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There Will Be Wrestling is a bi weekly podcast discussing the finer points of the world of wrestling like, thick necks and sweaty boiizzz! Join Taylor Power as he brings Olly (lavender) up to speed on what makes wrestling so good and bad! See wrestling through the eyes of a novice and the and get a fresh perspective on the stories you know and love... or love to hate! #twbw #meatcastlestwbw

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TWBW Episode #33 - DIY WARS - The Sauce Forsaken (Season Finale)

FINALLY THE FINALE IS HERE!!! THIS WEEK on There Will Be Wrestling we finish off the epic story of our sauciest boiz! This will also be our season finale as we take a short break to move studios and try and beat the relentless Australian heat!  Can Johnny Gargano get back for what Tomasso Ciampa did? How brutal will the revenge be? After all the near misses, will Johnny Gargano finally go too far? Has anyone ever seen better wrestling? Who can avoid having their spine on the pine? Who can protect their neck!?! Find out all this and more on.... THERE WILL BE WRESTLING!!! Taylor loves wrestling and always has, Olly knows pretty much nothin'...Join in on the fun as one friend tries to convince the other that wrestling rulz! Get a fresh perspective, through the eyes of a newcomer, on the matches and stories that rock the wrestling world. Old and new, guys and gals Follow us on this curated trip into the best and worst wraslin' has to offer. Intro/Outro music by Haken (Song: 1985 / Album: Affinity) Check them out and buy their stuff at www.hakenmusic.com Copyright belongs to Haken, World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Thank you for allowing us to contribute to your world of wrestling and to spread the word! Please subscribe and share if you liked the podcast!!! This is a free grassroots podcast!!! We rely on your word of mouth to help get our show out there! This episode was Edited & Produced by Taylor Power, Engineered & Co Produced by Oliver Lavender 2019 #twbw #meatcastlestwbw #sundaynightslaw

1hr 36mins

21 Dec 2019

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