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Conversations with founders. See where the world is going, who is shaping it, and what organizational juggernauts are building it. Hosted by Brex

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Josh Mohrer on Uber, Scale, & Scandal

“[Lyft’s] whole ‘we’re the kinder, gentler Uber’ is great branding but total baloney.” Josh Mohrer, former General Manager of Uber New York — the ridesharing giant now gearing up for IPO, whose New York operation Josh grew from 3 people to $3 billion in gross receipts. This week we talk why he joined what was a luxury car service, the biggest misunderstood Uber scandals, how he convinced early employees to join a New York taxi competitor, the coming Uber mafia, crisis, and doing things that don’t scale.

1hr 4mins

9 Apr 2019

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Steve Miller on Warby Parker, Nelson Mandela, & 100 Billion Dollars

“You could see the light shine from customers’ eyes.” Steve Miller, CFO of Warby Parker — the ubiquitous online glasses retailer with a deep cultural cachet. This week we talk how he knew Warby was special, a $100 billion opportunity, brand-building, offline stores for an online company, the CFO and the social mission, obsession, and Nelson Mandela.


22 Mar 2019

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Katia Beauchamp on Birchbox, Beauty, & Steve Jobs

"I basically cold-emailed Steve Jobs and said: why aren't you doing this?" Katia Beauchamp, CEO & Co-Founder of Birchbox — the original beauty sample ‘subscription box’ that spawned a legion of copycats, now with over 1 million subscribers and even more customers. This week we talk cold-emails to Steve Jobs, ignorance and beginner's mindset, offline to online industry dynamics, hiring cues, strength and compassion in management, passive consumers, and truths of the beauty industry.


13 Mar 2019

Rank #3