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Cult movies, horror, exploitation, world cinema and other genre treats on Blu-ray, streaming, and in cinemas. Ben Howard and Dan Auty cast their square eyes over some of the strangest, coolest, and scariest movies from around the world

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Mondo Movie Is Coming Back!

The rumours are true - Ben and Dan will be back with new episodes of Mondo Movie in 2022!


23 Dec 2021

Rank #1

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Mondo Movie 117 - How Do Voodoo?

There's much river-based vulgarity this week as we take a look at the Danish comedy Klown, plus the 1974 Blaxploitation voodoo zombie romp Sugar Hill


28 Nov 2012

Rank #2

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Mondo Movie 116 - Biel And End All

We get back to the mike for our first transatlantic show, taking a look at Pascal Laugier's Martyrs follow-up The Tall Man and trippy sci-fi mind-bender Beyond The Black Raindow

1hr 10mins

8 Nov 2012

Rank #3

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Mondo Movie 115 - Stripe It Lucky

This week there's bonkers superhero action in Takashi Miike's sequel Zebraman 2: Attack On Zebra City, plus the 80s big top horror comedy favourite Killer Klowns From Outer Space


3 Apr 2012

Rank #4

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Mondo Movie 114 - The Vice Is Right

It's a doublebill of sleaze this week as we look at the new Australian exploitation thriller X: Night Of Vengeance and Sergio Martino's classic giallo Torso. Plus a guest appearance from Buffalo Bill!


2 Mar 2012

Rank #5

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Mondo Movie 113 - De Palma d'Or

There's corruption and violence on the streets of Rio in the acclaimed sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, plus a look back at Brian De Palma's spectacular sleazefest Dressed To Kill.


6 Feb 2012

Rank #6

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Mondo Movie 112 - Supermarket Slice

We return after a year-long break with a look at the new Blu-ray of Scott Spiegel's slasher favourite Intruder and the director's cut of Guillermo Del Toro troubled 1997 bug-fest Mimic. Plus Question of the Week!

1hr 10mins

19 Jan 2012

Rank #7

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Mondo Movie 111 - Review Of 2010

It's our 2010 Christmas show! We countdown our favourite movies of the year, let rip at our least favourite, swap presents and hear your 2010 choices. Have a great holiday and see you all in 2011!

2hr 5mins

24 Dec 2010

Rank #8

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Mondo Movie 110 - Hey ho! Trejo!

This week we take a look at Robert Rodriguez's Tex-Mex exploitation actionfest Machete, and tackle Sion Sono's bizarre horror satire The Suicide Club


16 Dec 2010

Rank #9

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Mondo Movie 109 - Dead Airtime

The first three episodes of TV zombie thriller The Walking Dead come under discussion this week, as does Pier Paolo Pasolini's notorious 1975 arthouse shocker Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom. Plus your mail and question of the week!

1hr 10mins

28 Nov 2010

Rank #10