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Home Makeover Project Secrets equips Home Owners with the skills and understanding to execute successful home projects; that goes behind the scenes of Home Build Projects to unlock the secrets and share insider tips and strategies to save money and time on any and every home project. What you learn will give you the confidence to embark boldly on your next project and you’ll know what to do so your story has the happy, dream home ending you deserve."Home Makeovers" include home renovation, remodelling, alterations, additions, going up into attics and down into basements, redevelopments and even ground-up new builds. Any and every project where Homeowners are going to be appointing professionals, designing something, buying materials, carrying out construction work, employing contractors and sub-contractors, suppliers and manufacturers and even if you're doing some or all of the work yourself. All things home build.

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Warning … Don't Make This Catastrophic Mistake On Your Home Makeover Projects

Season 1 - Episode 19. Without careful Tender or Bid Analysis, the whole Tender or Bid process is pointless. I share the Five Key Steps of effective tender or bid analysis.


26 Jan 2022

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Revealed ... Three Secrets of Effective Tendering or Bidding

Season 1 - Episode 18. Tendering or Bidding is one of the most important project skills to master. I share two key truths and reveal three secrets to running an effective tender or bid process.


31 Dec 2021

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Discover ... What To Do When The Highwayman Rides Up To The Old Inn Door

Season 1 - Episode 17 : Going deeper on project costs and explaining different ways contractors submit costs. I draw back the curtains and share pricing strategies contractors use and how understanding these will help you avoid daylight robbery.


3 Dec 2021

Rank #3

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Discover Stuff Homeowners Must Know ... Tear Gas, A Serious Risk AND Adding Value

Season 1 - Episode 16 : In this Q&A episode (No. 2) I answer an essential question about a behaviour you must avoid and discuss a serious risk that all Homeowners face when planning and executing Home Makeover Projects. PLUS, I share some ideas that can add real value to your Home. PS. Check out Episode No. 10 for the first Q&A in Season 1.


14 Nov 2021

Rank #4

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Revealed ... The Fifth Force That Shapes and Drives Home Makeover Projects

Season 1 - Episode 15 : Velociraptors, Chris Pratt and Tom Cruise ... Understand the powerful Fifth Force present on Home Makeover Projects everywhere in the world. Learn a powerful 5-Step Strategy and Two Mindset Tactics so you can manage and control the power before it overwhelms your project.


5 Nov 2021

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Insider Secrets ... Three Rules And A Strategy To Save You When The Storm Clouds Are Gathering

Season 1 - Episode 14 : Discover how to manage cost increases when your project is on the go. Take three "must do" actions and survive unexpected catastrophes. I share more about my own home makeover disaster and three rules and a simple strategy anyone can follow, no expertise required. Or will you make the same avoidable mistakes most homeowners do that end in ugly tears ?


25 Oct 2021

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Revealed ... How Shrek, Onions and Philosophy Can Help You Get What You Want On Your Home Makeover

Season 1 - Episode 13 : Do you know what problem happens on 99% of Home Makeover Projects and how to solve it ? Will you take the wrong way like most Homeowners ? I reveal the right way and share a simple, three-step strategy that anyone can follow. 


18 Oct 2021

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Revealed ... The #1 Insider Strategy to Ensure You Do Get What You Want On Your Home Makeover Projects

Season 1 - Episode 12 : Do you know what Thomas Edison and General "Stormin Norman" Schwarzkopf agree is an essential skill all Homeowners MUST learn ? Will you know what to do so you can ensure you get what you want on your next Home Makeover Project ? In this deep dive, I reveal this Home Makeover insider secret strategy and explain why it's such an important part of Home Makeover success.


7 Oct 2021

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What Do William Shakespeare And The State of Denmark Have To Do With Your Home Makeover Project ?

Season 1 - Episode 11. How will you avoid the three mistakes most Homeowners make on Home Makeover Projects if you don't even know what they are ? I share these common mistakes and explain how to avoid them. This is the first part of a new mini-series on Bidding or Tendering to get the best prices for any and every Home Makeover Project.


29 Sep 2021

Rank #9

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A Disaster, A Nasty Surprise and A Risky Option - Answers Every Homeowner Must Know !!

Season 1 - Episode 10 : Homeowners who run Home Makeover Projects always have lots of questions. Here are the MUST KNOW answers to three top questions. And I also share some easy to follow and implement tips and strategies that will help any Homeowner deliver their Home Makeover Project successfully.


22 Sep 2021

Rank #10