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Everyday for your entire life, you've been force fed garbage, and you're expected to take it with a smile! Now is the time to stop those pesky schools, social media, and news networks from leading you off a cliff into an eternal sleep. Wake up today! Open your mind to the world, as real people fill you in on The Statist Quo! Join our host Matt, an Iraq War veteran and ex-convict. If a former, enthusiastic cog in the war machine can break away from the statist quo mentality, then so can you! Matt’s life experience brings unique insight, which allows him to give context and fill in the blanks left by the mainstream media when it reports on war and military matters. We invite you to join us as we explore history, current events, politics and economics from a libertarian perspective.

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Erasing History

 If you don’t know history you can’t learn from it, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to erase the past. Progressive leaders want to and currently do retrofit our history books in order to condense it in an easy to understand view of good vs evil, with the righteous and benevolent prevailing. Matt returns to the right side of the Mason Dixon line ( for this time of year) and shares some insight from his recent trip to the south. The powers that be will always alter or omit history to shape the status Quo they desire. Come learn the truth by listening to the newest episode of The Statist Quo! 

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17 Jul 2019

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Imperial Lies and Police State Fails

Today on The statist Quo, Matt solos and hits on a few major stories of the past week. He talks about the release of the Afghanistan papers, and the great lie the American public has been fed over the years. After that he comments some on the UPS hijacking and murder of the hostage by the police. Finally, he goes over the realities of gun control on military bases, how that relates to the recent shootings on post, and the utter contempt that flag officers have for both the public and enlisted men...and how that translates into them being serious threats to liberty. Thanks for listening! Give us a rating and review if you think we deserve it!!WebsiteFacebookTwitter

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19 Dec 2019

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On Conversations We Refuse to Have (w/ Jared - Biting the Bullet)

On this extended cut of the Statist Quo Matt sits down with Jared from Biting the Bullet to talk about a Medium article sent to us by a listener.  The article, included in the show notes, has a lot of things we are sympathetic to, taken one by one, but when included in the context of this article, send the wrong message.  We go off on a few tangents, share some military stories and deployment stories, and turn a nine-minute read into a 2 hour session.  There's a lot to cover in this article, relating to combat stress and PTSD, the "mission" and foreign policy, veteran re-entry into society and the massive gulf between the veteran and civilian communities, and the modern "All-Volunteer Force".  We touch on just about all of it, mixing in our own experiences.A big thanks to Jared for coming on and tackling this article with me, very much appreciated.You should listen to Biting the Bullet if you don't already, it's a great listen.  Follow them on Twitter at @BitingBulletPod and Jared at @TheMongoose0861.Follow us at @StatistQuoPod for Matt on Twitter, and The Statist Quo Facebook page for Nick.Finally, if you have an article, podcast or video you want us to deconstruct, or a topic you'd like our take on, feel free to hit us up.  We love doing listener-generated shows.  We have one or two in the works right now, actually....Thanks for listening!!  Linkshttps://humanparts.medium.com/the-conversation-about-war-and-our-veterans-we-refuse-to-have-a95c26972aee

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14 Oct 2019

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Uncensored Tactical (w/ Pat Watson)

In our latest episode, we're joined by none other than Pat Watson! Pat is the founder/operator over at UncensoredTactical.com, as well as the host of the podcast, Uncensored Tactical! Matt, and Pat discuss each of their individual experiences in the military, including the good, the bad, and the ugly times. Pat brings an interesting perspective to our show on the topic of domestic police, based on his personal experience as an officer, as well.We are very excited to release this episode, as we are big fans of the work Pat has done and continues to do! If not already, it is imperative you subscribe to Pat's podcast and visit his website!Uncensored TacticalFor the newest content, visit our website!TheStatistQuo.net

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5 Sep 2019

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Fourth Generation Warfare and You

Today we present a shorter solo episode, where our host Matt gives a quick overview on the nature of modern warfare, and how it evolved over the years. He talks a little bit about asymmetric warfare, and possible flash points in America today. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a little about the boogaloo, wouldn’t we!Get more episodes like this by subscribing to our weekly podcast!Rate and review on your favorite podcast app as well!Thank you!WebsiteFacebookTwitter


23 Sep 2019

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BONUS: On Killing/On Combat (w/ Pat Watson - Uncensored Tactical)

In this bonus episode of The Statist Quo, our friend Pat from Uncensored Tactical returns to talk with Matt about two books that contain a ton of value, especially for vets, but great for anyone interested in self-defense.  They are On Killing and On Combat, both by Army Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.).  ;)In these books, Grossman shares research he had conducted with law enforcement and military veterans who had been in deadly force encounters.  On Killing is great for some of the rarely discussed dark sides of combat, but the belle of the ball here is On Combat, a great guide to the psychological and physiological processes that happen when human beings find themselves in life-or-death situations involving violence.Shockingly (or not), the VAST majority of content in this book is mentioned rarely, if at all, by the military, at least not in an official capacity.  Which is why we both strongly recommend reading at least On Combat for those who are or have been in combat arms or law enforcement.Thanks for listening!  Go check out Pat at www.uncensoredtactical.com!

2hr 17mins

27 Nov 2019

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Church of Statism

 In this brand new episode , we cover a couple key concepts that we use all the time that most people probably aren’t familiar with, unless they are libertarians but are nonetheless critical to understanding modern politics and government. Collectivism, Individualism, and statism. Matt goes over these terms, and examines some of the contradictions of our national religion-statism-the worship of poltical power. 


28 Jul 2019

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A Well Regulated Militia

People say that the National Guard is over 300 years old. That’s half true. The National Guard as we know it has only been around for 103 years. The State Militia system, which the Guard grew out of, predates the founding of the USA, and was originally a bulwark against a standing army, which is always a threat to liberty. In this episode we discuss the origins of the Guard, it’s transformation into something it was never meant to be, the Second Amendment, and what it has to do with the Militias. This may be an obscure piece of history, but it’s implications for lasting liberty are enormous. Learn why on the Statist Quo!


11 Jul 2019

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The Bonus Army

In observance of Veterans Day 2019, we thought we’d tell some veteran’s stories. But not the usual tales of courage under and the “allure of battle”. Instead, we wanted to share a veteran story that never gets told:  The events surrounding the Bonus Army. In 1932, in the depths of the greatest economic catastrophe in the modern era (caused by the Federal Reserve), a group of World War I veterans marched on DC to claim early the cash bonuses they had been promised by Congress for their wartime service. Not only does this tale not get told enough, but even the history of the age surrounding it is distorted by mainstream media and the approved court historians of the Regime. So this is our humble attempt to set the record straight, and to tell the story of the Bonus Expeditionary Force, and their harsh treatment at the hands of “A Grateful Nation”.  At the end of the day, two veterans were killed along with an infant child. A total on 1,107 veterans were injured, mostly by arsenic-based tear gas, and sixty-eight cops also were injured in an attempt to break up the peaceful protest by violent means. The military, commanded by Chief of Staff Gen. Douglas McArthur, Majors George S. Patton and Bradley ultimately broke up the protest and burned the veterans temporary camp. A couple of the biggest names of World War 2, worshipped by many to this day, turned the sword on their fellow veterans...a tale that continues to repeat itself to this day. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...https://duckduckgo.com/?q=treaty+of+versailles+mises+institute&t=iphone&ia=webhttps://mises.org/wire/treaty-versailles-—-100-years-laterFacebookTwitterWebsite

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11 Nov 2019

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Shays' Rebellion

 The early American republic is not discussed much in American history, at least not in high school.  You might get some of that time period in a college history class, but it doesn't seem to be a big topic in popular history.  Why is that?  Maybe because it's easy to see how the Founding Generation didn't live up to their high-minded ideals and pretty rhetoric.  Or maybe it's because early United States history is fraught with rebellions, tax revolts, uprisings and the like.Either way, it's a very fascinating period and some of the events then played a major role in shaping the country that would grow to be the biggest empire the world has ever seen, that went from the smallest government on the planet to the biggest government in human history.  Shays' Rebellion is one of those events that provoked a reaction and enabled the machinations of characters like Alexander Hamilton.  It even helped push George Washington out of retirement, and played a part in the push for a stronger central government.  It's also a great story in and of itself, teaching us a lot about the people that founded this country, known and unknown, and it also teaches us a lot about America's true relationship with the men that fight its wars.However, to understand Shays' Rebellion, you can't just look at the events starting in June of 1786; instead you have to understand the economic situation at the time, and also the roots of the Continental Army and the direction it pushed the American Revolution in.  Join us as Matt tells the story of the Massachusetts Regulators, who go down in history as the Shaysites. Thanks for listening...we truly appreciate your support and the time you share with us!!FacebookTwitter

2hr 19mins

14 Feb 2020

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Memorial Day

Check out our latest podcast, to get a glimpse of a point of view on memorial day from a marginalized voice.. the libertarian veteran. Our host, Matt, delivers a powerful episode that is sure to raise an eyebrow, and make you think deeper into why we even have this "holiday". Be sure to like and subscribe for newest content! Visit our Website Here! 

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30 May 2019

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The REAL story with the Philly Shootout!

Tune in for this mixed bag of trending topics as our host Matt breaks them down for you without the corporate press fluff and with the added bias of Liberty. We talk about the inverted yield curve and how that ties into the economy. We also examine a recent “mass shooting” in Philly and how the propaganda machine continues to brainwash the population into bending to the statist quo. Finally we keep on the topic of gun control and discuss what the position is in Latin America and examine those effects. As always, it’s our pleasure to decode the narrative created by the state. Please subscribe and tune in for our several weekly podcasts as well as many thought provoking articles, all which are found at TheStatistQuo.netBe sure to check out an awesome article published on The Libertarian Institute, written by your host , Matt Freeman. CLICK HERE!Philly Shooting Linkshttps://www-m.cnn.com/2019/08/14/us/philadelphia-shooting/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F%3Fno-st%3D9999999999https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1042436Jose Nino’s article https://mises.org/wire/dirty-secret-about-gun-control-latin-america


18 Aug 2019

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The state doesn’t care about you, they don’t even care about themselves!

On this *bonus* episode of TSQ, Matt invites on his friend Brent (@VetArchistOG) to discuss a recent article detailing the extreme soil and water contamination at Karshi-Khanabad Air Base in Uzbekistan, also known as K2. This base was constructed on a site the DOD knew to be heavily contaminated in early 2001, as the US was searching for a staging area for special operations missions into Afghanistan. It was closed in 2009, but at least 61 veterans who deployed there ended up with cancer. The DOD claims that there is no environmental hazards at this air base, but documents revealed by FOIA requests by McClatchy News Service indicate DOD was aware of environmental hazards and took half-ass steps to mitigate them. Many veterans have died from cancer and others, unable to conclusively prove to VA bureaucrats that their cancer was a result of working in living in this toxic waste dump, were forced to go bankrupt paying out of pocket for medical care. This whole episode is not just about K2-it’s indicative of a massive problem that is DOD-wide. Troops are exposed to all sorts of dangerous environments as a matter of course, the Army often does not provide proper PPE or condones contractor practices that place Soldiers in danger of exposure to hazardous chemicals, i.e. burn pits. When they get sick after returning home they often have to fight an uphill battle to get the state to keep the promises it made when they enlisted. This is what single payer looks like, without all the socialist propaganda. Thanks for listening!FacebookTwitter

1hr 36mins

11 Jan 2020

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Origins of The Drug War

Sit back, relax and enjoy (so to speak)  a true story about the longest war in American history, The War on Drugs.We take you back to the early 20th century, where it all began, and trace it to parallels we still see today.Learn the facts about this statist failure, which has led to the death and imprisonment of countless lives over the years.Out wit your bootlicking friends and foes by getting the knowledge here, at The Statist Quo!

1hr 58mins

26 Apr 2019

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Unlawful Orders and Unjust Wars

Last week, the President pardoned two Army officers convicted in controversial war crimes cases, and reinstated SEAL Eddie Gallagher to his prior rank—Even though us mere mortals in Big Army would get bad paper discharged on his drug charge alone. Trump decided he didn’t like the idea of American warfighters catching charges just for “doing their jobs and keeping their men safe.”  But is that what really happened?  We take a look at the case of former 1LT Clint Lorance, freshly pardoned for second-degree murder from his order to kill unarmed Afghanis in 2012. We go through the facts of the case, some of his and his platoon’s statements, and try to get to the bottom of what happened there and how it impacted the men under his command. Using this as a case study we try to break down the nature of deploying in counter-insurgency operations, the complexities of the modern battlefield and how US Soldiers are expected to act. We also examine what these pardons mean for the Forever Wars in general and Trump’s seeming affection for total war on the civilian population.  Matt also adds in some of his personal experience. Do you think Lorance deserves that pardon? Do you think soldiers who kill “unlawfully” should get a pass because war is hard, or are we a “nation of laws” and should all troops be subjected to UCMJ?Before you answer, remember the Empire always comes home. Thanks for listening, we appreciate you taking the time to check us out and hope you found some value in this and every other show. FacebookTwitterLinkshttps://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/25/us/jailed-ex-army-officer-has-support-but-not-from-his-platoon.htmlhttp://content.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2008863,00.htmlhttps://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/25/us/jailed-ex-army-officer-has-support-but-not-from-his-platoon.htmlSchool Mass Shooting paper we didn’t get to!https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=278100090106069007097086018103095076096012041014091091022030024078000120122089093064039025063115053046114001075086110112118082122074062093047126011002073093111004042080110115066088119064119115077067010078105098009101003003104101097075115015103116&EXT=pdf

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22 Nov 2019

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"It Will Take a Republican..." (w/ Monica Perez)

The fellers sit down with Monica Perez, host of the Propaganda Report Podcast, and host of the Monica Perez Show on terrestrial radio station WSB in Atlanta.  We cover a lot of ground on this interview, ranging from Irving Kristol's book on Neoconservatism and the conservative welfare state, to Bill Barr's DOJ and its most recent push to pass legislation and executive rules befitting the Minority Report (retina-scanning drones notwithstanding....yet).  Matt and Monica discuss Barr's pre-crime proposals, and John Cornyn's RESPONSE Act, which contains several policies that they tried to get passed during the Obama years after Sandy Hook, yet failed.  However, it seems that Republican voters are much more tolerant of gun control when it comes from their guy, leading a listener of Monica's show to coin the phrase "It will take a Republican."Thanks for listening!Share the show, give us a review and a rating on iTunes!! It's a huge help for us!  You will do yourself a great service if you subscribe and listen to our guest, Monica. Check out her website , The Propaganda Report. 

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15 Nov 2019

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Socialism SUX - Volume 1

Everybody knows somebody ( or many somebodies) who want our country to embrace the ideas of socialism! Without fail, however, many of these folks are letting trendy internet videos , and persuasive intellectuals dictate them into accepting an ideology that they may have NEVER EVEN RESEARCHED. Get the info you need to smack down the cliche rhetoric, by listening to our brand new episode on socialism!

1hr 2mins

8 Mar 2019

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BONUS - Matt on Biting The Bullet podcast

This episode is brought to you by our friends Luke, Jared, and Typo, who run the Biting The Bullet podcast. They were kind enough to have our host, Matt on the show in mid september 2019. Check these fellas' podcast out, because its some valuable stuff. If you're a fan of us, you will be a fan of theirs!Check them out here, and follow them on social media!also visit AmmoSeek.Com for the best deals on all firearm supplies!

2hr 19mins

1 Oct 2019

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History of US Gun Control (Part 1)

This is the first of a multi-part series of the history of gun control, inspired by the eMilitia Podcast's recent episode on the history of gun control in Britain.  We cover a few current stories involving firearms up front, and then we dive into gun laws in the colonial period, and give a brief overview about the history of the militia in America.  Being that this is a show on gun control specifically, we gloss over much of the colonial and early republic period, and really get into the Reconstruction era, which is where we see major efforts to disarm large groups of people with legislation.  We go over the Black Codes, Jim Crow, and the political/social climate created by the War for Southern Independence and its effects on the newly freed men in the South.Next week, we will be picking up at the turn of the century, covering WW1, the Prohibition era, the National Firearms Act, and more.  Stay Tuned, and thanks for your support!eMilitia-British Gun Controlhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/0kVnCjAqf04Ae19OkT67s4FacebookTwitterChrist Calton's article about academic dishonestyhttps://fee.org/articles/what-the-fake-history-of-americas-gun-culture-teaches-us/Virginia "Assault Weapon" ban fails to pass!https://bigleaguepolitics.com/virginia-assault-weapons-ban-fails-in-house-of-delegates/Scholarly article quoted in show about black militiashttps://cupola.gettysburg.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1027&context=gcjcweTennessee Saturday Night Special Lawhttps://web.law.duke.edu/gunlaws/1879/tennessee/468118/

1hr 39mins

21 Feb 2020

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The Bill of Wrongs

Prepare to have your mind blown, and be entertained in the process. In the newest episode of The Statist Quo, we decided to set our sights on the longest war in American History, The Drug War. We also examine individually, how the state fails to follow the first 10 rules OF THEIR OWN RULE BOOK! Where is it written that you cant enjoy yourself while absorbing some powerful knowledge? Swim out of the mainstream, to open waters, and together we can expose The Statist Quo!Listen to us on iTunes/Apple,Stitcher,Spotify, and Pocketcasts!Talk to us on Twitter @QuoStatist

1hr 20mins

4 Apr 2019

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