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Triggers, trauma, and overwhelm, oh my! What happens when artists, activists, and everyday folk get that not-so-sane feeling? And what are some of the less conventional ways we get grounded and reconnect to the physical world when everything seems so out of control?Join writer/cultural producer/DIY self helper Rachel Michelle Fernandes for a series of conversations about getting rooted in reality and finding common ground, be it with civic engagement, trash cinema, punk music, art therapy, talking to strangers, or taking to the open road. Together we can wake up from the collective nightmare to discover a world charged with possibility and healing. From Straw Hut Media.

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Is HELL really other people as Sartre wrote? Or is hell unprocessed trauma and isolation? Join writer, activist, and mental patient Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she shares her own story of burnout and personal devastation. She then looks at the post traumatic recovery of Firefighters, hears from the creator of Firestrong.org, and talks to a psychology professor and researcher who studies mindfulness, empathy and human connection. Ending the stigma against mental illness, one rehab session at a time. Follow Rachel on Insta!https://www.firestrong.org/More about Karen Dobkins, PhD: http://karendobkins.ucsd.edu/Listen to more great shows from Straw Hut Media!


25 Apr 2019

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Oh the Horror!

Ever feel so crazy you just want to scream? Or how about watching other people scream, on screen? Or scream at people screaming in a wrestling ring? Well, tune in to this very special and scream-worthy episode of Psychic Rehab. I talk about the therapeutic value of watching horror and exploitation films with horror scholar and author Kier- la Jenisse as well as the merits of cheering and booing for faces and heels in professional wrestling matches with activist Carmela Prudencio and artist Eddy Miramontes. Therapy doesn’t always take place in an office. Join the conversation and help fight the stigma against mental illness, it’ll be a scream. Available at Strawhut media dot com, Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your pods. Links : More about Kier-la Janisse and the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies: https://www.miskatonicinstitute.com/Order House of Psychotic Women: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/15766600-house-of-psychotic-womenFollow Carmela Prudencio on Instagram: @gnarmela https://www.instagram.com/gnarmela/Eddy Miramontes on Instagram: @projectionistpleasefocushttps://www.instagram.com/projectionistpleasefocus/Follow Rachel on Insta!Listen to more great shows from Straw Hut Media!


11 Jun 2019

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Identity: Part 2

Join Rachel Michelle Fernandes, mostly functional misfit and mental health advocate for part 2 of a discussion about identity and what it’s like to cross cultural boundaries. Rachel talks with two San Diego and Tijuana based activists who grew up living the Transborder experience and to a Jamaican born psychologist who talks about her work with the Jamaican diaspora as well as her own experience being separated from her parents during the immigration process. Check into Psychic Rehab for some fresh perspective on coping in today’s mixed up world. Ending the stigma, one rehab session at a time. Links:More about Josemar’s work: https://josemargonzalez.com/projectsMore about Borderclick and Aja Project:  www.borderclick.org and www.ajaproject.orgMore about the Transborder Experience: transborderstudentally.org


23 May 2019

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Identity: Part 1

This week on Psychic Rehab, join me, Rachel Michelle Fernandes, resident punk enthusiast, journalist, and mental health nerd, for a conversation about identity. I attend the iconic Riot Grrrl punk feminist band Bikini Kill’s recent reunion tour and hone in on feminism, what it’s meant to me, and how it definitely doesn’t mean the same thing to all women. I talk to a close friend who recently became a therapist in Los Angeles about her early relationship with feminism as well as her training in treating clients from different cultural backgrounds. I also catch up with a college friend who is doing groundbreaking work with men on how to be better allies to women and girls. Check in to rehab on Strawhutmedia.com, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don’t forget to subscribe rate and review us! LINKS:Amreen Karmali and the Real Talk Project: therealtalkproject.comMore about Kimberlé Crenshaw and Intersectional Feminist Theory: aapf.orgMore about V-Day:  https://www.vday.org/homepage.html


16 May 2019

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What does it really mean to “stay in shape?” And how can we challenge current, often damaging, diet and fitness culture norms to reframe issues surrounding the body and physical fitness? Join writer, activist, and mental health advocate Rachel Michelle Fernandes as she talks to a competitive body builder and social work professor, a punk-feminist pioneer, and two therapists who specialize in treating body issues. Ending the mental illness stigma, one rehab session at a time. Links: More about Edie Stark and Mia Najor’s therapy practices and Breaking Down: the Podcast: https://ediestark.com/https://mianajor.comhttps://soundcloud.com/edie-stark-mennegConnect with Kirin Macapugay on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kmacapugay/Follow Molly Neuman on twitter: @mollydneumanhttps://twitter.com/mollydneuman


9 May 2019

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