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We uncover the realm of professional careers of Amazing Alumni. Find out their stories, capture their advice, and promote their open jobs and internships. Amazing Alumni bridges the gap between students and alumni. Each week we will be posting two or three episodes featuring new amazing alumni and students.

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AmazingAlumni Episode 20 • Evan Washburn

In this episode of AmazingAlumni, learn how UD Alumnus Evan Washburn, created his own path, worked hard, and managed to get his foot in the door of his dream job in the world of professional broadcasting.


23 Oct 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 19 • Dan Freeman

Dan Freeman was appointed director of the Horn Entrepreneurship Program in 2011, taking over for Scott Jones who founded the program in 2006. With funding from Charlie Horn (the program’s namesake), Dan has been able to grow the program to impressive new levels.


13 Oct 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 18 • Andy Boston Pt. 2


2 Sep 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 17 • Michael Kalmbach

While it is often difficult for art majors to find a career outside of teaching, Michael Kalmbach longed for something more. During his time at UD, he had taken an interest in urban affairs and public policy, and how these concepts could be integrated with art. Kalmbach saw endless opportunities for creativity in downtown Wilmington.


7 Aug 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 16 • Colin Kelly


24 Jul 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 15 • Christina Carestia

If someone was to ask you, “What do you think it’s like to work at ESPN?”, what do you think you would say? University of Delaware alumni, Christina Carestia, was able to give us insight to this question when she sat with AmazingAlumni founder, Ryan Drummond, and gave us a look into the world of Sports Media, and the fast pace life of working at the world’s largest sportscontent network, ESPN. Originally from Monroe, Connecticut, Christina Carestia always loved sports. While attending the University of Delaware, she played on the women’s soccer team and was a undecided business student. By the end of her freshman year, the University of Delaware added a new major, Sports Management. With such a passion and proficiency for sports, Christina knew this is where she should focus her studies.


14 Jul 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 14 • Reflection

This week Ryan Drummond, Founder and CEO of AmazingAlumni, decided to take a moment to reflect, and give the listener a window into his life as the host of the AmazingAlumni podcasts. In this Episode, Ryan introduces you to who he is both personally and professionally.In his twenties, he did not love waking up on weekdays; he dreaded Monday morning, he was in credit card debt, and even living paycheck to paycheck. Today, Ryan embraces his job with open arms alongside his wife and daughter. While it's not all roses and laughter, Ryan admits, "it required hard decisions that at the time felt like enormous risks, Yes, I made several mistakes, and I have had some stressful nights where I couldn’t fall asleep, but ultimately visualizing and taking action has lead me to a point of achieving certain goals and milestones". So come take an audio journey with Ryan in episode 14. Who knows, maybe 23 minutes might alter someone’s life course for the better. Do what you want. Wake up happy and go to bed fulfilled.


3 Jul 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 13 • Chris Wagner


24 Jun 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 12 • Lori Goldberg

Lori Goldberg, CEO of TraffIQ, has experienced all sides of the advertising industry. Lori graduated from the University of Delaware with a major in Fashion Merchandising. She was accepted into an executive training program at Stern’s Department Stores (which now goes by a much more familiar name, Macy’s). After the eight week training program the Senior Vice President of Marketing gave Lori an offer for a position in the corporate office. However, at the young age of 26, she decided that she wanted to get more experience and understanding of the agency. After taking a very unconventional route, Lori now has over 18 years of client and agency experience from her work overseeing clients with budgets totaling over 100 million dollars, such as Capital One, Ralph Lauren, and Microsoft.


15 Jun 2014

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AmazingAlumni Episode 11 • Scott Wasserman

Scott Wasserman gives meaning to the word “innovation”.Creator of Artisan Mobile.


4 Jun 2014

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