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Almost Married: Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning the biggest and most important day of your life can be daunting to say the least. How do you choose the perfect dress that will look timeless in your photos for all the years to come? How much should you spend on a caterer? Do you need to have an open bar? Where do you even start with figuring out seating arrangements and table settings? Whether you are doing everything yourself, or are fortunate to have a planner help along the way, this podcast is for you. Almost Married is hosted by highly sought-after wedding planner Aly Armstrong who will walk you through everything you need to know before you say 'I do'. Each week, Aly will have a new wedding industry guest on her show to give you the best insight on all the tips, tricks, and trends so you can have the wedding of your dreams.

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3: The Lost Art of Etiquette with Sunita Padda

In 2019, is it still a faux pas to wear white to a wedding? When do you need to send a save-the-date? And is to tacky to send e-cards? Etiquette may sound like a thing of the past, but weddings are an opportunity to bring this lost art back to the forefront. Aly is joined by etiquette expert Sunita Padda to discuss everything you need to know to make sure you don't break any cardinal wedding rules.


13 Jan 2019

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4: A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words with Kristy Ryan

We know how it is: you're all over Pinterest, leafing through your favourite wedding magazines, and have a laundry list of wedding blogs saved on your browser's bookmarks -- all in pursuit to not only create the wedding of your dreams, but to capture it in a way that you'll be able to enjoy for years - and generations - to come. Let's just say it -- hiring a wedding photographer is a BIG DEAL. You're literally trusting that this person or team of people can not only deliver the look and feel of photos you love and ensure you look your best ever (come on, all this hair & makeup & dress cannot go wasted!), but also capture all your loved ones on this incredible day. This week, Aly is joined by the incredibly talented Vancouver-based wedding photographer Kristy Ryan, one half of the husband-and-wife duo behind Blush Wedding Photography. Kristy and Aly not only walk you through how the choose the right photographer, if or if not you should do "first look" photos, and the details you should understand (think timelines, hours, pricing, etc.), but also what they loved most (and least!) about their photography experiences at their own weddings. Thanks for listening! Make sure to follow Aly on Instagram at @eventsbyaly for more tips & tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams.


14 Feb 2019

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5: The Dress with Bisou Bridal

After finding the man or woman of your dreams that you want to say "I do" to, the next big item on many brides' minds is finding the dress of their dreams. Yes, we mean the dress. With all the lace and glitter (or lack of lace and glitter!) that you've always visualized for yourself on this momentous occasion. Instead of just popping into the first wedding dress shop you stumble upon, you should have a plan in place on what you're looking for: budget, the setting of your wedding, and your own personal inclinations of what you love and don't love. Ironically, however, you should also have a plan to  potentially abandon your plan. Not when it comes to your budget or musts for functionality, but when it comes to style. Wedding dress consultants literally spend their lives looking at bridal fashion and helping brides like yourself find the dress that makes them feel on top of the world. Be receptive and open minded -- you may surprise yourself! Two of these such consultants, Colleen and Natasha from Bisou Bridal in Vancouver, BC, have joined Aly for today's podcast to give some really incredible insight on all the things you should know and start thinking about before saying yes to that dress: how far in advance do you need to choose a dress? When is the final fitting if you need to get something adjusted? How much does a dress really cost? If you have a tight budget, how can you still get an amazing dress? And what is in and out of fashion in 2019? Thanks for listening! Make sure to follow Aly on Instagram at @eventsbyaly for more tips & tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams.


21 Feb 2019

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10: Rings & Bling with Michael Hill Jewellery

Hey ladies! (And listen up, gents: this one is for you as well!) The process of selecting engagement and wedding rings that perfectly represent your unique bond can - and should - be an enjoyable experience that you share together. For this episode Aly is on the line with Stephanie and Emily from Michael Hill Jeweller in Australia. This international company boasts 40 years in the industry, so today’s guests are here to share their expertise with you lucky listeners.  Which styles would best suit your tastes, but also your life? Although we may initially be drawn to what is popular, we may need to consider whether our rings will also work with our occupations. We also need to love them forever! Maybe choosing ‘timeless’ over ‘trendy’ works for you? Or personalizing something vintage and meaningful? Aly shares her own story of how she actually had to redesign her ring after-the- fact... (this is definitely not recommended!) Whatever selection you make, keeping a few key tips in mind can help ensure you'll love your rings for years to come and make sense for your real life adventures. Today's guests have insight on other super important shopping tips, including the ethics of where materials are sourced, “The Four Cs” (cut, colour, clarity, and carat), and how to start figuring out what the right style is for you. If you invest the time and thought now, your rings will make your hands and hearts happy for all of the blissful years to come. Thanks for listening! Make sure to follow Aly on Instagram @eventsbyaly for more tips & tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams.


17 Jul 2019

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9: Highlighting Your Beauty

Au natural? Uber-dramatic? Extensions? Lashes? Highlights? What are the current hair and makeup trends and how on earth are you going to make 100% sure that you’re looking flawless on the most photographed day of your life? The answer is always planning! As with other aspects of your wedding, the beautification of you and your bridal party requires research, a bit of practice, and mindful selection as to what best represents YOU. In this beauty episode, two Vancouver-based industry professionals are brought in for an informative Q&A session: hairstylist and extension guru Veronica Gomes, and makeup extraordinaire Jasmine Hoffman. They share their expertise about products, trends, important timelines, expenses, hiring etiquette, and (most importantly!) insisting on trial runs of everything. After all, you definitely don’t want any surprises as you’re preparing to walk down the aisle! Remember that it’s not just about photo-ready styling - it’s also about finding the perfect ‘fit’ of a beauty team that creates a stress-free experience for you and your bridesmaids. You’ll all be gorgeous, happy, confident, and ready to ‘wow’ the guests! Thanks for listening! Make sure to follow Aly on Instagram @eventsbyaly for more tips and tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams.


6 Jul 2019

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