsoldt's "The End of the Tour." In playing the late, beloved writer, Segel found a challenge that had been lingering on his periphery for a while.


8 Dec 2015

Rank #4

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Kyle Patrick Alvarez on Why Filming 'The Stanford Prison Experiment' Was Surprisingly Fun

For Kyle Patrick Alvarez, the route to a career as a director has been slightly less than orthodox. Now perhaps best known as the director of this year's "The Stanford Prison Experiment," Alvarez talks with Indiewire Editor in Chief Dana Harris about his early experiences and some of his 2016 plans.


24 Nov 2015

Rank #5