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Celebrating resilience in sport - the human stories behind the stars. Hosted & produced by sports journalist Neroli Meadows. Thanks to Woody Pitney for his track “Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved“ & Ryan Pierse for the cover photo.

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Glenn Maxwell - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Glenn Maxwell is one of Australia's most talented, yet polarising cricketers. In 2019, Glenn became overwhelmed and exhausted by the game he loves. In this episode, he reveals just how bad things got before he decided to take a break from the game and get some help.

1hr 1min

24 Mar 2020

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Nathan Lyon - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Nathan Lyon has played 96 Tests for Australia, taking 390 wickets but his career has been riddled with doubt. The man known as "the GOAT" opens up on some of the toughest moments of his career and why he gets so anxious.


7 Apr 2020

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Dale Thomas - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Dale Thomas is a recently retired AFL footballer, who played for Collingwood and Carlton. Under immense public scrutiny, Dale's mental health suffered. A couple of years ago, he made the decision to ask for help to finally deal with some of the issues that arose from his childhood. As a result, he's in a better headspace than ever - but it has been a rocky road.


31 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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Moises Henriques - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Australian cricketer Moises Henriques has dealt with depression and anxiety throughout his career. Born in Portugal, Moises moved to Australia at a young age. He went on to represent Australia in all forms of the game, with the pressure of "potential" following him every step of the way.

1hr 5mins

21 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Eamon Sullivan - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Eamon Sullivan is a three-time Olympian and three-time medallist but he never won gold. A world record holder in the 50m and 100m freestyle and favourite at the Beijing Olympics, Eamon came up short in both events. It has taken him 12 years to come to terms with it.


17 Mar 2020

Rank #5

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Sabreena Duffy - Ordineroli Speaking

Sabreena Duffy has only just turned 20 but she has already overcome the odds to make her mark on the AFLW as a Fremantle star. Sab has spent her entire life in the foster care system and in this episode of Ordineroli Speaking, she shares her story publicly for the first time. Her motivation? To help inspire other kids to achieve their goals and be proud of their story.


14 Apr 2020

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Natalie Medhurst - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Natalie Medhurst has been a professional netballer for 17 years, including ten years representing Australia. Behind the scenes, Natalie was struggling with her mental health and developed an eating disorder. About to be a Mum, Natalie is now in a good place and ready to share her story.


28 Apr 2020

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Ryan Pierse - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Ryan Pierse is one of Australia's leading sports photographers. Ryan has captured some of the most iconic images of the Australian Men's Cricket team but one day will live with him forever. In this episode of Ordineroli Speaking, the Getty Images Chief Photographer shares the stories behind the photographs he took of Phillip Hughes - a player who became a mate.


5 May 2020

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Peter Siddle - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Peter Siddle is a recently retired Test cricketer. Almost eight years ago, he experienced a moment that changed his life. On this episode of Ordineroli Speaking, Peter shares the reason why he quit drinking and why he'll never drink again.


10 Mar 2020

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Adam Treloar - Ordineroli Speaking

#OrdineroliSpeaking Adam Treloar is an Aussie Rules star, who plays for the Collingwood Football Club. In this episode of Ordineroli Speaking, he talks openly about his long-term struggles with anxiety and depression. About to become a Dad, Adam has spent a lot of time reflecting on what kind of father he wants to be, having missed out on that relationship himself.

1hr 8mins

5 Mar 2020

Rank #10