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The Full Frontal Living™ Podcast with Lisa Carpenter

Master Coach and Emotional Resiliency Expert Lisa Carpenter dives into real, raw and honest conversations about what it takes to navigate life as a high achiever without the frustration, overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. This podcast is for you if you’ve always pushed to hit your goals. Despite your success, you’re burnt out without a way out. It's impacting your self-image, your health and the vision you have for your life. On the Full Frontal Living™ Podcast, you get to love what you do but love yourself more. It’s time to stop surviving and start THRIVING.

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The power of surrender and acceptance (and what they're not)

In episode 65 Lisa shares what happens when you surrender and accept the things you can't change and what is possible from this powerful perspective.  In life, things will happen that you can't control,  don't like and wish could be different however when you learn to use the tools of acceptance and surrender you'll find a peace you never knew existed.  As always, you get to choose the perspective that serves you living your best life and if you're choosing to live pushing back against your reality you will only create more resistance and more unease.  As the saying goes... what you resist persists.    You don't have to like your current set of circumstances to accept them but what is possible if you allowed yourself to surrender and stop fighting them?   To apply to coach with Lisa www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm


25 Feb 2020

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Episode 4: Let's talk about your relationship with money

Join me on my first carcast after being inspired during my regular Sunday grocery shop.  I just couldn't hold myself back from sharing this interaction and my take aways from it. A complete stranger inspired me to talk about money. How we think about it. What we believe about it. Have you ever explored your stories about money? Have you considered how much those stories are impacting you on a daily basis? Your relationship with money is often mirrored in your relationship with food OR is the same journey as someone who struggles with their weight.  Diets and debt are both grounded in lack. Money and food are ENERGY.   How you think and feel about them will determine your level of wealth and health. YOU must become 100% responsible for your relationship with your money.  I'd love to hear your insights from this episode so slide into my DM's over on IG https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpenterinc/ Interested in unpacking your money stories?  Apply to work with me at www.lisacarpenter.ca


1 Mar 2019

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How to navigate life when sh*t happens without throwing yourself under the bus.

In episode 64 we dive into what happens when life happens.  Do you find yourself being swept up when life life's only to have your goals, dreams, and self-care a distant memory?  Lisa share's how it's possible (and 100% your responsibility) to navigate any of life's hiccups and still make yourself and your goals a priority.  When you're willing to let go of doing all the things so you can do less better and be there not just for the people you love but also for the most important relationship in your life... YOU! If you struggle with over-functioning (aka doing all the things) and making yourself a priority, apply to work with Lisa at www.lisacarpenter.ca Please if you enjoyed this episode make sure you leave a rating and review on your favourite listening platform and share it with your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues.  


17 Feb 2020

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Episode 3: H.A.L.T so you can tune into what you need to be your best.

Are you constantly fatigued? In this episode I share exactly what happens when we're trying to run our lives and businesses from exhaustion. You have a choice in how you can show up for yourself but it means taking responsibility for your foundational self care.   This will help you navigate your emotions, your nutrition, your relationships and give you the tools to help you make better choices so you can be your best self.  I'd love for you to share your non negotiable self care practises or how you're committed to showing up for yourself in a more kind, loving way over on IG by sliding into my DM's https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpenterinc/ To contact me directly find me on my website at http://www.lisacarpenter.ca


1 Mar 2019

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Priorities, commitment and knowing what truly matters to you.

In episode 57 Lisa kicks off the new year with an episode focused on priorities and commitments.  Have you ever considered why you haven't been able to stay committed to the results you want?  Are you gearing up to start another new diet, an exercise routine or swearing you'll take better care of yourself?  If this sounds like you but you're the kind of woman who is open to a new perspective on how to create results by doing less better you're not going to want to miss this episode. When you know what you want to say YES to then it also requires taking an inventory and starting to say NO. You simply can't do all the things and think you'll be able to do them well or achieve any amount of lasting success or results. The doors for the next LIVE round of Lisa's 30-day transformational program Weight Loss From Within™ will be open at the end of this month.   If you're wanting to create a more peaceful loving relationship with your body make sure you don't miss this opportunity and get on the waitlist. There will be special surprises for early birds when registration opens!!  www.lisacarpenter.ca/wfwwaitlist


7 Jan 2020

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Episode 36: An intimate conversation with my hubby about relationships, identity and recovery from addiction and co-dependancy

In todays episode Lisa brings on a very special guest, her new fiancee Macey.  They speak openly and honestly about their 11 year relationship and the journey they've been on both personally and as a couple.  They dive into Macey's previous struggle with drugs and alcohol and how he transformed his identity to not only remain clean & sober but also how he moved out of depression and struggle to a place of thriving in all area's of his life.  Lisa also talks candidly about her wake up call and how she stopped drowning in co-dependant behaviours to create a healthy relationship with herself so that she could have a healthy relationship with not just Macey, but also with her kids and clients.You'll hear what marriage means to them both and why they waited to make this commitment to each other. Todays episode is a powerful behind the scenes look at what is possible when you take responsibility for the most important person in all your relationships and thats YOU.Resources mentioned in todays episode:To learn more about Lisa's journey check out Episode 1 of the podcast HERETo sign up for Jim Fortin's BE DO HAVE training and find out how you can transform from the inside out click HERECoach 1:1 with Lisa by applying HEREAs always we love to hear your feedback on todays episode so hop over to Instagram or Facebook to leave us a message! InstagramFacebook


26 Aug 2019

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Episode 34: How to create your alter ego and become the woman you've dreamed about

In todays episode Lisa shares how she transformed from insecure and self doubting into the powerhouse master coach she is today.  She openly shares the alter ego she created who already was living her vision and how you can do the same. All the links mentioned in the show can be found below: Lisa's alter ego document can be found HERE Todd Hermans "The Alter Ego Effect"  Jim Fortins free training "Why doing more is preventing you from transforming your life & what you should be doing instead" can be found HERE bit.ly/stopdoingmore To join the wait list for the next live round of Weight Loss From Within™ click HERE www.lisacarpenter.ca/wfwwaitlist


12 Aug 2019

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The power of discomfort in transformation

In Episode 47 Lisa dives into the power of being comfortable with discomfort.  It's easy to read books and take courses hoping for transformation but when we avoid being uncomfortable not much changes.  When you can learn to lean into behaving differently and be ok with being uncomfortable that's when lasting transformation begins. Before you know it the uncomfortable will become comfortable and life will look very different. To apply to work with Lisa www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm


4 Nov 2019

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Episode 6: Why self care doesn't work {Part 1}

Today on the podcast I'm talking about self care and specifically what it is and isn't and why the term annoys me.   Self care isn't something you DO but who you are BEING.  Tune in to get my perspective and understand why as high achieving, driven women we don't need more things to DO but must fundamentally change who we're being if we want to reap the rewards of better emotional and physical well-being.  Unless you change how you think and feel about yourself from the inside out you'll still be facing overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration about why you can't seem to feel better no matter what you do.   Make sure you share you take-aways with me over on IG at https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpenterinc/ Or drop me a line by visiting my website at http://www.lisacarpenter.ca Are you a successful, high achiever who's struggling with overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion?  Tired of not looking and feeling your best?  Apply to coach with me at http://lisacarpenter.ca/work-with-me/


6 Mar 2019

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Are you suffering in the past or living in what's possible?

In episode 54 Lisa reflects on her 2019 and asks her listeners to do the same.   Where are you holding onto the past and what is this attachment costing you?  Where are you holding yourself back from what is possible because of what has happened in your past?  What are you currently tolerating in your life?  What are you no longer willing to tolerate in 2020? What do you need to acknowledge yourself for in 2019?  What wins can you celebrate? What are you leaving behind in 2019 and what are you committing to in 2020?  Who do you need to BE to create the results you want in 2020? To have your most transformational year ever by book a 1:1 coaching session www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm To get on the waitlist for the next LIVE round of Weight Loss From Within™ www.lisacarpenter.ca/wfwwaitlist To grab the first 3 days of Weight Loss From Within™ FREE www.lisacarpenter.ca/3days To join the FREE 5 Days of YOU! and THRIVE this holiday season www.lisacarpenter.ca/5days


17 Dec 2019

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How to guarantee you'll get the results you want

In episode 56 Lisa reflects on this past decade and shares powerful questions to help her listeners do the same.  She dives into what it means to be in integrity with yourself and what happens when you're not.   If you struggle to keep the commitments you make to yourself and find yourself on a constant hamster wheel with little results this is an episode you don't want to miss.   If you want to ensure you get amazing results in your life learning to trust yourself is 100% dependant on your level of self-integrity.  You must do what you say you're going to do even when you don't *feel like it*.   If you're ready to have a loving relationship with food and your body make sure you get on the waitlist for Weight Loss From Within™.  Doors will be open for this 30-day LIVE transformational coaching program in January!  www.lisacarpenter.ca/wfwwaitlist To book a 1:1 coaching session with Lisa apply at www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm Connect with Lisa on Instagram @lisacarpenterinc Episode mentioned today Episode 36 * An intimate conversation with my hubby about relationships and recovery from addiction and co-dependancy


31 Dec 2019

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How to achieve what you want to achieve.

In Episode 45 Lisa dives back into how she has been using her alter ego to create massive success both personally and professionally and how you can do the same.  She discusses the importance of working FROM your vision instead of towards your vision, the importance of knowing your true values and how to weave them into your alter ego and how to discover what your values truly are (instead of what you think they should be). If you’re ready for a master coach who will lovingly call you on your bullshit and challenge you to step into radical self-love, emotional resiliency, and self-worth, let’s get started. To apply www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm To sign up for the waitlist for the next live round of Weight Loss From Within™ www.lisacarpenter.ca/wfwwaitlist To listen to Episode 34 How to create your alter ego simply click HERE


21 Oct 2019

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What your clothes say about you with guest Nicole Otchy

In episode 49 Lisa has an intimate conversation with her good friend and professional personal stylist and wardrobe consultant Nicole Otchy.  Have you ever considered what your clothes say about you or have you ever struggled with dressing your body?  In today's conversation Lisa and Nicole dive into personal style and how the right clothes can make all the difference in how you're showing up for yourself in the world.  They also talk about making smart buying decisions and what our investments can tell us about ourselves along with getting off the compliment hamster wheel. Unless you're living in a nudist colony you're going to want to listen in on this conversation. Nicole has opened the inaugural round of her Style Your Brand workshop which is a 5-week program designed to help you create a wardrobe that truly allows you to show up and shine. If you've ever struggled with knowing your personal style and how to dress so you feel amazing in your body, you're not going to want to miss being a part of this.  I'm also honoured to be a special guest inside the program. Details can be found at bit.ly/nicolestyle Nicole is on Instagram at /www.instagram.com/nicoleotchy/  or find her on her website at https://www.nicoleotchy.com/ Lisa is also taking applications for her 2020 coaching.  To apply to work with her www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm


19 Nov 2019

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How to become your own secret weapon with my special guest Gabrielle Chipeur

In episode 50 Lisa is joined by Gabrielle Chipeur for a candid conversation about what transpired during her time coaching 1:1 with Lisa.   From letting go of perfectionism, control and establishing boundaries they dive into how she went from trying to figure out how to DO her way to success to now being the person who is able to get out of her own way and write a book to support others in doing the same.  A strategy is part of the game but if you don't understand how to set boundaries that support you feeling your best or how to stop using perfectionism as a way to simply procrastinate you won't make much headway.  Enjoy this honest conversation and please don't forget to leave a rating and review if you loved this episode!   Resources mentioned and to grab your copy of Gabby's new book! 💥🌟The Secret Weapon Book is now Available!🌟💥 If you're a freelancer, creative professional or anyone who trades their time and skills for money - this book can help you change your business in a BIG way. 10 years of lessons neatly packed up in either Kindle or Paperback so you can read whichever way you prefer. If you want to... 💥 Attract (and keep) higher quality clients 💥 Smooth out the bumps in your business backend 💥 Make every project hella profitable 💥 Raise your rates and charge more for your packages 💥 Enjoy the projects you work on (hello portfolio worthy!) 💥 Feel truly appreciated by your clients 💥 AND be able to grow and expand as a provider Then this book has your name written all over it! Grab your kindle copy: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z2ZNLGJ Grab the paperback version: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1703200713 gabriellechipeur.com/secretweapon Don't forget to drop me a line on IG @lisacarpenterinc to share your takeaways from the episode. To apply for coaching www.lisacarpenter.ca/wwm 


19 Nov 2019

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Episode 5: Behind the scenes emotions of the FFL podcast launch

Hey hey listeners! Yesterday I posted the following over on my social media channels and today I'm sharing how it made me feel and how I'm navigating all of the emotion of putting myself out into the world in this way.  I'm launching my new podcast in a few days and let me just say, it's far from perfect. There's no fancy intro and outro. There's no cool voice over. I don't have show notes. One episode I recorded in my car. This is the foundation of Full Frontal Living™ I don't wait for perfect. I challenge myself to sit in the discomfort of launching something that isn't more polished. I challenge myself to speak when the message wants to come through me and not when I'm sitting perfectly poised in front of my fancy mic. I challenge myself to just speak what's on my mind WITHOUT a script, with some "uhms" mixed in and unedited. For far too many years I waited... and waited... and waited... Waited until the graphics were perfect. Waited until the branding was perfect. Waited until I had the perfect thing to say. Waited for the perfect sales page. Waited for the right time. Do you know what happened? Nothing. I just wasted time and robbed the people who needed to hear my message from finding me. Not anymore. I commit to showing up REGARDLESS of the circumstances. I commit to being there for my audience. I commit to being in integrity with how I live and how I coach. I commit to transparency. I commit to just being me (which is far from perfect). I commit to allowing things to be DONE and figuring out the rest later. Perfection is just a smoke screen we throw up to hide our insecurities and fears. It has NOTHING to do with excellence. My people need me to show up raw because they're craving someone to give them permission to do the same. They're craving freedom from their fears, doubts and judgments. I am launching this for all the high achievers who are being so damn hard on themselves. Successful women who are looking for freedom from doing all the things, freedom from overwhelm, and freedom from their anxiety, doubts and exhaustion. I'm here to preach what physical and emotional wellbeing looks like when you practise it from the inside out. This podcast is for those of us who LOVE what we do but who need to love ourselves more. You can create massive impact while having a healthy relationship with your body, your business and the people you love. We all deserve to have a voice and we all need other voices to guide us towards becoming the best versions of ourselves. I'm excited, nervous and humbled that I to some I will be that voice. I'd love for you to share your insights from this episode over on IG or FB by sliding into my DM's. https://www.facebook.com/lisacarpenterinc/ https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpenterinc/ Apply to coach with me HERE


1 Mar 2019

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From powerless to powerful. What it means to reclaim your personal power with guest Ichel Francis

In episode 72 Lisa connects with Ichel Francis who brings her divine wisdom as a coach, mentor, guide and healer and how she guides women back to their personal power and their intuition.   Tune in to this conversation to learn what it means to stand in your personal power, how we give it away and what happens to us when we are giving it away.  We also dive into how you can reclaim yours so you can live a life filled with more peace and ease and how you can start to listen to and trust your intuition. She also shares about the ancient moon circle gatherings, why they're important and how the moon impacts us as women.   To learn more about Ichel and her virtual moon circle www.ichelfrancis.com To connect with her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ichelfrancis/


2 Apr 2020

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Episode 7 Why self care doesn't work {part 2} and how to embody a new perspective.

In todays episode Lisa dives deeper into what it means to matter in your own life.  She explores what it takes to truly care for you physical body and your emotional well-being.  It's not something you DO but who you're willing to become. I need to talk about the relationship you're having with your body.... This has been a foundational part of my work for years now because YOUR BODY is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Treating your body like an afterthought means you're treating YOURSELF as an afterthought. It is the vehicle you get to DO life in. It lets you experience your 3D world. It is the vessel that allows you to live out your soul's purpose. It lets you see, hear, smell, taste and touch your physical world. It gives you LIFE. If you're feeding it crap If you're not giving it rest If you're not giving it movement If you're feeding it toxic thoughts If you're demanding it work to exhaustion If you're hating on how it looks You destroy it. It will support you until it no longer can. Think about it It's the ultimate co-dependent relationship... You treat your body like crap yet it CONTINUES to show up for you and give you LIFE. Would you stay in a relationship with a person who treated you the way you're treating your body? If you want to live your life with the highest level of performance then HONOUR your most valuable piece of equipment like a Mazarati and not a broken down Chevette. Successful people KNOW that they can only serve at their highest level by making their relationship with their physical body a number ONE priority. REST MOVE EAT TO NOURISH PLAY BE PRESENT TO ALL FIVE SENSES IN THE MOMENT When you fundamentally shift the energy in the "DOING" of these activities you take self-care to a higher level. They are not punishments to create an outcome. Treat your body with the REVERENCE it deserves and you'll get to enjoy life and make an impact on an entirely different level. We are cosmic beings having a human experience AND while you're here respect your physical ride. ~ Lisa Please be sure to check out the resources mentioned in this episode Run Like Clockwork Podcast  with Adrienne Dorison & Mike Michalowicz Share your take aways over on IG Applications to coach with me can be found at lisacarpenter.ca


11 Mar 2019

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Episode 8 Are you a perfectionist?

In today's episode Lisa shares her journey of discovering how much perfectionism was ruling her life and what she did to overcome it. This episode is filled with insights and reflections on how you can redefine perfectionism so you can create from excellence, grace and ease.  You'll get permission to stop being so hard on yourself and recognize why perfectionism shows up in the first place and what it's here to teach you. As always, this is an honest look behind the scenes of a successful, high achiever and the steps it takes to lead a Full Frontal Life™. To share your insights, actions or to apply for a 1:1 session please DM Lisa over on Instagram. To contact Lisa directly simply send an email to lisa@lisacarpenter.ca or through her website at www.lisacarpenter.ca


18 Mar 2019

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Episode 35: The BE DO HAVE coaching model that will give you LASTING results with Jim Fortin

In todays episode Lisa interviews one of her coaches and mentors Jim Fortin.  Lisa has been a senior coach inside Jims Transformational Coaching Program for over 18 months and has witnessed what happens when you stop trying to DO your way to lasting results and you focus on changing your identity from the inside out.  We talk about the relationship we have with money and with our bodies and health and why creating lasting transformation feels so hard yet can become so easy.   Today you'll learn why you've been able to lose weight but have struggled to keep it off and have a healthy relationship with your body. In todays interview you'll get a new perspective on what it means to look at the stories driving your behaviours and how to flip the script to achieve LASTING transformation.   Make sure you sign up for Jim's free live training starting September 4th HERE To learn more about Lisa's journey with Jim and his Transformational Coaching Program check out episode 16 of the podcast HERE


19 Aug 2019

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Episode 31: How my client Elisa went from chaos to calm, changed her habits and reclaimed her physical and emotional health and well-being

In todays episode I'm highlighting one of my previous clients Elisa and her journey of transformation from can't' to CAN.  As a 44 year old type A, professional woman who is also juggling a family with special needs children Elisa lived her life working more, trying harder, reaching for perfection and in the process let herself, her health and her identity go.  She got lost in the chaos of her life and her physical and emotional health reflected her lack of attention to her own self care. In a cycle of burnout and living on coffee she decided things needed to change (and with the real threat of diabetes on the horizon).  She realized that she couldn't change her circumstances but she could change how she was showing up for herself regardless of the circumstances.  Elisa's story is COMMON and what she was able to accomplish is also available to you.   Weight Loss From Within™ is OPEN for registration and doors close July 25.   If you are one of the first 10 women to register you'll also receive a bonus 1:1 coaching session with Lisa.  Register for Weight Loss From Within HERE


22 Jul 2019

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