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The Wellness Mindset is a toolkit for bossing a healthy lifestyle in 2018 from me, Amy Hopkinson, Women’s Health Digital Editor and Lululemon Ambassador. But ready yourself for this: there's more to it than kale and cardio. Tune into conversations on sleep, stress, pointless fitness trends and using yoga for mental health recorded live at Lululemon Regent Street.Produced by Shola Aleje

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#3 Jada Sezer on accidentally signing up for the marathon, self-worth + exercise for the mind

In this episode I talk to Jada Sezer. The theme? ‘I don’t want to be a model, I want to be a role model.’ As a keen mental health advocate, Sezer believes that fitness shouldn't be about getting the 'perfect body' and that running for your mind is as important as running to clock miles. It’s why, last year she completed the 2018 London Marathon in her underwear and surprise, she’s doing it again.Ready yourself for how Sezer’s found confidence in fitness and the tools she uses to dial down negative self-talk and dial-up self-worth.Hear more from Amy on social media @wellness_ed and Jada @jadasezer.


19 Jan 2019

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