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In today’s volatile economic, social and political climate, a crisis can be one small disturbance away. But with the right planning and preparation, organizations can mitigate risk and optimize their opportunities for resilience. If you are considering how to manage risk to your people, your organization and your assets, then join Crisis24 in our podcast, The Risk Insight, where we bring experts in intelligence, risk management and security together to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the day.

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Duty of Care Best Practices for LGBTQ Personnel

Experts Featured in this EpisodeNeil Sachs, Host and Risk Solutions Account ManagerJessika Turner, Intelligence Analyst and PRISM contributorDanielle Ellam, Intelligence Analyst and PRISM Contributor About the Periodic Risk Intelligence & Security Monitor (PRISM) Report The annual subscription assesses the threat environment faced by members of the LGBTQ community. Each quarterly and annual report provides in-depth country assessments and trend analyses of global attitudes, events, and issues that have the potential to affect the safety of LGBTQ individuals. Included are country-by-country security risk rating and trend analysis assessments for more than 200 countries, in-depth assessments of threats in areas of higher risk; details of events and on-going issues for LGBTQ individuals; global developments that significantly impact the safety, security, and rights of the LGBTQ community; and LGBTQ Security Risk Rating maps to help you make informed decisions.To learn more about the PRISM subscription, visit: https://crisis24.garda.com/lp/crisis24-request-report-prism.


27 Jun 2022

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Navigating Unique Risks in Cryptocurrency

Welcome to The Risk Insight, a Crisis24 podcast. In this episode, Will Aker, VP Global Protective Solutions, discusses the unique risks in cryptocurrency. As a leader in the security industry, Will Aker shares his expertise in working with cryptocurrency organizations and high-net-worth individuals. As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, it's essential that organizations take a look at the unique risks associated with this high-tech currency. Find out the most important factors to consider when implementing your security and risk mitigation strategies.


24 May 2022

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The National Football League's Approach to Integrated Risk Management

Whether it’s in-season support, or off-season planning, the National Football League’s global operations center (GSOC) is a vital component in keeping personnel and assets safe. The realization of the GSOC three years ago has allowed the league to expand its physical, cyber, and intelligence capabilities, and its partnership with Crisis24 has further increased its ability to monitor for online threats and mitigate potential security risks.The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the understanding of duty of care, and the adoption of an “all-hazards” approach has been critical in maintaining a dynamic and agile approach to risk management. As the League continues to expand its operating environment, relations with law enforcement both domestically and internationally are vital. The emphasis on close collaboration and transparency has led to better intelligence which has driven more effective and efficient decision-making abilities.Listen to this latest episode of The Risk Insight, where Mo French and Neil Sachs discuss the NFL’s unique GSOC capabilities, duty of care obligations and integrated approach to risk management, and much more with Rob Gummer, Director, Intelligence Operations and GSOC at the National Football League.Topics include:The evolution in the meaning of duty of careEmerging technology trends and how they affect NFL operationsHow the GSOC has pivoted to adapt to ever-changing needsRelationship between the league and law enforcementSupporting a growing global footprintWhy the program has been so successful As global crises present operating challenges for the League, find out how Crisis24 steps up to offer further resources to help restore business continuity.  Find out more.


25 Jan 2022

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Artificial Intelligence as Data Point to Support Risk Intelligence

More data had been generated in the last two years than within the entirety of human history. From social media posts to academic papers, organizations are facing the challenge of trying to consume all this data in a relevant and useable manner. With advancements in artificial intelligence, paired with human interpretation, organizations can collect focused and detailed information to make better business decisions, faster. Should an adverse event occur, the ability to collect data 24/7/365 in multiple languages allows clients to have access to on-demand, round-the-clock support when they need it most, wherever they are in the world.  Listen to Michael Susong, Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence, discuss how artificial intelligence has been a game-changer in collecting and interpreting information with Mo French, SVP Risk Solutions.Topics Include:Addressing AI, and how it is different from machine learningHow AI helps us consume and make sense of dataThe perfect combination of AI and human interpretationAbility to tailor information to individual client requirementsC-suite decision-making better informed by high-fidelity, bespoke intel


13 Dec 2021

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The Changing Landscape and Evolution of Executive Protection

Listen to Matt Spring, Director, Protective Solutions, discuss key trends within the executive protection industry with Mo French, SVP Risk Solutions.During the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign and domestic travel has either come to a halt or been drastically reduced. With this, the executive protection industry has had to adapt its services to meet new business requirements. A seismic shift to remote working has seen new security concerns arise, resulting in a growing demand for residential protective services. Organizations have also had time to review and re-evaluate their crisis management plans and duty-of-care obligations in relation to business travel. With secure transportation and private aviation previously only available to c-suite executives, increasing uncertainty over health and safety has seen this also being extended to mid-level employees. Topics Include:Security concerns surrounding remote workingChanging landscape of duty-of-care travel considerationsShift towards private aviation over commercial travelSecure ground transportation extending beyond just c-suite Executive protection trends for 2022 Crisis24’s Executive Protection resources:Executive Protection: The Business of TrustDesigning a Home Security Strategy for VIPs and Their Families – Part 1Designing a Home Security Strategy for VIPs and Their Families – Part 2


9 Dec 2021

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Key Trends in Cyber Security

The digital revolution requires organizations to rely on computerized systems to manage their day-to-day activities, and the distributed workforce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has made cybersecurity a primary goal for many organizations. Businesses and individuals need to safeguard data from various online attacks or any unauthorized access. Continuous change in technologies also implies a parallel shift in cybersecurity trends as news of data breaches, ransomware, and hacks become the norm.Listen to Ghonche Alavi, Senior Consultant, discuss key cyber security trends with Mo French, SVP Risk Solutions. Topics Include: Defining cyber securityChallenges associated with hybrid work environmentsThe changes in ransomware demandsThe shifting responsibility of cyber security within an organizationImportance of personal digital healthCrisis24’s Cyber Security Resources: High-Profile Ransomware Attacks Expose Cyber Risk VulnerabilitiesHow to Protect Your Online PrivacyCOVID-19, Working Remotely, and the Link to Increasing CyberattacksCase Study: French Online Retailer is Victim of Cyber Extortion


3 Sep 2021

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How Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Have Evolved

Crisis24’s Chief Security Officer, Hugh Dunleavy, shares insights on the evolution of risk management, and key elements organizations should be considering to ensure duty of care for all personnel. In this episode, you’ll learn: How remote work policies have expanded duty of care responsibilitiesConsiderations for travel risk management plansRecommendations for how the CSO can work with the C-Suite to make cross-functional decisions about business continuityThe framework of a robust risk management programAccess these Crisis24 risk management resources mentioned in this episode:An Integrated Approach to Risk Management | LEARN MORECrisis24 Ensures Workforce Safety During Capitol Riots | ACCESS CASE STUDYBuilding a Risk Management Program that Mitigates the Rising Threat of Domestic Violent Extremism | GET THE REPORTDuty of Care for International Travelers and Expatriate Employees | FIND OUT MORETravel Risk Management Best Practices for Higher Education | ACCESS CASE STUDY


12 Aug 2021

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The Changing Role of the Chief Security Officer (CSO)

In today's The Risk Insight episode, your host, Mo French, SVP Risk Solutions, discusses the changing role of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) with Crisis24's Hugh Dunleavy. In this episode, Mo and Hugh discuss: How the COVID-19 pandemic challenged CSO's and redefined duty of careThe extent of duty of care responsibilities in a remote workforce environmentShared responsibilities between the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and how the two roles are intertwined, particularly with respect to cyber securityThe expanded structure of the crisis management team (CMT) as a company-wide shared responsibilityNew and changing considerations in travel risk management (TRM)Using lessons learned in recent months and how CSO's can better prepare for what might happen in the near-termAbout Hugh Dunleavy, Chief Security Officer & Senior Vice President US Operations | Crisis24As the Chief Security Officer at Crisis24, Hugh Dunleavy  provides strategic direction for Crisis24's risk management and security operations. Additionally, Hugh leads the US Operations division, providing response support to organizations in North America. He has 28 years experience in foreign military service and is retired US law enforcement.About Mo French, Senior Vice President Risk Solutions | Crisis24In serving the risk management industry for the past 12 years, Mo works with organizations to provide risk solutions tailored to specific business needs. In previous roles, she focused on services and technologies supporting the supply chain in both consulting and sales.


26 Jul 2021

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Welcome to The Risk Insight

Welcome to The Risk Insight, a Crisis24 podcast taking a closer look at the risk and security issues facing organizations around the world today. In this episode, Mo French, SVP Risk Solutions at Crisis24, introduces The Risk Insight podcast and what you can expect as a listener. The risk management industry has gone through tremendous change in recent years. The threat landscape has evolved rapidly and the types of events leaders need to stay abreast of has multiplied. The pace of these changes makes it even more important, now more than ever, to stay up-to-date. At Crisis24, we understand the challenges and the ever-changing landscape that you face every day. And we understand that as an organization's leader, your responsibilities are great. Our goal is to provide you bite-sized expert insights and actionable resources to help you prepare for what comes next. 


26 Jul 2021

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