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TasCast Show weekly podcast by Tasos Pardalis, for the critical thinkers and the curious minds. Tasos talks about entrepreneurship, comedy, data science and veganism

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How does your psychological state affect your physical health? TasCast Show

How does your psychological state affect your physical health? I checked it out since I'm trying to avoid getting sick because of my psychological status; I found that either one can affect each other. I think it's interesting so I share it on the TasCast Show. As promised, find the two articles about the research done in this domain below: The Surprising Psychology of the Common Cold Flu-like symptoms; Feeling sick like you have the flu and Anxiety Music by Galasea


19 Jan 2019

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Financial freedom and starting a business while at university - TasCast Show - Episode 51

Financial freedom and starting a business while at uni? Had this conversation with student Alvaro 3 weeks ago. You can start a business while studying, especially if you are an undergrad. In this video I explain to Alvaro how to think about financial freedom, more precisely I explain how I think about financial freedom and why I am so active with ideas, content creation and startups. I try to advise him and motivate him to go out there and do it himself. I hope you guys enjoy the conversation. I personally started a new business this week because I just finished with my masters exams, nothing is stopping me and nothing should stop you either. Start, have fun, learn, fail, repeat :)


1 May 2018

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Redefining hustling - TasCast Show - Episode 50

It is a famous notion to talk about hustling when we talk about business nowadays. Many influencers seem to talk about hustling but is hustling 24/7 for everybody. Does hustling mean the same thing to everybody? I think the answer is no, I explain in today’s episode why. As always have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion. Watch the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/SZydFXakML8


7 Apr 2018

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Why veganism is NOT perfect - TasCast Show - Episode 49

Last week Earthling Ed, on of the most influential vegans in the UK, visited Stirling and gave a talk at the university of Stirling. His talk and the questions that followed the talk inspired today’s episode monologue. I hope you guys enjoy. Please check out facts about everything I say yourself, don't take my word for fact, I just want to motivate your curiosity.  The talk was very interesting and I would suggest you check his website out https://www.earthlinged.com/ for more information. As always, have a day full of love, passion and compassion. Please subscribe on the podcast and give me your thoughts so I can improve. Here is the Podbean link for the podcast: https://tascastshow.podbean.com/


4 Apr 2018

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You’ve come across a data scientist job but you didn’t realise - TasCast Show - Episode 48

As a new data scientist people often ask me what a data scientist is or does. Many times, if someone has an idea of what a data scientist does they think it’s something alien to them, their world or their job. As I described in today’s episode during my monologue, you see the results of a data scientist’s job daily. You either come across it on your favourite social media platforms, news ventors (TV, Newspapers, magazines (online or offline), your favourite games, etc. Yes, games, I mention an article in my monologue, you might like to read on the subject, it’s called “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Data Visualization”. While you are listening to the episode, you’ve noticed that I am talking about the Hard Dump Comedy Show in Stirling, Scotland. Here is the link to the event’s Eventbrite page so you can purchase your tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-hard-dump-comedy-show-tickets-44491400978 Have a day full of love, passion, and compassion.


2 Apr 2018

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Competition skills that are transferable to business - TasCast Show - Episode 47

Last week I spent two days in Edinburgh, mainly for a datathone (a data science competition). We had to come up with a solution for the general category finance for good, backed with data from open data initiatives such as open banking. Today I explore how the activities taking place during a datathone such as the formation of a new team with people you haven’t met before to the creation and presentation of a new product from scratch in just 24-48 are skills that you can transfer in your work and especially business, startup, side hustle, etc. Last week’s datathone, like every competition I attend, this too was an amazing experience, but it influenced the organisation of my week, ending up with a messed up schedule and I couldn’t record last week. I hope you guys enjoy! As always fill your day with love, passion and compassion.


27 Mar 2018

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For Your Startup To Survive And Grow You Need Sales And Productivity - TasCast Show - Episode 46

In today's episode I am answering questions from some of our customers at The Startup Race (TSUR). The two questions I've answered are below. What's different about this episode is that it has 2 YouTube videos that go with it on YouTube, links below. Questions answered:  1) Is there a reference that discusses the differences of MVP vs MRP. Although I completely accept that selling something  is the gold standard in market validation, I think you can go too far in focusing solely on revenue and deform your value proposition and other aspects of what needs to be tested. MVP and MRP ... what is the difference ? 2) Do you think there is a good way to tell if you are spending enough time in the right areas when the team is still small. Between Marketing / Development / Talking with users / Reaching out to people etc.. ? Important links: YouTube Part I: https://youtu.be/-I89tqFWC4E YouTube Part II: https://youtu.be/ew810LnrTnw Twitter: https://twitter.com/tdalis - @tdalis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tasspard/ - Tasspard


15 Mar 2018

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To me animal agriculture carbon footprint is an important issue - TasCast Show - Episode 45

In today’s episode I briefly talk about my views on veganism and one of the most important issues with our “food lifestyle” right now. This issue is the animal agriculture carbon footprint. According to the report “LIVESTOCK'S LONG SHADOW” by the United Nations Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. Click here to find and download the free report by the United Nations I don’t expand on the subject today since the purpose of this segment is to make you think and question. I would love to discuss this further, especially if I can have a guest over for a chat in the future. I will let you know. For more quick information, check the Cowspiracy website here as well. As always have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion.


12 Mar 2018

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What Should Small Businesses Know About The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - TasCast Show - Episode 44

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. I have had a couple of conversations with data professionals but since we are not lawyers the common theme when talking about GDPR appears to be the fact that we know just enough to help us stay out of trouble. One conversation was particularly interesting though. I had a short chat with one of my lecturers, here, at Stirling University, and he suggested that I think of data as an individual economic market. Businesses have to remember that data is a currency. Smart businesses such as Google and Facebook are using it daily. When you use Google Maps for example, you are using it for “free” but what we don’t usually associate it with is that we pay with our location data. This data can be used by Google to sell targeted ads to advertisers and more. Since data is and can be used as an individual economic market place, it is fair to say that the EU new data protection regulations are not too strict, they have to come in place for everyone’s protection. Of-course, that means that businesses have an extra work to do and it won’t be cheap, but it is fair and necessary. Also, you can be “smart” about it. Data creates market opportunities for you as well. That means that you, as a business, can use data to make more money and balance the efforts and money you have to invest to make sure that you use data responsibly. Let’s have a look into the 3 Key points I think you need to think about to make sure your business complies with the GDPR. 3 Key Points: Increased Territorial Scope (extra-territorial applicability) Even if you are not an EU business, if you are not based in the EU, and if you are not processing EU citizen data in the EU it doesn’t matter! As long as you process EU citizens’ data GDPR affects you! If you offer services paid or not, you are still responsible for the data of your EU customers. Penalties Under GDPR organizations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). A company can be fined 2% for not having their records in order (article 28), not notifying the supervising authority and data subject about a breach or not conducting impact assessment. It is important to note that these rules apply to both controllers and processors -- meaning 'clouds' will not be exempt from GDPR enforcement. Based on my intuition, the key-phrase for small businesses here is the impact assessment. Generally a small business doesn’t process large amounts of data since they don’t have the expertise to do so. You’re required to undergo impact assessment when you are processing customer data systematically and extensively but if you are not doing that you still need to keep in mind that there is another key-activity that requires you to have an impact assessment and this is the use of CCTVs. Check this website for more on impact assessment: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/accountability-and-governance/data-protection-impact-assessments/ Consent When you ask for consent it needs to be straight forward and plain language. These are the three main key-points you have to keep in mind for GDPR. Find out more details on the official GDPR website here: https://www.eugdpr.org/the-regulation.html and please make sure you prepare your impact assessment before the 25th of May 2018 to be sure you’re avoiding fines, audits, and investigations. Keep in mind that the GDPR doesn’t only require businesses to publish how they use customer personal data and what data they collect but it goes a step further, providing citizens with a lot of personal rights on their data such as the right to access and the right to be forgotten. This episode is to help businesses though so I won’t be expanding on the citizen rights.


9 Mar 2018

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Comedy is difficult, it needs practice and regular stage presence - TasCast Show - Episode 43

I was listening to the James Altucher show podcast episode 325 and his conversation with Godfrey and they were talking about flexing the comedy muscle. I am not as experience as them in comedy by any means but I have done my fair amount of shows and I am organising a new show in Stirling, UK, while you are listening to this episode, I do have experience in presenting as an entrepreneur, developing simple websites and more similar skills that I like to practice. It is common for everyone to forget to practice the fundamentals of their craft and this can make us rusty. Being rusty at what you do will increase your fear of failing when you try to do it again and you don’t do any favours to yourself or to the people you’re working with or for. For example, when it comes to comedy, we “work” for our audience, the more we flex our comedy muscle the more likely we are to make sure that our audience has a good time when they come to see us. I have to remember practising my craft/s as a personal note and I hope you find this a good reminder whether your craft is comedy or anything else that you love doing. Have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion guys. Subscribe if you enjoy my content, I really appreciate that.


7 Mar 2018

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