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How do artists incorporate emerging technologies into their tool kits? As xR mediums (such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality) offer new ways to imbibe our stories, StoryHackXR is a platform for sharing how those at the leading edge are forming the cultural offer of tomorrow. StoryHackXR is brought to you by LoFi Arts and TOMtech, the arts and tech strand from The Old Market, Brighton. Got an interesting story to share or an idea to spread? Get in touch and join us on the podcast. Episodes drop fortnightly on Thursdays. Ish. #StoryhackXR | @TOMtech_ | @lofiArts | tomtechblog.com

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#7: FanSHEN on manipulating justice and the eternal search for love

Recovering theatre company fanSHEN let us into their rehearsal room to talk about two projects - The Justice Syndicate (interactive jury based game) and Looking for Love (an AI powered story played out on a dating app).   FanSHEN are Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe (@fanshenxtheatre) and computational artist, Joe McAllister (@portablestorm).  


15 Feb 2019

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