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Vulnerable: With Lex

a twenty-something getting vulnerable in conversation with other's about the lessons learned throughout their journey in this life.

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Arlin Moore: Strengthening the Relationship Within Yourself

Arlin Moore, founder & CEO of Maxi, gets vulnerable on the personal experiences that have shaped him & the steps he's taken to become the man he is today.


13 Apr 2021

Rank #1

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Elizabeth Eddy: How to Win at the Game of Life

Elizabeth Eddy, professional soccer player & entrepreneur, brings the energy on this episode while diving into the best strategies to use to win at the game of life. This conversation will get you ready to take action in your life!


25 Mar 2021

Rank #2

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Lauren Rose: Emotional Growth After Life-Altering Accident

Lauren Rose gets vulnerable for the first time publicly about the life-altering accident she was in at 18. Now 23, she opens up about her mindset today & the emotional struggles that have shaped her.


18 Mar 2021

Rank #3

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Brynne O'Toole: Battling Depression & Mental Health Stigmas

Brynne O'Toole comes on this episode to dive into her journey through depression & all the very ugly things that come along with that battle. We also discuss the stigma surrounding all mental health issues & how they often lead to addiction.

1hr 8mins

14 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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Start Following Your Dreams Today

I took action with this surprise episode in speaking directly from my heart about shifting your mindset to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life. Start today, your heart deserves to be heard!


26 Feb 2021

Rank #5

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My First Love & Hometown Hot Takes

This week I get to chat 1-on-1 with you all again & answer all your questions ranging from my opinions on growing up after high school, why I believe it is needed to take time away from your hometown, and opening up for the first time ever about my first love & heartbreak.


23 Feb 2021

Rank #6

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Cole Smith: Normalizing Trauma

Cole Smith, the founder of Own Your Adversity, gets vulnerable about trauma. In the most inspiring episode to date, we dive into Cole’s story, steps taken on his journey of healing, & how he found his purpose in helping others.

1hr 2mins

2 Feb 2021

Rank #7

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Thomas Hawes: How To Water Your Seed of Enlightenment

Thomas Hawes gets vulnerable on this week's episode about becoming present through meditation to become aware of the seed on enlightenment that in within us all and his perspective on how to grow that seed into a forest in our lives.


26 Jan 2021

Rank #8

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Bailey Janette: Finding Yourself After Leaving Your Hometown

I sat down with Bailey Janette to get vulnerable about life after leaving your hometown. We dive into the affects of growing up in small town USA and the steps taken to live your truth outside your comfort zone.

1hr 2mins

19 Jan 2021

Rank #9

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LexTalk: Session #2

Session two on answering your questions on guilt, dealing with other's opinions and fear of death. I also announce two BIG things for our community!


12 Jan 2021

Rank #10