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Ben DeMarco with 42 North Brewing at NYC craft beer festival

Ben Demarco from the Fat Baby show at the stand joins us for the second beerfest episode with 42 North Brewing, check out Fatbaby every thursday at the stand.

1hr 10mins

24 May 2018

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Dan Perlman at Strongrope Brewery

Jessica and I Join comedian Dan Perlman at Strongrope Brewery in Brooklyn, and almsot start a brewery war. Special thanks to Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind for the new intro clip (sorry I forgot the info durring the podcast I was drinking beer, as is tradition) Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind / music available at iTunes


15 Mar 2018

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Pauline Murphy and Flagship Brewing

This episode Pauline Murphy and I take a boat ride to Staten Island, where we talk to Pat and Doug at flagship brewing. This week filling in for Jessica we have Rachel Green back to co host. *there were some recording issues with this episode, I am haveing someone fix soem of the issues, it will be updated with a cleaner version in a week or so.

1hr 11mins

6 Feb 2018

Rank #3

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Tj Del Reno & Bronston Jones with Neshaminy Creek at the NYC craft beer festival

This week TJ Del Reno from Unlimited Lives fills in for Jessica, Bronston Jones joins us as we chat with Johnny from Neshaminy Creek Brewing at the NYC craft beer festival.


6 Nov 2017

Rank #4

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Rachel Green & Braven Brewery at The Creek and Cave

This epiosde we talk to Rachel Green and bring Back Eric from Braven Breweing, with a special drop in by Rebecca at the Creek and the Cave. As a reminder, the signup period for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, we want  to take it upon ourselves to remind everyone that the signup date is November 1st through December 15th 2017 for next years coverage.


11 Oct 2017

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Transmitter Brewing with Lizzie Cassidy

Our first episode back after a while, Lizzie Cassidy came by Transmitter brewing with us this summer, We had some delicious beer in Rob and Anthony's new space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

1hr 4mins

13 Sep 2019

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JFL Special Episode with Tiny Chef

We're back! We have a whole bunch of new episodes coming out weekly starting on monday, but first with a very special Tiny episode with the one and only Tiny Chef and his crew at Just For Laughs in Montreal. Ozlem Akturk, Rachel Larsen and Adam Reid join us as we enjoy Montreal and JFL!


29 Aug 2019

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Brieux Carre Brewing

Gerrard Zarra & Stephanie Burnes join me on my trip to New Orleans for some beer with Robert at Brieux Carrie Brewery for one of my more intoxicated episodes. (whoops)

2hr 3mins

10 Apr 2019

Rank #8

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Ray DeVito with Matt Archambault at Fifth hammer brewery.

Ray deVito joins us with the host of Brewed in New York as we revisit fifth Hammer brewing in Long Island City. 

1hr 27mins

23 Jan 2019

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Jake Flores at Braven Brewery

Jake Flores joins us in Braven's new tap room, Eric comes back on and Marshall joins us for his first time on this birthday, we discuss some of the new beers coming out, what Jessica and I have been up to for the past few months, and we play with the VR camera. (the VR footage will be on our youtube this week).

1hr 4mins

8 Jan 2019

Rank #10