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Welcome to the God Help Me Live Podcast with Kim and Megan. This weekly podcast will be unedited, raw, authentic, and with lots of humor to help empower other women. Lord knows what you might hear...buckle up. We are two women who met four years ago and instantly bonded over a true passion for natural bombshell bead gem stones. We have developed an amazing friendship encouraging each other to be authentically unapologetic for being exactly who we are as women. We have something unique: WE VALIDATE EACH OTHER WITH NONE OF THE PETTY BULLSHIT you normally encounter with a female friendship. We want to share our raw conversations about: motherhood, marriage, divorce, owning a business, being an influencer, and so much more. Come along with us and be prepared for a crazy ride where we daily say “God Help Me Live”. We humbly admit we need all the help from God that we can get living our busy crazy lives.

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#3 Overcoming difficult adversity

Episode 3 - We get vulnerable and raw in this podcast discussing cyber bullying, divorce, and the pain of adapting to change.  Change and adversity are inevitable but how we decide to react to them is key.   As women we find the most fulfillment and success when we are giving it our all and working through adversity together. There is power in women coming together. We are present in these moments.  It's real. It's adverse. It's the next obstacle that we overcome to keep moving and become stronger. XXOO Kim & Megan

1hr 10mins

14 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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#2 Women’s daily struggle to find balance and positivity

Episode #2 Undoubtedly, all women battle a number of things every day to find balance. It's our experience and belief that there is too much pressure to have it all together every day. It is just impossible.  In this episode, we want you to pull up a chair and join our discussion about being real and managing day-to-day life so you know you are not alone.   XXOO, Kim and Megan 

1hr 14mins

19 May 2021

Rank #2

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#1 What is a HEALTHY friendship?

Episode #1 - We are so incredibly happy to be starting this journey with all of you!   In this first show launch, we discuss a number of topics and stories from our journey together as HEALTHY friends; and our hope is that you enjoy and find value in how it may relate to those you call friends.  God help us live! XXOO, Kim and Megan 

1hr 57mins

10 May 2021

Rank #3