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Welcome to the IEEE Digital Reality Podcast Series, an IEEE Future Directions Digital Studio Production. In this podcast series, we’ll talk with industry leaders in virtual reality, augmented reality, XR, human augmentation, smart robots, and much more, keeping you at the forefront of advancements in these ever-growing immersive technologies.

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Episode 3: Q&A with Raj Tiwari, Lead Co-Chair of IEEE Digital Reality

In this podcast, Raj Tiwari, lead co-chair of the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative and organizing committee member for IEEE’s Technology Time Machine 2018 (TTM 2018) symposium, explores Extended Reality (XR) and its potential for changing how we live, work, learn and share, and he discusses existing and future use cases for the technology. Raj also highlights the importance of the upcoming TTM 2018 and how it can help ignite the technologies of tomorrow and serve as a catalyst for compelling discussions of the emerging technological advancements that are impacting humanity today, tomorrow, and beyond. Raj is participating at the TTM 2018 as a speaker and panelist on the Mixed Reality-focused panel on Day 2, November 1st at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa. Register now for TTM at http://sites.ieee.org/ttm/register/


22 Oct 2018

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