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4. 2 Main Causes Of A Belly Pooch & How To Get Rid Of It

In this episode I cover: 2 causes of a belly pooch 2 ways to reduce a belly pooch How my client reduced hers in just 6 weeks ---------------------------------- FREE 7 Day "Reduce Belly Fat & Bloating" Challenge Click here to join (starts Monday) ---------------------------------- Your host, Coach T from Tanya N Fitness, is a Health & Fitness Transformation Coach for women in and around their 30's. Her speciality is teaching women how to lose weight & live healthy without cutting out anything tasty or fun such as chocolate, wine, brunch & alcohol. You can see the amazing results her clients achieve here >> www.tanyanfitness.com/clientresults ---------------------------------- Contact Tanya at: Email - hello@tanyanfitness.com Instagram and Facebook - @TanyaNFitness www.tanyanfitness.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fitat30something/message


5 Dec 2019

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