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A weekly conversation about life as tech folk building product. Join us each week for conversations with the Bitly tech team and friends about topics ranging from the soft and fuzzy to the latest shiny new tech.

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20 - Mark Josephson

Mark Josephson Bitly's CEO and Sean talk about focus, management, and the nitty gritty aspects of running a company.


17 Feb 2016

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19 - Jean Louise Manalo

This week Jean Louise, a Director of Customer Success at Bitly, and Sean talk about the challenges of becoming a manager and what it's like to be the main interface between customers and engineering.


8 Feb 2016

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18 - Kyle Purdon

Kyle and Sean talk about the path from academia to industry, life in Bitly Denver, and the strange new world of deep links.Editorial Note:  This episode was recorded back in October, apologies for the late publishing.


12 Jan 2016

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17 - Movin' On Up

via GiphyKatie, Dan, and Sean talk about the shiny new Bitly HQ and the crazy adventurethat lead us here.Links for this week: BTP Episode 1 w/ Dan Vern! Atlantic Metro - Fantastic providers who helped us have internet Awesome Custom Desk Folks Bitly Blog on A/V in the new office


2 Sep 2015

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16 - Empire State Of Mind

via GiphySarah and Sean talk about PyGotham.Links for topics discussed: PyGotham NYC Python Big Apple Py PyCon How I Use Python To Fight Human Trafficking KeynotesNick Coghlan Jessica McKellar Marianne Bellotti CKAN Open Knowledge Foundation Give a Lightning Talks Birds of a Feather Peter Herndon - Macaroons: Microservice Authorization Techniques Jessica Ingrassellino - Acceptance Test Driven Development Jeremiah Malina - Building a Real-Time Analytics Service with InfluxDB Dean Hillan - Connecting color and language A. Jesse Jiryu Davis - How Do Python Coroutines Work? Rachel Rakov - Using Python for Sarcasm Detection in Speech Amy Hanlon - How reviewing code makes me a better programmer! Meg Winston Ray - Teaching Python in Middle School Hillary Green-Lerman - Think of the Children: A methodology for measuring the effectiveness of adaptive learning applications Adrian Cruz - Intro to Building Data Pipelines in Python with Luigi Andreas Mueller - Large scale non-linear learning on a single CPU Adam Forsyth - Python Not Recommended Evan Misshula - Topic Analysis of NYPD Officer Complaints Wes Chow - Sharding Data for Fun & Profit Eric Schles - Building tools for Social good James Robert - Why doesn’t anyone use my library? #shameless_plugs We're Hiring! Keep your eyes on the PyGotham Twtter feed for details on the opening night party hosted by Bitly.


6 Aug 2015

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15 - Charts and Graphs

via GiphyTravis and Sean talk about the UX design process as well as the challenges of designing for data.Links for topics discussed: Quri EasyShift TaskRabbit TRUSTe #shameless_plugs NYC Python Office Hours Last chance to visit the current Bitly HQ If you'd like to help others find the podcast please rate and subscribe on iTunes


22 Jul 2015

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14 - New Kid (On The Block)

via GiphyBitly's summer engineering interns Meina, Ben, and Nathaniel talk with Sean about their projects and overall internship experience.Links for topics discussed this week: NYU Columbia CMU React ImmutableJS ElasticSearch MongoDB Marketo Salesforce Sentiment Analysis #shameless_plugs Georgi's at OSCon PyGotham NYC Python Office Hours @ Bitly


14 Jul 2015

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13 - Everybody Wants You

via GiphySam and Sean talk about what exactly product marketing is and what it's like to work in a position that touches many different teams across the company.Links for topics discussed this week: No links for this week! #shameless_plugs Michael, Tanvir, and Oliver will be at GopherCon this week. If you're in Denver, CO, say hi! Georgi is teaching a tutorial at OSCON Please rate and review on iTunes to help new people find the podcast.


7 Jul 2015

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12 - All By Myself

via GiphyJustin of BetterDiff and Sean talk about the challenges and benefits of building a product on your own vs building as part of a larger team.Links for topics discussed this week: Open Source Bridge The Dream of the 90s is alive in Portland HUGE Sprintly BetterDiff Product People Club NYU Poly Inclubator Record & Release Marketo Customer.io Bitly Tech Podcast Featuring Georgi #shameless_plugs Georgi is teaching a tutorial at OSCON


30 Jun 2015

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11 - Danger! High Voltage

via GiphyDave and Sean talk about working with Threat Exchange and life on-call.Links for this week: George Washington University Turing Fellowship Threat Exchange Google Safe Browsing API Spamhaus NSQ etcd ZooKeeper How Reddit's cofounders built Reddit with an army of fake accounts CodeMash DNSimple DDOS Github Great Cannon Attack Z Proxy Verisign DDoS Protection Hipchat #shameless_plugs Tech Podcast Show Notes Rate and subscribe in iTunes Sean's Speaking at Open Source Bridge in Portland, OR Georgi's Teaching a Workship at OSCON in Portland, OR Bitly Tech Blog


23 Jun 2015

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