Cover image of If Women were meant to fly, the sky would be pink..!!

If Women were meant to fly, the sky would be pink..!!

My life as one of the first women pilots in Africa, and the first female Chief Pilot in Nigeria in the 80’s and 90’s. The ups and downs of existing in a man's world, and my determination to make a difference.

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S3 Ep3 let The Fun Commence

In this episode:·     I re-write the complete company operations manual, along with processes and company operations procedures, ·     staff, and re-train the flight operations team and flight crew ·     and start to transform the aspirations and fortunes of this new charter company.  PrintMyTops


9 May 2021

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S3 Ep 2 The Female Chief Pilot

In this episode·     The decision about my future must be made, as the offer will not remain on the table for much longer·     The deed is done,·     And I start the next phase of my journey. PrintMyTops


25 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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S3 Ep 1 The Next Phase

In this episode·     I have a critical career decision to make at Bristow Helicopters.·     Do I go ahead, take a chance, and make history as the first Female Chief Pilot in Nigeria or do I stay safe?·     Is loyalty to my company an insurmountable stumbling block to leaving?·     Whilst all that is happening in my head, I spend my weekends at the Lagos Flying Club, going back to basics.PrintMyTops


11 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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S2 E12 Would I Should I Could I

In this episode:I reflect on my years with Bristow’s as I am encouraged to broaden my horizonsI find myself in the palace of the Emir of KanoAnd I make the very difficult decision to leave Bristow Helicopters.


14 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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S2 E11 Death of Reason

In this episodeI have a heated argument on the ramp with the CEO of Shell Oil. I transport a recently deceased oilman out of Port Harcourt on his final journey home to the US.


7 Feb 2021

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S2 E10 Life Lessons

In this episode* I have another horrible few weeks as I battle more weather and aircraft technical issues.* I have an argument with two storm cells* And I learn a valuable lesson when dealing with an attempted armed robbery


31 Jan 2021

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S2 E9 When Things Go Wrong

In this episode·     The King Air becomes my home, as I ramp up the hours.·     More incidents help to shape my command experience·     And I keep learning good lessons


17 Jan 2021

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S2 Ep 8 Charter Mania & Mother Nature

Happy New Year to all listeners. In this episode*My new co-pilot is rostered with me as permanent crew*We take on more charter contracts in a now very busy operation*I experience several incidents that start to demand more of me as a Captain


1 Jan 2021

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S2 E7 Hell Yes She's A Girl

In this episodePlanning for the new charter department takes shape.I set off to the Uk for my King Air training and ferry flight, and after my return, I set about choosing staff and flight crew for my new department.From all the crew at the pinkskypodcast, we wish you, your families and friends, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to a brighter, positive and hopeful 2021.


24 Dec 2020

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S2 E6 A Competent Performance

I meet the Shell Training Captain/Operations Manager to discuss my Bristow/Shell command, a small ceremony is held to award me my 4 bars, I become A Shell Captain, the first woman to achieve this in Nigeria, And I come up against the bureaucracy that tries to take away what it just gave you.


13 Dec 2020

Rank #10