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Hello Friend!Are You Freddie For This? is a music based podcast where I chat with some musical buddies to find out how they do what they do, what works, what doesn't, lessons they've learn't and how we (me and you) can learn from them to help pursue our musical journey! Secondly, me and Coach Tom take a listen to albums (friends albums, super-famous-rock-star albums, and everything in between) and chat about them over a nice cuppa tea. Thirdly, in an effort to keep the songwriting muscle flexed I'll be writing at least one song a month, I'll tell you a bit of the story and process behind it and then I'll play it for ya!

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#018 Song A Week 2019 Review - APRIL

Hello Friends! In this episode I look over the songs written in April ('19) for the song a week challenge.  If you want to see the full songs head on over to youtube to listen to the full version and too see my face. If you like what you hear then how about you check out my other music on Spotify, or where you listen to tunes! If you are feeling sassy, why don't you subscribe to the channel, to this podcast and all that stuff. x x x


3 May 2019

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