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Wisdom Wonderings is a Sourcestream podcast focusing on the reality of our true nature, our native, our neter. It is for the science of self mastery; innerstanding life & love, philosophy; etymology; connection to country; laughter, joy & finding the present in the present. Tune in for an Innerstanding of Self, Soul & Source ☥To support my content, you can become a one time supporter or monthly member at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wisdomwondering - & use the link to find my other creations & curations like my new book ‘Innerstanding - Initiation into the Ineffable’ if you want. Love ya!

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I Love Your Accent, Bruv! On Intonation and the Inner Song

Welcome Home 🙏🏼 Today’s episode is on the beauty of the accent and the specificity of place. To accent is to emphasise, to show from within. As im sure you have heard from listening to the podcast, my accent provides insight into who I am, and it is in the song of my speech you hear the song of the land. In an ever more globalised world, locality and connection to kith is waning. How incredible it would be to witness a revival of the deep specificity of earth with which we breath, eat and rest. This is a wondering upon the sensitivity of country and of the delight of the song within. Enjoy 🙌🏽 Keep doing you and standing in that strength of innerstanding Self, Soul and Source. Blissed and Blessed Vibrations 🌀


5 Jun 2021

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Original Raver- The Stomp and Prayer of Ancestor and Successor in Spiral

Welcome Home and welcome back for another Wisdom Wondering 🙏🏼 todays episode is on the connection between the sacred stomp and the sacred prayer. We have been ‘raving’ for eternity; doofs, free parties and gatherings are examples of an eternal continuation. Yet many have lost the connection between the stomp and prayer and what it means to be in reverence when we live and celebrate. The synthetic has superseded the natural. What if we remembered our role as upholders of our enchantment and came together and reunited the stomp and prayer again? 🌀🌀🌀 Blissed and Blessed Vibrations 💗


22 May 2021

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Reciprocity - How We Become Custodians and Remember Right Relation

Welcome Home Dear Ones 💗 Todays episode is on reciprocity and how we can fulfil our roles as custodians and gardeners of this guardian of eden we call home. Featured in the episode is wondering upon enchantment, coppicing, and more. Thanks for tuning in and being you dear one.


15 May 2021

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Bewildered, Blissed and Blessed - 1 Year Anniversary of Wisdom Wonderings

Welcome Home dear ones 💗 In honour of the 20th episode and the 1 year anniversary of Wisdom Wonderings, this is a special episode featuring a little wondering along the bewildered pathway, that little trodden way of perplex. We also venture upon the vision of a world where all is blissed and blessed, and what that truly means for me. I offer a couple insights of how it has been for me this year, and future plans for episodes and works to come 🙏🏼 Thank you for tuning in, for being part of this journey, and for being you. Blissed and Blessed Vibrations 💗


12 May 2021

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The Cost of Admittance- Receiving, Worth & Generosity

Welcome Home to another Wisdom Wondering dear one 🤲🏽 Today’s episode is on learning how to receive, to give, and to find inner dignity and divinity. We emerge open, expansive and allowing. Abundance begets abundance 🤲🏽


28 Mar 2021

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Vain or Vein? Escaping from Nature, The Fear of Life and the Anti Human Misdiagnosis

Welcome Home Wisdom Wonderers 🤲🏼 In today’s episode, we shall ponder upon the current of fear that prevails in a disconnected landscape. In a vain world, one is worthless, invalid, useless & fruitless. I see this to be the framework of a lot of people these days. What I offer is live in the vein; to live fully in the earth, connected to country and self, finding our true nature by self inquiry and realising oneself within the reality of unity and love. Topics covered today: Disconnected people setting the narrative; nature seen as enemy; distrust of self & belief in experts; vain or vein?; the precise scientific livelihood of those who are connected to country; monoculture & pluraculture; sanitising life; microbes; earth as liberation... beyonder 💗🌀💗


21 Mar 2021

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The Only Safety is in Danger

Welcome Home 🤲🏽 Today’s episode is on the safety in danger, and the challenges of life which catalyse our growth & unfolding. Thank you for being you dear one.


14 Mar 2021

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Introduction to ‘Innerstanding- Initiation into the Ineffable’ #2

Welcome Home Dear Ones ⛩ My new book, ‘Innerstanding’ is out now 🙌🏽 In todays episode I offer more indepth introduction to the book, my intentions in writing it & an indepth look at a keyword or two. In sporadic future episodes, I will continue to introduce the book, with more focus on its aims, and definitions. Enjoy! You can find the book at buymeacoffee.com/wisdomwondering Blessed Be 🤲🏽


7 Mar 2021

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Introduction to ‘Innerstanding- Initiation into the Ineffable’ #1

Welcome Home Dear Ones ⛩ My new book, ‘Innerstanding’ is out now 🙌🏽 So blessed in bringing it to ya. In todays episode I offer an introduction to the book and my intentions in writing it. In sporadic future episodes, I will continue to introduce the book, with more focus on its aims, and definitions. Enjoy! You can find the book at buymeacoffee.com/wisdomwondering Blessed Be 🤲🏽


25 Feb 2021

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How Privilege Means Fall

Welcome Home 🤲🏽 In today’s episode, we wonder into the inner wisdom’s of privilege, challenge, and integration. What does it mean to fall? What do we have to learn from our story? What story are we weaving as to who we are and what we are capable of? Who told us how to define our story, and who decides the way the play shall develop? For there are those who tell tall tales in order to spin webs of division, and who poison the well of oneness. The choice is yours as to what Source you drink from, and what filter you apply, my friend. When love is the law, and the only true wealth, what does privilege mean if the hearth has no fire? Who is favoured in the eyes of the divine? Will the people ever stop swallowing the line? As always, as we wonder on the wisdom road we forego all that does not speak of the holistic and holy. The realistic is that which unifies by degree of innerstanding truth and similarity of experience, as children of the earth, without the garments of modernity defining us. This is a call for an innerstanding of each other and the challenges we all face which cannot be pedestaled, or denigrated. We are beyond comparison. We must honour each other in their path, and realise the similarity of our ancestors paths, the pitfalls and the plenty, and so moving beyond ‘victim’ and ‘victor’. Can the life of the bamboo by compared to the life of the pine? In treating our brothers and sisters with dignity by virtue of their innate divinity, we can see clearly. We can come out of the smokescreen of duality, and control, and arise out of the orphanage of separation and original sin. We remember ourselves in singularity: as one people, one tribe, one fam. We find the present in the present, and the treasure in the trash! Love and Wisdom is the L.A.W. Innerstand your mirth and worth, dear one. 🤲🏽


5 Feb 2021

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