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Hi, I’m Patty Dominguez, and you are about to discover the Positioning strategies to help you grow your business. The truth is, we all have something very uniquely our own to share and this podcast explores the stories of small business owners just like you who are bringing their message out to the world and impacting their tribe in a distinct and memorable manner… If you want to take your business to a CATEGORY OF ONE status then hang with me because this podcast shares everything you need to know about how to be more “prolific” with your brand so that you can have more profits.

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Expert Positioning on Upwork with Josiah Goff

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Josiah Goff is the founder of Content Heroes. He left his six figure job and initially built his business on Upwork. What's most intriguing about this strategy is that while others are commoditizing what they do on Upwork, Josiah positioned himself as an expert. Additionally, his hourly rate was at the top of the market. In this episode, you'll discover his strategy for how he used Upwork to have people contacting him! He was able to quickly replace his income and build his current business. Now, Josiah helps online content creators free themselves from tech headaches so they can focus on the creative work they enjoy.


3 Feb 2020

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Introducing the POSITIONING TO PROFIT Podcast

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Happy 2020! So excited to relaunch my podcast. I explain why I stopped my podcast and what the impetus was for my podcast. It's taken on a whole new direction: Positioning Marketing. The name is: Positioning to Profit and it is all about how to position your business as a Category of One. I'll be bringing you my two decades of business experience and also highlighting stories of fellow small business owners who are doing it differently in their niche.You'll also discover my proprietary "Prolific Positioning" Framework that helps you align your internal and external positioning. This is the key to help you set yourself apart from the rest.


9 Jan 2020

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Creating Your Own Movement with Julie Tran

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Julie Tran is a leadership coach and founder of Leading AF which serves Asian American women who are seeking mentorship and community. She shares her story of shedding the corporate identity of her job and finding her greater purpose.


10 Mar 2020

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How To Go From Generalist to Specialist in the Healthcare field, with Dr. Christine Kaczmar

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/This is a special episode that will help you go from generalist to specialist. For those of you who are in the healthcare field. Dr. Christine Kaczmar has been in practice for over two decades. Her work is focused on helping people with digestive issues. She discusses how video and "putting herself out there" as helped her grow a global presence. Listen today as Dr. Christine and Patty talk through her story and the lessons she has learned along the way.


13 Jan 2020

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HLP 008 -How To Launch Your Own Movement

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Patty: Hey there Patty Domínguez thank you so much for joining us on this episode. Number eight of Her Legacy Podcasts. Happy New Year it's 2019. So much to look forward to this year and I'm sure you have your eyes set out on making your own movement. So I thought it would be a great interview to launch at the beginning this year. How to launch your own movement. I have as a guest Denise Soler Cox who has an unbelievable woman. She has grown up as a Latina in the suburbs of Manhattan and coming in with this whole opportunity to create a movement around the connection between what it means to be a Latina and feeling how she felt as a first generation American are US American so I heard it was just a really great concept and as an idea she created this beautiful film which she promotes currently and it is just. Really the catalyst for inspiring people to connect with their heritage to create what it means to be in Enye and she's created Enye nation. So it's a really wonderful concept. It's a beautiful movement that she has like it was some pretty big name. So I so admire her tenacity and love which she's all about and so on this episode we're going to be talking about how to launch your own movement with Denise Soler Cox.Patty: Welcome to Her Legacy Podcast. Here we celebrate women in business doing more than just climbing the corporate ladder. This is about holding a space where we celebrate what it means to be a female entrepreneur. We share the good the bad the ugly of being in business for ourselves. Our vision is way bigger than just the fancy titles. It's about amplifying the vision. Each one of us has to weave our own dent in the world. And in doing so we're inspiring other women to do the same. My name is Patty Dominguez and welcome to her legacy podcast for legacy leaders like you and me.Patty: Everybody Patty Dominguez here with Denise Soler Cox and I also want to roll my r's and give up be Latina in this space right now. Thank you so much for being here on Her Legacy Podcast.Denise: Sure. Thanks so much for having me. It's such a pleasure to just see your face and be in your space. You are so awesome. And I'm like you know super excited to talk to you.Patty: Thank you. And we were having a little bit of a pre conversation around this topic of really creating a movement.Patty: And I think when I heard about Project Enye and you're going to be talking more about that when somebody has a vision of saying Wow do I have the where we thought to create a movement. I definitely think of you and what you're doing. So I know that this conversation is going to create awareness for people that it is possible. So that's what I want to talk about but first I want to get a little braggy with your girlfriend. What is your superpower?Denise: Oh my gosh. All right. I would say other than my great Latina hair. So I wish to say we share the same hair.Denise: No I definitely it's my superpower is being like honoring that. With that I know it's true. And able to teach that truth and turn it into something that that helps other people.Patty: That's awesome. That's really beautiful. And then what are you working on right now that you're really excited about. I know you've been traveling nonstop.Denise: Well I mean so two things I'm super excited about. One is that I am blessed to be able to have that on the road now for three years with a film that I made and along with other people obviously it takes a village to make a movie and that I get to talk about it and bring this message basically of belonging inclusion of acceptance of love to Latinos and Latinas and a general audience. Almost every single week for the last three years the next thing that I'm excited about is the fact that I'm and production now and have been for a few years with our second film and that is really lessons from the road. I've had a chance to meet extraordinary people of which you are one of them who have really added me and learning their stories has not only added to me and made me a better person but also I use other people's stories to inspire other people to feel less alone because I sincerely believe that seems like such a simple thing but when a person feels less alone they act towards the world and towards themself in a completely different way and that inspires me every day to be the catalyst for someone. To feel less love.Patty: So beautiful, Project Enye when I heard it when I heard about Project Enye I met you at a conference. I thought it was so smart to make. Oh that's cool. And I saw your film and I said it was so well done. So professional.Denise: Thank You.Patty: So you know just such great storytelling within it about what it means to be in Enye. Now I'm an Enye, I'm a proud Enye. But tell the listeners what is Project Enye like how did this start. What was the manifestation of this idea that it has become a movement?Denise: Yes so it obviously started twenty two years ago when I was 26 and I had literally grown up believing that my sense of disconnection and lack of belonging to my own culture to my own people was my own. I do believe that anybody else experiences. And also I was young and so of course I had like that view of the world like it only happens to me. This is only happening to me. And so it's just something I thought was my cross to bear. I didn't think that would even have a context to talk about it. There was no YouTube. There was nobody else making even funny videos about it said nothing and you need to know that lessors to know that I was born in New York City but my family is Puerto Rican and Cuban and so family back home were Latino and then I grew up was very mainstream white not Latino at all and so I really felt super conflicted between these two worlds and then when I was 26 I had this massive "aha" moment. The only one I've ever had in my life that has been to this magnitude and it was when I realized that I wasn't alone. Now. It was such a profound "aha" that I needed to share it with the world. And I literally felt like if the world. Could feel the way I felt that I felt like I was contributing towards like the betterment of the planet like world peace type stuff like I literally felt like if I could move this along and get people to feel the way I feel right now. Big stuff would change and so I decided it was really me at a bar with a bunch of my friends in a conversation. Stories being told in a moment like that when they realize oh my God all that I've been feeling alone about. I have shared with them and if I've shared it with them then I'm sure I share it with any child of any immigrants were sent to the country. I just knew it in my heart. And so that and I decided to make a movie about it but had no experience. I didn't know anyone that made a movie. I didn't know anything but I knew I wanted to make a movie. And by the time I got home I was driving in my car by the time I got home. I convinced myself that I totally sucked. And I wasn't right for the job like my Spanish wasn't perfect. I wasn't skinny enough I didn't know my culture. I did not a but that whatever was I just felt like I didn't have all that I needed like this perceived thing, right. And that was total crap. And for the next 17 years I believe that lie. But if anybody ever. Asked me if Time or money wasn't an issue what would you do. It's a very popular question to ask people. I always knew what mine was in there's no questions often asked in a group and a lot of people are scratching their heads. I don't know what I would do what would I do. What do you think I should do? But I always knew what I would do. I just didn't think I was enough to do it. And I literally lived my life like it wasn't new but I knew. But if only. And whatever.Denise: And so when one day I just decided I'm enough to make one phone call and that phone call was to my now creative producing partner who two years after we met we got started making the film but literally I keynoted an event just a few days ago the Lena Latina Avan in San Jose California and they said had I believe that lie like had I continue to believe that why none of this stuff happened it wouldn't have been there would be no movie there'd be no like life changing inspiring journey for me or like the others of other people who have decided to use my story as the reason why they go either for their dreams or be just make a relationship better or quit a job or whatever you know.Patty: Oh my god. OK. I have got to talk about this because it is obviously what we've heard about the imposter syndrome man who am I and listen back to the fact that that 17 year journey it was always kind of chipping away at you so to speak right. Always in the back of your head I guess I could do that. So what if I could do that and it didn't take you 17 years to make a decision. It just took you that one moment where you tapped into your courage that you always had all along you know and just made that phone call which is now out there. So really the lesson is you don't have to wait you don't end it just you know what screw it let's do it. Is the popular mantra of really big CEOs that they're like you know what? In spite of let's just do it. And so that's really the moment when you realize that you could get this done and I think that another example of this is like we make it so much about ourselves and holding ourselves back and doing what we're called to do. And if you think about it that's super selfish.Denise: Yeah totally.Patty: Reckless otherwise you wouldn't be impacting people and it's like you're giving them the permission that they need and that they're looking forward something that resonates with them that they're hearing from you. That changes everything the course of their lives. So I love reframing things like that. I know for me personally when I reframed it is when I stop making it about me and I snap makin' about like listen let me just tap into the calling that I have it neatly. So the question here is what is your calling that you have innately that you're hiding and that you're playing small and you're really being selfish. How do you feel about that statement?Denise: Yeah I could not agree more especially on the selfish part. I mean especially when I think about you know I just finished my ninety ninth live event. I've been on the road for three years. I've taken parts of the summer off usually the holidays off and so there's about 30 weeks a year for the last three yearsI've been pretty busy and like you know the one hundredth is coming up in a few weeks and all I can think about is the thousands of people who have gone up to me and you know said What a difference it's made but also later I get notes like the I got one just the other day saying my mom who's an immigrant who talked to her daughter who is the American word child who is Enye right? And she said we stayed up for two hours after the screening and I couldn't believe that there was so much to learn about her.I didn't have any idea how she felt about any of this stuff. Had it not been for the film that her daughter didn't even go to the mom went and the mom's heart expanded because oftentimes there's like you know not to get political political about but there's the immigrant narrative in this country. And if you're a Latino or if you're the child of an immigrant you know like we give deference to that our parents sacrificed a lot.Many of them had lost their lives. My mom did it but many of our parents did they fled the wars you know like really life and death situations and so oftentimes we feel like as if there are children we don't have a right to share our pain or our struggles so we keep them inside and then we try to make good on the promise to be successful like make good on the sacrifice right to pack everything away. Not talk about it until they come to my screening and crying and the thing is the tears are good the tears help people move through feelings that hold them back energetically.Like I you know I'm a big who person I believe in energetic blocks and there's a lot of blocks that you have and we don't even know what we don't know. But once you see the film something happens energetically and the release begins and for some people they've really been able to change their lives and how dare me hold that back. How dare I hold that back from them like I'm so convinced this is not about me and raised me of that book? Big Magic.Have you read that book by now? Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a book called Big Magic It's very similar to this where basically the premises that several people will be given an idea actually wrote something about this in my late 20s when I realized that this was happening with me and I wrote this shortage that several people will be implanted like in it's for the sake of universal like evolution like for planetary evolution. Right.And whether it be in the arts or sciences or what have you and like the whole idea is to ensure that the thing actually makes manifest and that the people get impacted and that things move and evolve.Patty: Oh that's cool.Denise: Is it me. And so people have come up to me after you know screenings they are like oh my god I totally had the same idea that they didn't do anything about it.Patty: And I don't know, have you heard of James Altucher sees his podcast super popular and he talks about how he has this practice of writing 10 to 20 ideas in a notebook. Sometimes I mean we all have these ideas. Maybe they spark in the shower or just when you get up and of those ideas most of them are crap you know. But then within that. Maybe there's one good idea or the other thing that I think about is I hear a lot of especially in my venture carpet or entrepreneurs where they get approached by someone that says well I don't want to share my idea.Will you please sign a confidentiality agreement? And they say ideas are crap its execution is the only thing that matters. So it's exactly that it's like if you have an idea what are you doing about it not just talking about it be about it you know.Denise: Yeah of that yeah.Patty: So I ask you when you were talking about the fact that you've done all these screenings your two or over three years. What do you think is a critical component of creating a movement?Denise: Yeah so you've heard that saying like how you do anything its how you do everything right. And so I'm going to make it my own thing like whatever's on the inside is on the outside with our leg, however we see ourselves here as what's possible out there. So for 17 years I just saw like not enough at a million reasons why not, right. And then the day that I decided come hell or high water the rest of my life was devoted to this. First it was a year I gave myself a year to make progress and if I made vision progress that I was going to keep going and I did make this like sufficient progress which is funny because there was so little. But it was enough for me to be left.Now this is a big idea. And then I kept dreaming bigger and bigger and bigger about it. And so I think what's critical about it because I know I'm not a mass rally yet and it's really nice when people take it and make it their own. And so really believing that this is not about me that I feel appointed like I'm one of those people that was appointed and that I believe my life's purpose is just to keep running with this ball and see how far across the field I can get it.I think that humility is attractive you know and then also really believing that without a shadow of a doubt that the work makes a huge difference and that makes me emotional. Because I've received letters from young women who told me they decided not to commit suicide after seeing me speak out are women that quit their jobs or whose marriages got better. Who decided just to be honest with their parents who feel, because at the end of the day it's all about relationships right and love. And so if I can stay centered or not that I know that that's the attractive force that I need to keep this going because sometimes it's been really hard.And if you see the film you know that I at one point several years ago so my wedding rings my husband and I both had to pay the rent. And we also had a Mercedes repo reposed which in the film I say it's a return but really what happened is repode. And you know what happened it was a huge bummer but now it's hilarious like the stories that we tell as how we tried to avoid the repode man. Like it's awesome and I'm in great company.You know there's a lot of people who have big dreams and just because like one thing works out doesn't mean everything's going to work out. And I think there's some quality about that that the fact that they just keep getting up and brushing myself off and taking a step forward that creates that forward motion and then the right people. That are supposed to come into my life to help me make this even bigger just fall in. Right.Patty: So totally and it's the kind of thing I always envision because I know I have. Lord knows I've had my challenges with being entrepreneur since I quit my job. And what was it two thousand thirteen. I worked one day in January and then I was on my own.So yes it's been five years and I know it's been ups and downs lots of different trials and tribulations. And I had an NLP. Session with one of coach just neuro linguistic programming for those of you that don't know. I actually overcame a very severe stutter with NLP when I was growing up.Patty: Cause I'm in Enye because I don't always all. Yes that's OK. Total Segway you guys. But one of the epiphanies that I had when I saw your. Film it was like oh my god gosh what happened to me. Like I went into grammar school speaking only Spanish. I went to a Catholic school primarily Irish Catholics and I didn't know how to speak English going in and they didn't have ESL programs back in the day especially not in private schools.So I was constantly hit for not knowing how to say her words or not understanding in this and that it was horrible. I devolved and stutter. And it's so fascinating how my identity was you know question like, like I know I'm not like the other kids you know I'm different. What's weird language you're speaking? You know especially going into an all-white school. So long story short it's really molded who I am. And it's because I'm an Enye and it's just like that's my journey out of it. But I always marvel at these different things come to me when I see like oh wow I'm in an Enye. This happened to me. I used to hide it and now it's my truth. You know it's weird but I'm really proud of what happened to me because it's molded me to who I am you know.And yet in spite of what happened to me I have a lot of perseverance and tenacity and anyway now I'm bound to get back in an NLP session with a coach he said just envision yourself when you're having the setbacks don't go into victimhood. But it's literally like you're dusting yourself off and you're like you know awful a certain be like all right bitch I'm I'm back. You know what I mean, and I didn't mean an exact hitting I literally envision that I'm like brushing my stuff up rolling up my sleeves. I am not down for the cow. You know. .Denise: I love that, I'm going to use that.Patty: I'm not kidding. I literally envision that. So what is you guys that's how I overcome my obstacles so I so agree. And I think there's so much power in creating those emotional connections. I mean the fact that you're saying that through a speaking gig that you can impact people to save themselves. You know that's truly a movement when you connect on a heart level.And that's really the catalyst because we are human beings we all just want to know that we matter and we're being heard and they're giving you permission because you're sharing and they're saying it back to you it's so reciprocal. It's just beautiful. It's a beautiful thing.Denise Yes. That's that is. It's like the power and I feel like we hear the power of fantasy and Britney's work. I feel like my work is out in action you know and the gift is that I'm choosing to give it to the Latino community and like a broader audience is wanting in on it too. Because what it's really about is love and relationship since of acceptance and stuff. But.That's the way what you were saying about the stutter and about the repo and and about like wiping yourself off and stuff like that. Like you know you don't get to be tenacious just because you say like titillations is a declaration but you know it's like saying I want to go to the gym versus going to the gym like wiping yourself off and standing back up again like metaphorically and saying like my daughter said not today mommy. Yeah.She was imitating something on the television and it's like those kinds of words and like that kind of way of being like that's what builds the muscle of tenacity. But the opportunity to build the muscle is when life sucks right. And then you get to be strong. And then all of a sudden when something really hard happens and you feel like you got this and everyone's like how are you so courageous. Well hello. Like I put the time in right. And that's how it works.And so like that's what the beautiful thing is and you have to remember that my stuff because of doubles in the next level it's always like you know a whole heck of a lot more next thing. Right. But I always have to remind myself like no like even this morning when I see your shower like look how far we've come.And I can never be disappointed. And who knows what will be what's coming right. But I'm so proud of. Who have been and what I've been able to create and the short seemingly short amount of time. You know.Patty: its amazing amazing. All right. So what part of entrepreneurship exist that makes you happy like what part of it is really fun. And it creates a lot of happiness for you?Denise: I love solving problems like for people I love being able to offer a product that solves the problem for people. And here's what's interesting is like before this like that whole saying like don't take it personal Denise like I was like a bad ass in business like I was the director of sponsorships for House of Blues concerts for like the whole mountain regions. Like you know I had some jobs I had businesses and always had problems taking things personally and it's because I brought everything and maybe it's because I'm Latina.Maybe it's a little bit of both I don't know. But like I was told that more than anything to not take things so personal and to not mix business and pleasure and what I love about this business what I do now is that it's all personal. I'm in a business of being personal and being vulnerable and authentic and creating a product to inspire that in people.And so I get to have it all. I'm not saying my feelings don't get hurt. They do. But it's like. A different type of thing it's not you know being able to create a. Business because that's what we have all have the opportunity to do around what we want to do. Right.It's been cool to create it like this and literally feel like I'm meeting like brothers and sisters or like cousins on the road because that's the depth of relationship that I have with our customers our clients beautiful and the like family. And then when I go to that cityI feel like I'm meeting my extended family because they introduced to their kids and their parents and their cousins and their friends and so to me being able to build something that is built around my sensibilities and sensitivities has been a really rewarding.Patty: Well and here's the thing because I've been in corporate too and I used to hear that hey it's not personal just business but we know that the reality is to make a real impact one that moves and where you feel driven by purpose. That business is personal. And so that's exactly what you're saying is that the fact that you know these people.They're like your extended family when you connect with them. It's what makes it worth doing in spite of all the setbacks and challenges that you're having. So businesses personal. Yeah. If it's meaningful to you I would say so.Denise: Right.Patty: So as we were rounding the corner what is your definition of success?Denise: So I guess what I was thinking about this morning in the shower is feel like really being present to the difference that I've made. That's how I feel successful. So you know at times I've used like back to that Mercedes like I used that Mercedes. I don't know however long ago I earned that in a company and in marketing company. And they used that car to define my success.And it's funny because the day I earned it I didn't feel any more successful than I had to take before. You know it's so weird that I tried to pull that with a belt like oh I'm not going to be successful unless HBO picks up the film or unless you know Netflix buys the film or unless we win a big film festival and that doesn't a work like you know whether you get it or you don't get it. It's like that when the successes outside of you it's like a lose lose.But when it's inside it's guaranteed. To win. That is a declaration like I'm successful. I mean my definition that I was going to make this movie happen on January 1st. I always write my goals for the year on January 1st and I have a very predictable January 1st and it always starts with writing the goals and so I just got tired of writing a lie for 16 times and I'm like I'm so full of crap I'm just going to write and I'm going to deeply commit for one year and whatever.And then I made the call because the only thing I had I didn't know anything else. I had one play I had one thing on my list but it was super scary because it meant that I had to stop talking and start acting. And I'd spent more time talking than acting. And so just looking back at that like sometimes it's like man but I had the courage to get started and then I had the patience to wait two years to do it and then I had the wherewithal to get through 100 interviews and then I had the whatever else you know and then now we get on the road and the resilience to stay on the road and to deal with being away from my family and my husband like how can I not feel successful so sometimes I'm just like Man I wish I had more money in the bank or I wish I wasn't driving a minivan anymore. We had that Mercedes but like a leg it won't make me feel more successful because I am.Patty: Correct.Denise: You know like I have a job like my marriage hasn't been so good. Like literally in the last several years since we sold our rings. Like that's when our marriage took off and started becoming awesome. So like things you're not a good marriage make rings do not a good marriage make stuff does not have a successful life mate.And it's like what's the balance like where do I get what I want and have whatever. And so I'm kind of like I feel like it's an inside job. And then the stuff happens so.Patty: I totally agree. It is always an inside out projections. It's like whatever you're feeling on the inside is going to manifest on the outside because I'm I'm Lulu so I completely agree. And it's like with all the stuff I mean that's why you hear people where they have massive success in the material world. But then they feel very empty because they haven't reconciled or figured out just what it is that fulfills them.So I totally agree and this fact like maybe you do have a minivan and you want a Mercedes but that's first world problems speech really great lives we have really great let's make out as we run. After all is said and done. What do you want your legacy to be?Denise: The most important legacy. I want to leave is of course I want all of this you know to have made an impact like my dreams have at making a global impact. But when I think about what I care about the most and like what the number one priority is for me is that my daughters see and get power from this now and when I'm long gone that they'll remember that they don't have to ignore their dreams and that feeling enough is not.A determinant to one's ability to succeed and to transcend that which they want all they have to do is to act and hopefully my life will be a reminder of that and that they can truly be live a life aligned to their souls yearning because that's what I've got.Patty: So beautiful. Thank you. Thank you Denise Soler Cox finds out more about you project Enye how to be a part of your movement?Denise: Yes so super easy. Just had to projectenye.com and its project E N Y E there is a link there right in the middle of the page to see the film it's free. We just really said to the general public about two months ago and they can put their information in and get a copy of the film and watch it right away.Patty: Awesome. Denise thank you so much for being on her legacy podcasts I so adore you. Your. Heart based entrepreneur. So for that I really honor you and I want to thank you for sharing your gifts and the vulnerabilities and just being so authentic so I appreciate you deeply.Denise: Thank you. Likewise.Patty: Thank you so much for being here.Here are the links where you can reach Denise Soler Cox (denise@projectenye.com), Website: https://projectenye.com/, https://www.facebook.com/projectenye/,


15 Jan 2019

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HLP 005 - How To Set Up A Coaching Business

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Patty: Thank you for joining us on this episode numbers five with Ali Daniel who is the explorer of personal growth happiness and the true self. She also has a podcast called The Punch Drunk Soul Podcast. And she is a business coach helping people to really get all these ideas that have having their head for thinking Yeah. Do people really want to buy that? Yeah they want to buy it. So she hopes people do just download all the bed information and create their own business program out of it and had a really great conversation. Just her background her history of what it is that she does and really what she's doing to leave her own like a so I love having that discussion with her. And you are going to enjoy the nuggets that we have to share this one as well. So here we go with Ali Daniel.All right. So on today's episode we have Ali Daniel welcome to Her Legacy Podcast. I'm so excited to have you on the show just because as a fellow coach I'm sure we're going to have a lot of different the different ideas and information for people who are listening who are thinking about many things specifically. This whole idea of being okay with wanting to leave your job because I saw your whole bio mindless stuff that was really intriguing. So before I get ahead of myself welcome to Her Legacy Podcast.Ali: Thanks Patty I'm really excited to be here. Yeah.Patty: Thank you.And so I want to know I want to get braggy what you believe is your superpower, Ali.Ali: Oh that's a good question. So it's something I've actually been doing a lot more digging into myself personally because it's something that I teach my clients is kind of finding their their superpower. And there's a brilliant. So I've been digging even deeper into that recently myself.So essentially my superpower is helping other people kind of get more clarity on their superpower. So from kind of taking all the knowledge and experience and passions that are in their head and getting that into a business like putting that in like monetizing their knowledge and monetizing their passions getting getting what's in their head out on paper and kind of in a clear business that will get to power.Patty: I love how you call that on your site. You said their zone of brilliance because a lot of times people are like really I can monetize that. It's like we're so in our own thing that we don't recognize the sheer talent or that uniqueness about it about what you find out to be the case.Ali: 100 percent. I don't think there's a single client I've worked with before who has and at one point felt like. I don't really think this is valuable or don't other people know this already. You know like we all do that we second guess our own knowledge and experience just because it seems so common to us that we don't realize the other people don't have that same information and we don't realize the things that we've gone through the experiences we've had are unique to us. And there are other people out there who haven't had those experiences and haven't had that learning process yet. And yeah we just assume that everything in our heads is already known by everyone else when in reality it's so far from the truth.Patty: So good. So when did you give yourself permission to step into your own superpower because reading through your bio is kind of scoping out a little bit striking you think you came from the advertising world. So that transition was probably so huge that you went through this whole thing like really is this what I'm gonna do. I'd love to hear that.Ali: Yeah I think a lot of a lot of my story has to do with actually getting really sick. I got like this weird auto immune illness that I won't go into. Like all the crazy spiritual world belief that I have behind it. But I truly believe that when you're not like following your purpose and you're not finding meaning in your life that it creates like this disease within you that literally disease and that manifested physically for me for a couple of years I was feeling really stuck and lost and felt like I should be doing more like I just I wanted more fulfillment more meaning out of my work.But I just kept ignoring and pushing aside thinking like no this is the path that everyone takes you go to college you get a job you can corporate ladder that's just like just the way it is I just forced myself into that narrow pathway and the universe you know source God energy whatever you want to call it was kind of trying to nudge me onto my true path my rightful path which was being an entrepreneur and helping other women find that freedom in their life because that's what I feel I was missing was that freedom.So I think getting sick was a huge part of that realization journey for me that this wasn't what my life was meant to be like I am meant to be doing more and just creating more having more impact in the world. And so getting like really made me rethink about my life and the direction I was going in and what I really wanted to do with it because I realized then that life was really short and being sick took away like I don't want to say it took away two years of my life. But I mean it kind of in a way it did. Obviously it was a blessing in disguise for me now but yeah I realized like how short life is and and if you're not following your rightful path like it can be pretty painful.Patty: Oh my God. Totally. And here's the deal that I know. I think it was Oprah. I remember very vividly in one episode she said it's like the Universe speaking to you and to your point where you want to say God the universe whatever it is you believe that it initially started with the nudge that it's a bigger nudge and then it needs like a two by four across the field this is serious as you know it's time to like Buck up and realize what's going on.And I totally agree with you. I mean I went through and we talked talk about worst stories in terms of corporate but it's exactly that. It's just like we are so preconditioned and so like about what society tells us we should be doing and I love that you're standing for what it is that you believe in and in essence you really become that beacon of hope for others that are looking for the same thing. So scoping it. Wow.I saw a little bit about your program and you had this really great video with these women who were on there like the 20 something women maybe 30 and it just so amazing where they coming to that realization earlier in their lives like do you find that that's. I literally just saw an article on LinkedIn about this very fact. Like the millennials are like I said this last year plan is not happening. How do you feel about that? Do you see there's a shift happening?Ali: Oh my gosh definitely. I see a huge shift happening and it's something that I talk about with like my friends who really just don't get it. But I do think that it's hard because a lot of them like they don't understand online business schools are not in this world and so I'm sure there is some biased perspective with me being in it but definitely do see I mean all stats that you look at about a workplace about people's happiness and fulfillment at work. Like they're just horrible. Well 80 percent of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. And my one of my clients actually is working as a career coach and helping women get promotions. And she was pulling her audience and she found that even the women she is working with people who are trying to climb the corporate ladder their five year plan is to have their own business.Patty: Oh my gosh!Ali: Yeah like yeah it's just it's a huge ship that's happening to everyone wants everyone wants to make their own life. Everyone wants to make their own work. Why is that? Why do people find that so hard to fathom. But you know like I don't think life was meant to be lived behind a cubicle. I don't think life was meant to be spent 70 percent in an office doing work for other people.I mean granted we always need you know people working for us and we need like employee kind of structure. But I still don't think it has to be this way that we've had it up to this point. And I think people are kind of riding like we're going or who are shifting towards something else like we don't want this. We don't want to see. People are getting sick left and right and having so many illnesses and frustrations and anxiety depression and I think so much of it just boils down to people being unhappy at work.Patty: Oh my God. Totally so chatting me about the genesis of your program and how you saw that this was literally the environment of what's going on right. People being unfulfilled because on your website you talk about you help them find purpose create lasting happiness building confidence.So all of these work hand in hand the confidence to leave right the confidence to say I'm gonna leave my job. And in spite of everybody looking around me again. Absolutely not many do it.And finding purpose like what is it that what am I gonna doing so there's so much in there. It's a tall order. How did you come to that crossroads you were like I'm going to put it together this program.Ali: Yeah that's it kind of happened after I actually went to like this one business Master Mind event from James actually dvd live of last year I think October 2017. And basically he had like this panel of know new entrepreneurs. Nobody like no no Amy Porterfield no like Louis Hay as you goes you know every day ordinary people sharing their stories about how they got started and it just made me realize that I was hiding for so long. Playing small and thinking that I didn't have the value I didn't have enough knowledge that I had to become an expert. And I had to learn more and just be more in order to actually then go out and sell something to anybody like I didn't think I was ready for that yet. I thought I had to learn more.Like I said I just keep consuming knowledge. So at that event I really realized that the people who are successful are just the ones who actually go out and try something. And you really have to start before you're ready was kind of what I what I learned from that like success happens when you just start before you feel ready.So yeah that was a huge takeover for me and just getting out there and trying things like that's really what I try to convey to my clients is that nobody knows what they're doing. Nobody out here likes you even you and I who have experience in business. When we do another one check we don't know how it's going to work. We don't know what the results are going to be. So we're all out there. I don't wanna say running around with our heads cut off like chickens or head cuff as we're not you know a lot of us aren't going crazy like that anymore but we don't really know what we're doing either.And I think that knowledge of seeing other people who had success in business also not knowing what they were doing and just starting anyway and just trying and seeing what happened was a huge like realization for me and literally two weeks later is when I monetized the knowledge that I was in my head and put it into a program and I launched it for the first time and I got four women in it and just kind of ran with it from there and tweaked and improved it and just kept relaunching it.Patty: I love it. And so tell us about the world like so what do people find in the program?Ali: So I have kind of like us five step framework that I've laid out that originally I developed from my own experience and then started with working with a few one on one client and then really refined it through this group gram .But essentially the first step is really aligning and connecting with your true selves and finding that purpose and that meaning in your life that you're looking for and the direction that you're really supposed to be going in. So we do a lot of like core purpose value work and really try and figure out what drives you and then actually some practical like steps to actually get into alignment and really connect with your soul. Then we help then the next step is really like building out your vision and your ideal life vision with you what you want that to look like what it feels like.And that's really like what motivates you and that's what keeps people going not only through the programs but then through afterwards and then the next step is really like defining those on a brilliance and picking that neish that really specific neish that they're going to go out in their business with. But just based on their own knowledge and experience that they already have within them.Like I said like we said earlier most people don't realize what that is yet. So it just takes a little polling and asking the right questions to really draw that out. And then the next step is outlining their first offer essentially taking that zone of brilliance and packaging it up into like a step by step system for them to go out and use with their clients. And then the first step is just launching and a lot of that has to do with confidence so there are a lot of there's some lessons and confidence in facing your fears and what was that really what confidence really is.And then I have like a five part kind of sales process that they go through Rose bowl and it says like no funnels no crazy marketing tactics and strategies. It's just this one really simple launch method you don't to think about e-mails or Lanni Saito's or Upton's or any of that. So just to get them started just to get like their first one or two clients. That's really what they leave with.Patty: So that's awesome. So can you give me an example of a client of yours that may have been in a space where they're like oh my gosh they're really scared because this typically is, I mean I know personally with my clients it's almost like you have to give them permission that it's like they don't see it for themselves. And they're looking for somebody to give them the nod. And once they have that nod and then I would love to hear a success story because I know you have them.Ali: Yeah definitely. I've got two that I can think of right now. I mean. Yeah. So the first line is I like my client Jessie she came about the freedom of really thinking that what she wanted to do was kind of be a social media consultant or really work on their social media and in the middle of the program when we're starting to define there is a brilliant and there neish she was like I just don't know you know what to pick here. She was trying to decide between the social media thing and then also like auto immune health coaching and she was struggling with auto immune disease for Hashimoto's for like eight years.And I could tell based on the things that she'd been talking about that she really wanted to do the auto immune coaching but she was afraid she didn't think she had the knowledge. The the I don't want to say certification like the degree you know the pedigree she wasn't you know a doctor or a nurse or anything like that. So she was definitely really afraid to step into that role.But I asked her the question like which one excites you the most. And then which one scares you the most. And both of them were the auto immune coaching and that's one way to really if you want to get real with yourself like ask yourself which which of your choices scares you the most and often that's the one that you're really supposed to go with .Ali: So yeah. So from from the program she came in thinking you know she want to do social media and then she left with it. I was wanting to be an auto immune coach so now she's focusing on Hashimoto's specifically and she's started a podcast. So yes. Yeah. That was a really exciting time.Patty: That is amazing. I have. I mean first of all I've never heard of an auto immune coach. That's really cool. And the fact that now she's even broadcasting it via podcast which is such a great way to just connect with people on these topics and I just think like when you look at that. I mean how neish is that if you think about it just a little bit like really.But yeah it's kind of like I mean people talk about their auto immune diseases but the fact that she could package it in a way where she's creating a solution for that problem. I mean that's what entrepreneurship is. You know we find solutions to problems that are really really great way to look at that. That's amazing.There our legacy leader. Thank you so much for checking out today's show we're about halfway done but I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage further as this episode incites some creativity and you know if you're interested in leaving your own done to the world leaving your legacy. I have a very special three part video series for you. That's what I call the business Trinity and as solopreneurs.We are looking to create a sustainable business. And what I have found is three distinct pillars to make it happen so I'm sharing that with you. Absolutely complementary. Head on over to businesstrinity.com. Again business trinity.com. Grab that three part video series for yourself and include some downloadable in there and we'll walk away with clarity on where the opportunities are so that you can leave your legacy. Let's continue with the show.I love that. And then the other thing I'm thinking of is its such this whole thing is she would have never have seen herself doing this had it not been for the path that you help to guide her. Yeah. Which is exactly why coaching is so absolutely important. And I know that at the beginning we said coaching this and out like whatever it is that we talk about.It's I mean fact of the matter is all professional coaches all high level players understand the importance of having a coach. Yeah. I think it will become more and more part of the vernacular more and more people are going to understand that investing in coaching is so is so essential. I mean how do you feel about that you have that as a common practice?Ali: Yeah yeah actually yeah. I have invested in multiple coaches and I have one now and I'm planning to have another one next year. I mean I don't see a reason not to win when your goals are something that you haven't done before it's a lot easier to learn from someone who has done it before. Just do it. Backlister.And yeah. Going back to the point that you were just saying how Jessie would have gone into maybe social media business around that. Had she not been in my program and I do want to say that the reason I focus so much on this like Soul alignment work and really finding your purpose first before digging into the business stuff is because it's so important not to just make a business.Your business it is a business but you're going to be working crazy hours and you know dedicating your life to something and if it's not something that really fulfills you and really excites you then you're just going to get burnt out you're gonna get tired exhausted. And it's not going to last. You're going to quit at some point or at least you're going to be really unhappy.And the point of my program is to find that and I think what's most cogent is to find that freedom not just not just doing the same kind of work like you're just being employed to your business at that point.Patty: My God you said my claw. Here's why. Because what you're doing is you're in since like shortcutting the process to get them right to what they really want to be doing instead of like it just like you said in her case she was oh social media because it's hot or because maybe it's a credibility factor like or its popular or it's easy or it's like the it's comfortable right.And we knew that in that comfort ability maybe she would have been bored wasting her time to your point and you're doing that work and the at the beginning is so natural it's like why aren't schools teaching this not only me. It's so very yeah. My God so crazy. OK. So with everything I mean we know that everything is an evolution. How has your business change as it's as it's grown or where do you see things moving towards for you.Ali: Yeah I mean it. So it changes with every launch that I have with every client that I work with. I get more and more clear on and on what my superpower is what my my brilliance is and. And yeah it just it changes constantly. So that's another thing that I talk about my clients to is like you pick one thing now and it's not going to stay like don't be so afraid of choosing one thing to start with because it's going to change it's going to shift in the future.And I always love the point at ready for you as an example. I think when she got started she was like an MTV dancer. And then some dance videos and then she was like a skating coach. And then now she's like this ball in a business coach. I like things changed so much and that's the thing you pick right now isn't probably not going to be what you're doing and a year from now and that's a good thing.So yeah. So I think the way my business has shifted is you know at first I started with so much mindset about what it takes to get started in business like actually how to actually launch your business. And the confidence behind that because that's what I had just discovered and I helped people one step behind me and pull them up to you know that new step that I was on.And then as I progressed in my business and learned more about business and learn more about finding your ideal clients and your neish the problem that you solve and outlining your system like the more I learn to buy them why I've learned by teaching my clients.That's kind of how my business has just progress with me. So yeah it's just its really cool because I know that the more I learned the more I get to pass down to my clients too. So it's just kind of a natural organic progression of like this stuff I enjoyed doing. And is this stuff something I would enjoy teaching. Yes. OK cool let's pass it on.And if it's not which I have found like I started to work with a few clients more on the technical stuff like running a Webinar and that kind of like Final process isn't really heavy and I don't like that part. So now I do still rely on a lot more of the mindset and basic business building foundations of that like yours on a brilliant or sit on your clients. And the problem we are solving really sticking to that and just really repeating that process over and over again. Yeah I really do love that part of getting started.Patty: I agree and it's honoring yourself from what you love doing and I just wanted to pinpoint the phrase that you said like it felt heavy. If it feels heavy it's like your own innate ability to say this is a feeling right for me and I think so many times we feel like we have to push or like push through something push through the pain and when you really don't have to I see that a lot.I mean I personally experienced that in my own life where I think that what business is supposed to look like and only have it I make it so hard on myself. I love that one piece go. It wasn't just this thing where it's almost like we question ourselves for having those feelings when those feelings are the ones we should be honoring. So yes.Ali: And I think it's so easy to look at other people in the industry and see what they're doing and think like you said oh I should be doing it that way lots of other people are doing and kind of following that path. But. But the cool thing about entrepreneurship is you really get to choose what you want it to be like you get to make up your entire business.So if something does feel heavy like don't do it. And I think part of what we should all be learning from when we want to leave our 9 to 5 jobs or any one of the corporate world is that we don't have to follow the same path that other people are doing. And like I said earlier like nobody knows what they're doing anyway so why would you go all of someone else.They don't know what they're doing either. They're just trying as well. So like don't go out and all of people. I had someone messaged me the other day about like oh this girl's us doing something similar to you. And I was like I don't like looking at stuff. I don't care like she's doing her way that's awesome. Amazing. I hope and wish her the best of success.But I don't want to get clouded by other people. How they're doing their business anymore. And I used to do that so much and I think that's a problem that so many new entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs have is like. They're always looking to the experts in quote unquote experts. There are people ahead of them what are they doing.And they just get stuck in this like constant learning mode and then we compare where we're at to where they're at which has years of experience ahead of us and we think we need to have all of this stuff done before we can actually like have a business and that's just not true.Just with so much overwhelm it's like just focus on what you're doing stop downloading the freebies stop going to the webinars like stop consuming all this content is just getting you overwhelmed and just simply like put your blinders on. Figure out what you want to do and like just try something that goes back to just trying and putting it out there.Patty: Yes. That's all right. Ellie we're going to bring it home. A couple questions for you. If I were a song pick I think of a favorite song for a song. What song would you pick?Ali: The one that came up for me really fast as the song Just Dance. And I don't I just.Patty: David Bowie.Ali: Know it's not David Bowie what is it? So it's like Lady Gaga or something and just Dance.Patty: Oh that one is Lady Gaga. I'm thinking David Bowie.Ali: I think because I love to just be silly and dance a lot by myself. That's probably why that would be loving that.Patty: All right. What is one personal development or growth habit that you have?Ali: I would just say meditation has been the biggest one that has stuck with me. That's how I got started in personal growth and entrepreneurship and everything. It all comes down to that one mindfulness practice for me.And this is something I say a lot to my clients and friends and whoever wants to listen that like it doesn't matter what kind of action you're taking. You can have all the life goals strategies and to do list in the world. And you can be taking all the action. But if you're not able to focus your awareness and your attention on what you actually want if you let yourself kind of go down negative rabbit holes then you're never going to create those results that you want.So that is one practice of meditation has really helped me focus my conscious awareness on what I want and you don't have to do like a whole bunch of stuff it's just a simple meditation practice of becoming more aware of your thoughts. That has been like the number one thing that has helped me and that I try to pass on to all my clients.Patty: That's excellent. So just out of curiosity is there an app that you would suggest somebody starting out with meditation.Ali: I started out with that headspace. It was really helpful for me just to get started. It was kind of like learning how to meditate and I use that for probably about six months until I started doing my own practices and I really like Oprah and Deepak do like a 21 day series every now and then. I love those things are great. And the OPCOM is what I use yeah occasionally not too as well but headspace is the one I got started with and I definitely would recommend that one.Patty: Yeah. I also love Holocene. I don't know if you've ever heard of a spy the center point Institute and it's some like Tibetan bowls with rain and all this other other noise in the background. I found that that wouldn't help me get probably the deepest into interstate that I was looking for. I mean they're kind of longer half an hour but I figure if I can even swing 10 minutes you know. And here's the thing is that people feel that they have to be in it. Like into a meditation for you know 15 30 minutes in the thing that I hear most is oh I don't have time. Yeah. It's like even I have only been five minutes you know.Ali: I've found in five minutes awful. And people think that you need this like a nice peaceful meditation place of quiet to do your meditation. You don't like you can do it on a bus ride you can do it on the subway to work you can do it when you're waiting at a red light. I mean when you're washing dishes brushing your teeth eating a meal these are like all times that I've found that I've been trying to be more like mindful especially when I'm brushing my teeth or eating a meal.Those are like triggers for me to remember. Like I'm just brushing my teeth right now. Let's just focus my breath. Let me brush my teeth. It doesn't have to be like something like a 30 minute practice that you sit down you have crystals and and you know it can be anywhere. So you can have any noise like noise all around you. But just learning to focus your awareness on your breath and when your mind wanders you just burn it right. That's right that's the practice.Patty love that. All right. Allie after all is said and done when do you want your legacy to be.Ali: My legacy. I definitely want to just leave people with more freedom in the world like I would like to spread that sense of freedom to as many people as possible.Patty: Good feeling to have it is definitely, it's my highest core value. Oh my God. First and foremost. So how do people get a hold of you? Find out more about your program how to connect to hear your coaching?Ali: Yeah so my blog about I started way long ago as punchdrunksoul.com. And I have a podcast with the same name that I'm launching shortly relaunching have a few episodes out. And you can find me on Instagram at Punch Drunk Soul punching soul everywhere and then I do have a Facebook group as well. You can go to punchdrunksoul.com/squad,. S=Q-U-A-D.Wanna join that?Patty: That's great. Thank you so much for being on Her Legacy Podcast. Much luck and hope to have you back.Ali: Thanks Patty was so much fun. I would love to move back in time.Patty: Thanks so much.


25 Dec 2018

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HLP 004 - How To Leave A Six Figure Career And Achieve Success In Entrepreneurship

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Patty: Welcome to episode number four of Her Legacy Podcast on this episode we have Andrea Ames the incredible Andrea Ames. She and I met at a conference that we were at we sat together just happened to you know meet up with some other women. We had a friend in common. Went to dinner. It was a phenomenal time and just talking about the old war stories of what it was like to be in corporate.So Andrea has this amazing background and came from big companies she used to work at IBM and now she's ventured out on to her own. And this amazing transformation that she's going through and the cool thing about it is she's also bringing her corporate background and parlaying it into what she's creating now with a Membership Retention Strategy that she has to this is a membership that she's created helping people who have a membership retain their customers really cool.Right. So in this episode were going to be hearing from Andrea her insights around what it's like to transition and what it means and how she came about to create this really unique process the system in this business says she is molding for herself. So on this episode I really enjoyed myself love talking to Andrea she's really great people and I'm sure you will find a lot of nuggets in here as well. So here we go.Patty:All right. And so is Andrea right I just want to make sure. Yeah because I've gotten into trouble when I've said Andreas I suppose Andrea Andrea Ames welcome to Her Legacy Podcast.Andrea: Thank you so much for having me so excited to talk with you Patty.Patty: OH MY GOD. Totally so I love your energy number one. And we met at a conference not too long ago and we sat and had dinner and we had so much in common.So I believe there are no mistakes so I'm so happy to connect with you because not only do we share worst stories having been in corporate but we also just to have complementary businesses I think and I'll go more into that. But first let's get a little bit braggy shall we.Tell me what is your superpower?Andrea: I think my superpower is I'll call it influence. Many people have said I love your energy. And so for me I like to take that energy that passion and get people moving get them excited about something get them working on something interestingI use it in my teens at corporate and I'll tell you it's a polarizing kind of superpower because some people are like yeah it's also let's go far away Andrea and some people are like oh my god she makes me tired.Patty: What's your read for that? You know so being in corporate I mean can you give us a little snapshot because here's the deal. I am very passionate about the topic of building your legacy and I find that what we women especially Gen-Xers and above comes to this crass point where we were brought into this whole world of go to school get a good job climb the corporate ladder and as women I feel like we were in a way trailblazers right.And I know you're definitely a trailblazer in your particular niche but then what happens is across crossroads. I'd love to get your corporate origin story if you will and right that epiphany that epiphany of when you were like I can't do this anymore.Andrea: OK. So it may not be so much an epiphany as a slow maturation process at the end. We'll see how that pans out. So I was in corporate for about 35 years and I my background is all in content. So I started out as a technical writer. I worked for a university for a while. I've worked for investment banking firms I've worked for government agencies I've worked for a supercomputer center. I've worked for software development companies.Most of the last 20 years or 25 years was all in high tech but it's always been about content and it's actually always been about post sales content. So my area has really been helping companies to create a content experience that's going to help them retain their customers and I'm super passionate about not giving people a big promise in your marketing and then dumping them off a cliff right.I like and have a nice bridge and actually delivering whatever the transformation is that the companies you know promising. So my last corporate job was at IBM and I had been a freelancer for a little while before that and I had been at IBM for about 12 years 12 and 1/2 years. And I really thought I was going to retire there. And it was September of 2015 which just so happened to be the month of my fiftieth birthday.What I will tell you I didn't really connect the dots until I looked back on it two years later which is why I say wasn't so much an epiphany as kind of a long slow realization about what was going on but in just September of 2015 I took the month off and there was a program at IBM at the time for me to be able to do that. And so it was fantastic and I spent the months looking for a fix to my productivity problems. So I felt like I'm not productive enough. I'm not getting enough done. I need to be more productive I need to be have bigger impact.And so I spend a bunch of time I signed up for a program called Life hack boot camp and it was amazing. And I it really pulled together a whole bunch of. I've always been a little bit of a productivity information junkie. So I have like thePh.D. In productivity but I never really felt like I had you integrated and implemented it. So I went through this whole process I went through the life hack boot camp. I went back to the office. And I didn't feel like anything had really changed. I was feeling this. I was definitely more productive.But I still felt this like really deep sense of dissatisfaction. And I mean I was in my ideal job. I was the top ranked content person as an individual contributor. I was not a manager in IBM OK Company of 425 thousand people at the time and I was what's called the senior technical staff member which is a role you can't be promoted to.It's a role you have to have approved by a committee. Basically you have to have a technical package. It gets reviewed et cetera. So I had a lot of validation about my value and my worth. Within that environment and I felt like I was in a corporate role I was supporting upward of thousands of content people helping to build content strategy within the company doing a lot of coaching mentoring.I was just like truly my ideal my dream job. Yeah. And yet I felt dissatisfied and I realized that maybe it wasn't a productivity problem in the end it wasn't that I wasn't doing enough. It wasn't that I wasn't having enough impact I was just kind of done with the the environment. And in fact I didn't even realize it until I was outside the company.So in 2016 IBM started to call people back to physical corporate locations geographical locations. And since July or August of 2010 I've been working remotely from my home in Maine. So I started IBM at Silicon Valley lab in Silicon Valley San Jose California. Great move back to Maine. My step mom was sick I really wanted to be here for her and and it was great. I loved working remotely. There were still some people toward the end you didn't know that I wasn't in California anymore because I'd never actually met themI worked with people all over the world so they didn't know if I was in Maine or California or Timbuktu and I love what I was doing I loved being remote and IBM decided that it was better for folks to be co-located. So I knew since I was permanently remote that there was an excellent chance that I would be asked to move. And so I started kind of putting some filler out talking to some folks in other companies about changing jobs.And you know I went through about six or eight months of Simon Sinek's start with Y book going through his course. And I like to look back on it now and I recognize this mid-career crisis thing going on that I in the midst of it had no idea what I was going through but I really started I think more than discover what my why was and what I was really meant to do in the world. I needed to validate it and because I knew. I mean it's its kind of frightening actually how deep seeded a knowledge I had about what my gifts are. I want people to be successful.I love seeing people grow and be successful and in just about anything I've ever done. So I'm a beekeeper I'm a quilter I'm a content person. I am in. I was. I'm a scuba diver as a hobby. A kayaker like in all these states I've been run a couple of half marathons. So I do like all kinds of things and I'll tell you I sit down with someone at a conference or whatever and we'll start talking about something and we'll get on my dogs for example we'll start talking about my dogs and I'll say Oh yeah. And I do this and I do that and we start talking about like what are the best ways to train dogs and how I'm excited to give them tips.Tell them what's worked for me. Listen to the issue. I'm not a professional dog trainer but I have some experience in it. This person's interested in it. I love to share that knowledge right. I'm kind of a teacher in my DNA to a large family. And so in my soul searching in 2016 that's really where I ended up it's like you are meant to take what you know and give it to as many people as possible impact as many people as possible with you whatever it is whatever knowledge you have and help them to gain new levels of success wild success in their life. I mean that's kind of where I ended up. And so I'm looking into all these companies and thinking to myself OK I could go to company X or company Y and it even smaller scope more.I had an idea some impact even fewer people. Yes I'm impacting in other companies so that's awesome. But what if I just went out on my own. What if I take those gifts? Start a business and really impact a much bigger scope of people.And so I left IBM in July. I declined their offer to move. They were going to move me and everything and I said No I think I'm going to resign. And I it really hit me. Then last summer when I left the company this is what I was meant to be and it started out the past year has not been easy.Patty: Can we talk about that though. Can we talk about? Because I think it's so important for everything that you said it was the validation. I think that's such a key concept because validation looks different for different people in you.And what was interesting what I'm reading and you feel free to say it's like the whole corporate technical check the box certifications whatever MBA you know whatever it is that you got like that takes care of that. But it was the emotional connection that you needed to get to find the deeper reason of what moves you and what motivates you and what fulfills you. Isn't that interesting?Andrea: Absolutely. And what I found. Yeah what I found so fascinating about that was I had it all along but I wasn't connected to it right. I was in my head I wasn't really connected to my gut which I think is a really it's a subtle but very profound switch that flips holding me.Patty: Totally. I've found for me personally I tapped into the more feminine energy on my side when I became an entrepreneur and not the male energy which was being the driver at work and being tough on the outside exterior. And it was about the results is about the numbers and this that and I know with the organization you are and I imagine that was definitely the case because at the end of the day it's qualitatively quall like quantitatively.Those are the numbers that matter. Right. And so it was switching things up. So with that in mind I want to get to what did you go through when you first left that job and you're officially an entrepreneur? And we think we have all the answers and there were like holy shit like truth is right in front of me. I'd love to get your worst story there.Andrea: So something in me said get some help with this. And so before I even left my job I would say it was March maybe or April. I got a therapist. I hadn't been in any kind of therapy or anything up to that point but I went into this therapist eyes and ears what's going to happen. And I realized that for the last couple of years I cannot get out of my own way.So this was kind of where the productivity thing was happening. I was unfulfilled. I didn't feel good about my job at IBM and so I felt like I was a productive really what was happening was that there were some mental thing going on that wouldn't let me progress because I think because I was in the wrong place so I went into it I said I can't get out of my own way I'm not getting things done the way I used to.I need help with this because I'm going to be leaving my job and if I can't get myself together in my corporate environment where I have meetings I have structure. I have all these things around me that are help actually helping me to deliver what's going to happen when like there's nothing going on I can get up every day and do nothing because I'm in business for myself I get to call the shots and I am a super structured person.So I wasn't so much afraid that I wouldn't put structure in place for myself because I did. But I was I was really afraid of like what if I don't do the things I need to do. What's interesting is that was exactly the right thing to be afraid of. For all the wrong reasons like they were the reasons I had were not the right reasons why that was going to happen but it did happen.So I get out of my own and I will cut myself a little bit of a break and tend to be pretty hard on myself. But I was at IBM for 15 and half years. I was totally driven as you were saying and I suspect I was pretty burnt out along with everything else. And so I decided I'm leaving mid-July.What if I take the rest of the summer off like I just give myself a break six weeks and the beginning of September I had a conference scheduled and then I'll jump back in men I'll work on my business and so on and I thought yes and I'll spend the six weeks creating content and getting ahead of things and content marketing and blah blah.No none about happened. I did take a break which was good. And. What's interesting is the the last week of July so I'd been on my break for what seven days or something ten days. My mom got sick and she had congestive heart failure. And be known to us. And it was very serious. And my sister and I ended up spending about five days in the hospital with her. She's great.Now she is better than she was before in fact her heart's more healthy. But she was very sick until the end of September. So I had given myself a break and yet I had to spend this time with my mom and not that I begrudge the time with her but I felt like am I really getting a break. And I thought you know what I think this is the universe saying you need a bigger break than six weeks you need 10 weeks right. You need to be there for your mom you need to be taking this time. That's what you're here for. And I was so grateful that I had put that time aside because then I didn't feel the pressure of oh my god I'm not making money. I'm not creating content I'm not doing all these things that need to be done so. .All during that time I'm seeing my therapist and I'm basically saying and I can't get started I can't get started and she's saying what would it look like to just not do anything. And maybe that's really what you need right now. And as you know I spent the time the first six months pretty much doing nothing. And I had some consulting clients because I'm fairly well known in my industry and so some people heard I was going out of my own and immediately were like come and help us. So that was great. I didn't have to market myself I didn't really have to do much. So I had a little bit of income I did some consulting projects but I realized I don't like to sell. And I think mostly it was I don't like to sell to people I know.So it was really weird. Like I know this industry I was president my professional association like I'm really well-known I talk to these people I go to conferences I know them individually. And now I've got to sell something to them. And that felt super weird and I also realized I had been giving away what I was now selling for 30 years. I had been sitting down. You know I'd give a presentation at a conference. Especially I love doing at the end of the day because I can say we got to clear the room let's go to the bar. We can keep talking. And I would sit down with one or two or five people usually a small group and they would tell me what was going on and say you know I really liked and you said this because I got this problem at work.And I would help them I would sit and do hours of free consulting in the bar mean because I'd love to help them. I was very called to help them with their problems and I see problems and I can't help myself. So I felt like I've been giving this away for 50 and half years from IBM and even longer before that. And these are my friends right my friendly colleagues. And so now I'm going to say hey come join my coaching program for hundreds of dollars or whatever thousands of dollars. It just felt really weird so I had a lot of things going and mentally that made it really hard. And as you were saying I left my job saying I'm at the top of my game baby.Right. I am smart. I've been in business for a long time. I know all the things. In fact I had started taking some courses online signing up for courses on online marketing and so on because I was interested in it for a variety of reasons even before I knew I was leaving IBM. That should have been a signal. You know sometimes I'm a little dense and don't really like I don't watch my actions closely enough clearly. But I was like I know all the things I've like given myself the online mini MBA. I'm ready to go.And yet nothing was happening. And one of the things I really wanted to do was I had joined at the end of 2016 Steve McLarens Tribe Program and I really wanted to create a membership group for my Content Strategy peeps. Right. I said this should be so amazing it would be this amazing community and it would just be so like my growingly awesome.Patty: Legislator leader. Thank you so much for checking out today's show we're about halfway done but I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage further as this episode incites some creativity in you if you're interested in leading your own Dent the world leaving your legacy. I have a very special three part video series for you. It's what I call the Business Trinity an as enterpreneurs. We are looking to create a sustainable business.And what I have found is three distinct pillars to make it happen. So I'm sharing that with you. Absolutely complimentary. Head on over to businesstrinity.com. Again businesstrinity.com . Grab that three part video series for yourself. It includes some downloadable in there and will walk away with clarity on where the opportunities are so that you can meet your legacy. Let's continue with the show.Andrea: And yet here I was December of 2017. Nada. You know I I've been to tribe live I had gotten all jazzed up six months later nada. So I it going into 2018 fell very very was starting to get very hard on myself. What's wrong with you. You can't get out of your own way. Like you know all the stuff. And I had a I belong to a mastermind and I one of my hats he calls I said OK here's the deal I'm having a really hard time getting out of my own way. Clearly I'm not like the best salesperson or at least in my head I can't sell.So how do you guys deal with mindset stuff. I got this big list of stuff from Tony Robbins stuff a book called Thou Shall Prosper. And like all this stuff and I started reading it and at the time I also got. I I remembered hearing and Amy Porterfield podcast episode with James Wedmore and he was talking about the fact that he was starting this new podcast where he had this podcast called Mind Your Business. And you know they were joking around about how it was woo and so on and I'm super left brain corporate makes you even more left brain has shouted their minutes and say it's like right brain that doesn't even exist.It's the size of a pea. Yeah. I was like oh I'm not Woohoo so I never went listen to it. But at the beginning of this year I did I think it was maybe February or March. I sat down I went back to the beginning. Some of it was way out there for me. It was so far outside my experience I just had a really hard time grasping it and I'm like you know what. There's so much here that he's saying that resonates so much with me and. And that was really I think the turning point for me was it was. It's been so hard because what's between my ears I have such deep employee grooves in my brain and getting myself out of that employee mentality putting myself in an entrepreneurial mentality and also really really reconnecting with that confidence I have in myself and my ability to do these things.I mean it's really what I find really fascinating is I I look at what I do with my corporate clients. I look at what I did in corporate and all the things I say to my corporate colleagues in coaching them and I say things like if you sit there and say I don't get any respect I'm a victim the technical people are the ones who get all the respect. That's exactly what's going to happen. Right. So I hear this and I say Duh if you sit here and say it's hard for me to sell I can't sell to my colleagues. Well that's exactly what's happening.Right. So it's of course you think context. Same problem same question. Right. That whole mindset thing and putting yourself in the right place and creating the right thoughts for yourself like this is all putting words around that is totally new to me and feels a little weird it's almost like I'm putting on a suit that almost fits if I go back and I look at the suit I wore when I was coaching my corporate employee peeps. It's like hello I've had this suit on the whole time.Patty: You have and it's a part of you. So when I to interject really quick because I absolutely want to stress that this is one of the key elements is that the success that you've had in your corporate career gives you the foundation the confidence. But once you transition into this entrepreneurship it's a whole nother ball of wax and I will say dare I say that I've never grown as much as I have as it was when I left my job.It has grown exponentially because to me and I know if you agree Andrea it's the marriage of the wholeness of left brain plus right brain. Yes that's what gets you to be a bigger person a better person. The bigger the impact and that's finally finding the the courage and say you know what I am a bad ass. Let me go. Let me roll this out. And it's scary because you're standing by yourself.Andrea: Yes.Patty: And it has been the organization like your cocooned in protection. If that makes sense.Andrea: Exactly it totally makes sense. And in fact I would say for me it's been a logarithmic change between corporate and entrepreneur and it's ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of it has been between my ears. Timing is all about who I think I am. It is not has nothing to do with anything that's going on externally.It's all about who I think I am who I'm creating myself to be who I'm projecting in the world and how I'm showing up to people and I will tell you so it's you know mid September and I am going to say that it took me until the end of August. So for the last three weeks I have really been fully in my entrepreneurial state.Patty: I love it.Andrea: That's how long it took. So anyone.Patty: Say you haven't heard of her mission and be kind to yourself. You know what I mean that there is no timeline in your timeline whatever it is you want to be but because of that you're so much richer in your experience and you can help other people since you love helping.Ok so I want to transition because I want to hear about your program member keeper so you've been doing some corporate consulting and now you're transitioning to serve fellow entrepreneurs which I love that 100 percent. So tell me more about what member key person is all about.Andrea: Well it's interesting because my focus in corporate while my background is in content my focus has really been in service of customer delight post sales customer delight. And I think there's value in that not only for your customer but there's value for that for that.In your business as well. In other words the more delightful your customer is you get more delighted your customer is in there probably delightful as well because we are delightful customers with the more delighted they are the more success they're having the more progress they're making the better transformation they're getting then the more likely they are to refer people to you. So that's revenue for you. The more likely they are to agree to be a case study or to give you testimonials.So there's all this Stew McClaran calls it the circle of awesomeness. It is a virtuous cycle and it comes from really paying attention to what happens after they give you their credit card or they paid on a PO or whatever. I mean it works it works just as well in corporate as it does in an entrepreneurial state. So my program member keepers is focused on people who want to work creating or have created membership groups.And I've focused on them because I realized that the way I took care of my corporate community inside IBM was really a membership site membership group. I had regular a one on one meetings called group meetings excuse me I had regular Q and A's. I delivered regular content. It wasn't nobody was paying me directly. Those people were not direct clients. I mean IBM was paying all of us to be there but I was essentially hosting a membership group and I thought wow I've been doing this for like close to 15 years.And so I thought this these these folks really speak to me. And I think I can really help them especially when I attended tribe live last year and this year in 2017 and 2018 and the two biggest concerns I heard from people were around them feeling overwhelmed with their content and their customers feeling overwhelmed with their content. Since most membership sites are information based that's the product right.And if your customers are coming in and they're getting overwhelmed they're leaving. So there goes your recurring revenue. Now there goes your opportunity to make a customer that's engaged that's gaining impact from your program that's successful and that will then close the loop on that virtuous cycle and give you testimonials referrals etc. So member keepers is about helping people with their membership product after the sale.So I don't talk about marketing except how you can use that after the sale relationship with your customer to kick off your next marketing cycle or to feed into marketing and sales. So it's really about like how do you help that person. I'm called to help people. I want to help people help people. So all they're getting very Medha. Yeah yeah well that's really the the most important thing right. Are you delivering on that transformation.Patty: Well my gosh so good because people think oh I got them to buy and then that and then that's it. They think the sales stand and it's like that's the beginning of a real opportunity to continue the engagement to build the trust him more importantly build a community because people will come for the content but they get to stay for the community.Andrea: Exactly exactly.Patty: That's so smart. And so you're you're preparing for your launch and have you had any beta or any experiences with people taking advantage of that content so far.Andrea: So my. So this will be this will be scary for your entrepreneurial folks. I have no content. So this is my beta launch that's coming up here in a week or two. And I have 35 years of corporate experience 35 years of content that's scaled for corporate from my consulting and so on. But I don't have any content that's really specifically scaled for entrepreneurs.And so what I'm doing in my beta is I am going to do a lot of person to person interaction. So I'm going to do some laser coaching. I'm going to do a lot of Q and A so my beta members are going to see probably more of me than the folks who will come later because what I'm really trying to figure out is what do you need.What do you want what are the problems you're facing today. Let's talk about it a little bit. Let me try this on. How does that work for you. OK let me explain it a different way. And so as I refine the conversation I'm having with those folks I can also then reach into my little corporate bag of tricks pull out the answers and then create tools and cheat sheets and training and so on. That's very specific to the entrepreneur membership site owner and that's what I want to do is not take my content is if it's one size fits all.But I wouldn't really deeply understand what my beta members need and I want to make that content extremely custom to that group of people and then expand on that. So that's my that's my plan. I love I love that relationship building of getting to know people and really understand what their problems are and sort of working out the solution together. And so I think that's what my that the rest of this year is going to be focused on in my membership group.Patty: So smart and I love the fact that you're being ballsy you're just getting out there and saying Okay let me find this proof of concept. And the only way to do it is you're not building all the content and then waiting for the tribe you're building with the tribe and that's how that's going to be so much more powerful because you're speaking directly to the problems and you're providing the solutions because that's what we're in business you know entrepreneurs provide solutions.So it's very smart and I love the fact that it gives you the permission to just explore experiment and you have the proven track record so I have no doubt that it's going to absolutely crush it. And as you're going through those iterations you're just going to really develop something really robust and relevant. So I love that.Andrea: And I am super excited about it.Patty: I can only imagine. All right so tell me what's a personal development or growth habit that you have.Andrea: When I was in corporate I like to put something new in my portfolio every year. So as a person in content portfolio something you have along with your resume to actually get another job if you change jobs and so on. So I like to look at what's happening in my field and pick something pretty far out there and then try to figure out how to work a project into my day job that will give me an example of this new thing and show I'm capable of this.I'm doing this new and exciting thing. And for me I'm a pretty I am pretty ballsy. I'm a risk taker. I love to do the new stuff. Don't make me do anything. Two or three times because I get bored. I love to look ahead and see what's new. What's exciting and I think for me that's really the that's also a challenge for me and that is in this initial phase of my business I'm a soloprenuer so there's a lot of things I have to do over and over again.There's a lot of mechanical things and operational things. And so what I do is I try to approach everything I'm doing as a new learning experience. So how can this be a new thing for me. How can I go into this. I love that you said you can be experimental because that's exactly how I look at this. I'm like you know what if I get one person in my group if I get a hundred people in my beta group if I you know fail amusing little air quotes here.To me it's a learning experience right. And every call might be totally different. Every tool I put out might be totally different. Do I know how to do a online launch. No I've never done one before. No idea how it's going to turn out and I'm excited about that as opposed to being in a little bit of fear there. But I really need to look at it as Hey I am learning so much.Like I mean this is where I thought I had an online MBA. No not even close. I'm getting it now as I start actually taking action and doing the work. And I find that exciting. So for me personal development means setting myself up to keep to stay motivated to be progressing to continue the momentum. And for me that means I need to be learning something new.I need to be trying things I need to be on experimenting and so I try to look at these projects I don't really like. Like keeping my books and so on. Oh I get a chance to learn Quicken or whatever. Right. And some people may think why would you want to do that.Well you know right now I know Quicken and I can talk more intelligently to my accountant and that gets me jazzed so often to find the things that motivate you and then sometimes it's about reframing or casting. The work you have to do even if it feels ugly and like you don't want to do it for casting it in that new frame so that you stay motivated and keep that momentum up so that that's kind of the challenge for me and sort of what I'm working on between the ears.Patty: Perfect. OK. And if your life were a pick a song that represents your life. What is that song.Andrea: The first thing that popped into my head was Journey's Don't Stop Believin yeah I just going to go with that.Patty: I love it great song. I love us. Every time it comes out especially like I remember when the White Sox won in 95. That was like the theme of the whole year. It's just such a bad ass song. I love it. And a last question for you after all is said and done. What do you want your legacy to be.?Andrea: Wow. I think I sorry. I would love for one person to say I remember Andrea she really helped me with whatever.Patty: Yeah I love that. Every time I ask that question Andrea you're not alone. Good people get misty eyed I'm like am I get to see them cry because that's my favorite. It's the truth. Like her work is so meaningful and it's so important and it comes from the heart and this is what this podcast is about. It's celebrating what we're doing because it matters so much. So.Andrea: I think what you're doing is incredible and I think your focus on folks coming out of corporate your focus on you know the perhaps the more experienced of those who are coming out of corporate focusing on women. I think this the Venn Diagram there is like a a super powerful energetic nugget that is.I mean if we can. It's almost like splitting the atom. Right. If we can take that and we can break that apart and exploded into the world. Holy crap we are just going to have this. It will be amazing the impact will be felt by everyone here. I think what you're doing is so important.Patty: I love it. Thank you so much for those words so tell tell the peeps how they can find out more about you member keepers what's the best way for them to connect with you.Andrea: So you can follow me on Twitter. I'm aames you can go to memberkeepers.com. And if my programs open the sales page will be up and if it's not those there's a waitlist there so that will get you on my waitlist and get you signed up for my newsletter. And I also have a free Facebook group if you search for Member Keepers in Facebook.You'll see my Facebook groups so I invite anyone who's interested to join my free Facebook group and get into the conversation and I am really looking forward to connecting with some of your audience in one way or another.Patty: Andrea so important I'm going to be joining the Facebook group I think the work that you're doing is absolutely essential. We didn't talk about the nerdy stuff but your solution impacts the lifetime value of those customers. For the entrepreneur and so it's absolutely vital. People only focus on cost of acquisition. They don't understand LTV lifetime value so what you have to what your value proposition is very important.Andrea: What I'll just I'll just add one geeky thing to that and that is it costs five times more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one. So if you're focused in all of your time on marketing and sales that's marketing sales is very important. Obviously your product doesn't matter if you don't have any customers.But once you start getting customers you have got to split your focus somewhat and spend some time on making those customers wildly successful because that is going to be have so much more impact and the leverage you will have on your time you can spend five times less time with that for the same revenue and value. So yeah it's its huge when you start getting into the "gigi" numbers and things, it's youPatty: It is really significant so I cannot wait to see Member Keepers evolve. And I'd love to have you back on for an update on what's transpiring with your tribe.Andrea: I would be honored to come back.Patty: So thank you so much for being on her legacy podcast. We appreciate you.Andrea: Thanks Patty.Patty: Thank you


18 Dec 2018

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Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Patty: Welcome to Her Legacy Podcast here we celebrate women in business doing more than just climbing the corporate ladder. This is about holding a space where we celebrate what it means to be a female entrepreneur. We share the good the bad the ugly of being in business for ourselves. Our vision is way bigger than just the fancy titles. It's about amplifying the vision. Each one of us has to leave our own dent in the world. And in doing so we're inspiring other women to do the same. My name is Patty Domínguez and welcome to Her Legacy Podcast for legacy leaders like you.Thank you so much for being here. This is the inaugural episode of Her Legacy Podcast. And I want to thank you for being here. Wanted to share a little bit about the podcast. What this is all about. Why did I start it. Why should you care. Who is for the whole night. So my name is Patty Dominguez I've been self-employed since 2013 January when I quit my corporate job have another podcast actually that talks about that whole journey about being boss free. It's called The Boss Free Society. A bossfreesociety.com. And we did about 143 episodes with my friend to man back and it was really a great ride because people would ask me how did you do it. How did you quit I could never do it you do.And fact is Yeah I did go through some planning and a lot of the emotional rollercoaster around leaving your job right. Leaving the quote unquote security. So we did that for about two years or so and I absolutely loved podcast. I mean I literally consume an insane amount of podcasts and I absolutely love it. It's a really get the impressions of what's happening. What are the trends. Who are the people that I resonate with the most what is the messaging that I'm really passionate about.And I am a marketing nerd. I am a self-confessed marketing nerd. I absolutely spend copious amounts of time just diving into so much information as it relates to marketing marketing trends marketing strategy is really really my sweet spot and long story short what I started to see in my coaching that I was doing with women is I started to see that there was a trend. A lot of women who had their corporate careers and they were transitioning out or they may have had a success in their career but they're looking at something different there is something pressing something kind of going on inside their mind thinking OK what else what else.Turns out that the White House had nothing to do with the money side of things. Sure money is great but when you're talking about something bigger it's not the money it's the contribution. I don't mean just being Servant Leader or anything like that but it's really leaving a dent in the world. It's like how are you creating an impact.And then just as a byproduct the market the money comes to you it's really amazing the way that that happens. But anyways I started to work with different clients in different areas and different themes. I started to see this consistent message where they said I just want to do something bigger. I want to do something not only for myself but what is it that I'm leaving behind. How am I leaving my legacy. So I became very passionate about that topic about leaving a legacy.To me it made the work that I was doing that much more meaningful because I started to contribute to these women. Their legacy and my part in it it was just really satisfying to me. So this podcast has everything to do with celebrating it celebrating the good it's celebrating the bad. It's celebrating the ugly and I happen to think that they're really failures you just feedback and it gives you a great perspective on what's working what's not. And so what happens is when you start to listen to these leaders and what it is that they've done to leave their legacy in the process you can learn just a ton. Right.You can learn so much about that and for that that is really might be the the whole idea. The reason why I'm so passionate about this topic and what I also want to share is just things that I come across as we go through different shows and themes and concepts I want to share with you what I have found through my seven years of being an entrepreneur. The formula that works things that are working for me things that I have personally implemented not only in my own business but also in my clients, for my clients.Right. So what it is that they've incorporated so that they can leave their legacy. So these little tidbits are I mean the intention behind it is for me to leave you that blueprint for me to leave you those little pieces of gold the sage advice if you will of what's going to help you get ahead. So if you are thinking about leaving your job if you are thinking about forging ahead and doing your own thing or maybe you are already doing your own thing and you just want to check in and say OK I'm not crazy I'm not crazy for wanting to do this and really tapping into the gumption of what it takes to make this happen. Because here's the deal. I have news for you. And let's not just talk about it let's be about it. And what does that mean.It is,whatever we're sharing putting it into action really creating the right perspective for what it is that you want more than anything because I suffered from this myself. It was a lack of clarity. And I just want to give you clarity. So with that that is really the impetus for him Her Legacy Podcast and him and I ask you over and over again what is your legacy? What do you want to leave behind? What's important to you? Because I know for me as I'm turning the corner into this different phase in my life where I have had a great career I've.And me and my kids are getting older. I just want to leave more of an impact so that's what I'm passionate about. I'm seeing this over and over again with the clients that I'm working with with the topics that are being discussed and want to celebrate that. So thank you for being here. I look forward to providing the inspiration that I know that I believe that you can have by listening being involved be a part of this whole movement of Her Legacy Podcasts. And with that thank you so much. We'll see on the next one.Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of Her Legacy Podcast. Make sure to hit the subscribe button if you haven't already done so. That way you won't miss any of the episodes. Also if you're feeling very generous please head on over to iTunes give us a reading and review. I love the five stars but more importantly in the review section. Let me know where are you from. What are you doing. What's your business. How are you leaving your legacy. I want to know leaders so that way I can give you a shout out on my show.So take advantage of that I would love to hear views of that we're really creating momentum here with what we're doing out here at Her Legacy Podcast will see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.


11 Dec 2018

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How to Stand Out With Your Positioning

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Earlier this week, I had a great conversation with a fellow coach who expressed concern over her positioning being "off". Her question was, "How do I stand out with my positioning" and that is the topic for today's solo show. I'm sharing 3 simple tips that you can use to stand out with your positioning, to make yourself memorable and to stand out distinctly.


11 Feb 2020

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HLP 006 - How To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2019

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Patty: Hey there, legacy leader. Welcome to Episode six of Her Legacy Podcast. Thank You so much for being here today. Joining me first and foremost a big Happy New Year. This episode I'm talking about how I'm getting ready for 2019 and I'm sharing a little bit with you. And a nugget or two I don't do resolutions. Why I suck at certain things and how I'm saying no to more. So here we go.Hey there. Thank you so much for joining me. Happy New Year again. Happy 2019 I hope you enjoy your holidays tremendously. You got to spend it with people that matter to you in your life and you really enjoyed it. And now it's 2019 and you're back with the enthusiasm and the newness. Just like when you were in school when you open up that textbook or the new notebook it was fresh and cleans with new pens and just the joy of starting a new school year. Hopefully that was the case for you. It was for me. I loved school and I just always see the beginning of a new year as lots of new stuff. Now I don't do resolutions primarily because I think it's just a far us to say I'm going to lose 50 pounds. And this is it. And then it's the initial jump of the enthusiasm of the idea but then execution is where I fall short. I have certainly been guilty of that and I just realized that doing resolutions don't really work because I wasn't being the type of person that. Had the habits that were required to make those changes.I'll be talking about that more in other shows but this is an idea that I've really come to understand that makes a difference. So in this episode I do want to share time getting ready for 2019. What does it mean to create a vivid vision and that is really where I want to start having a vivid vision for what it is that you want in 2019. You do not have to bring your 2018 if it was a nightmare or if it was a horror. You don't need to bring any of that into 2019 it doesn't define who you are so if you had some setbacks or if you had a really phenomenal year you can do more of the phenomenal stuff and make it even better make it even more fruitful. Whatever the case may be.Just know that you do have a fresh start in any moment and so one of the things that I do is I wasn't doing a lot of reflection at the end of 2018 thinking about what it is that I want to create in 2019. How do I take my business and make it even more of the good stuff more joyful more the feelings that I want to feel. And that's really what I want to share with you. There's a great book by Neville Goddard It's called Feeling is a Secret. You can also get it on Audible and basically it's a quick little read but he talks about this concept of feeling is really the secret. So when I create a vivid vision I think about what life looks like. December of 2019. As a matter of fact I was talking to a client of mine a dear friend of mine and she was saying she's like hey we're going to be meeting up. And I think it would be a really good idea is if we celebrate the end of the year as if all the things that we want to focused on already happen. Oh my gosh just so great. And I have heard of that people like Jack Canfield the mastermind that he has. I've heard that he has a big gala an event for the Coaching that he does and what he does as has a big gala event. People are dressed up and people are celebrating and they're celebrating their year and win. So it is definitely something that works. Why? Because I'm going now back to this concept of feeling is a secret. You're creating the feelings of what it would be like to achieve the things that you want and there is so much power in that.And so creating a vivid vision I'm highly visual person by creating a vivid vision I'm imagining what are the things that I want to create. It's December of 2019. Where is it that I want to look back and say...?Wow. That was awesome. I completed the amount of podcasts that I wanted to complete. I had great people on my show. I spoke on that stage. I wrote the book that I want to write and how do I want to feel like what would it be like to complete that and what are the feelings that I would feel and really want to put myself in that space so that it starts to create this amazing feeling of possibility. And then I just write in my journal stream of consciousness Stroud's free flow write. Don't give it any thought. Don't judge what it is that you're writing. Just put pen to paper and start to get the downloads of what you're going to be feeling like what are you thinking about what is your subconscious telling you. What are the things that you really want to connect with what is life look like. What would bring you joy. What would make you happy? That's really about creating a vivid vision. So what is life look like? So I challenge you to create that for yourself to just open up that space to make that happen. And just free flow write. Let it come to you whatever it is there's nothing absurd. Don't judge when you're doing that just let it roll competitor paper and really create what it is that you want what that looks like and what it feels like. So that's the first part. The second thing that I do is I focus on three words that are the theme for what I want to create in my year.So the three themes for this year and this is what I really wanted to share. More than anything is what did the three words that you're going to be focused on. Mine are simplicity. Focus and flow. So what do I mean by that. For simplicity I really want to focus on keeping my business simple. In 2018 I found myself in a couple of instances working on things that didn't really make me happy necessarily. I was being a little bit too reactive to what my clients were asking me for. And I really was an honoring what made me happy. Right. I was compromising the feelings I was compromising the feelings that I want to feel. Instead it was like all right yeah yeah sure I'll do it this and that and just wasn't bringing you Joy. So by keeping it simple I want to keep my offerings to content creation coaching and consulting and that's it. Content creation is by podcast really becomes the hub of the wheel so to speak of how I want to get the word out how I want to broadcast out what I do who I serve and why they want to connect with me. For those that do so. Keeping it simple that way without broadcasting Method broadcasting and amplifying the message to the people that are going to be attracted those ideal people and then consulting.The consulting that I do for small Business owners is very specific what I'm going to be offering as was the group coaching the one on one is not of course is scalable. And I was finding myself doing way too many hours at work.I really wasn't consolidating my time it was just all over the place a little bit too much in 2018 and it's so funny because I started out the year with the intention more. These are the days I'm coaching. This is what I'm doing and I get off the rails. I started getting more and more business which is a great thing. Don't get me wrong I love having a busy calendar a fruitful calendar I should say. What was happening I was being a little bit too reactive? So this year I want to keep it simple. I want to keep it simple as my message of what I do who I serve why I serve them and then also keeping it simple with the offerings that I have very specifically. And the second word is focus now for focus. Hopefully this helps you too because part of what was happening in 2018 and me being reactive is I was scheduling my calendar all over the place it was really full. I had some gaps sometimes but for the most part I didn't have a consolidated focus so one of the primary goals was to have focus days of the week.Hey there religious leader. Thank you so much for checking out today's show. We're about halfway done but I wanted to give you the opportunity to engage further as this episode incites some creativity in you. If you're interested in leaving your own dented the world leaving your legacy. I have a very special three part video series for you. It's what I call the business Trinity. An as solopreuneurs of printers we are looking to create a sustainable business. And what I have found is three distinct pillars to make it happen. So I'm sharing that with you. Absolutely complimentary. Head on over to businesstrinity.com. Again businesstrinity.com. Grab that three part video series for yourself. It includes some downloadable in there and will walk away with clarity on where the opportunities are so that you can leave your legacy. Let's continue with the show.So for me Monday is going to be about content creation. I want to focus on writing my e-mail to my list. I've been grossly negligent in certain parts in 2018 so I'm rectifying match as well as podcasting podcasting is not an issue from actually really love it which is why that's really my primary vehicle whereas you can think about for yourself what is your vehicle you want to do Facebook lives be consistent write it down. Do you want to blog be consistent write it down so what does the outreach that you want to dedicate yourself. Once. A week at a minimum to get the word out there about what it is that you do so find that vehicle.Focus on that one thing and then make sure to just be consistent with it so that's really talking about focus. And then Tuesday was a 30 day I take my calls whether it's my consulting. Whether the coaching that I do but it's really consolidated to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then Friday is really an open day and I do have some strategic meetings that I have on purpose where I'm looking for specific service providers in areas that would complement what it is that I do. So I have a very specific approach. The other thing is I like to have Fridays off because in the cases where I'm going to an event my mastermind meeting usually it is over the weekend. So it's nice to have the Friday off so to speak so it doesn't really interfere with anything else happening. So. Take your week and dedicate those slots of time with the specific activities that you want to do. The other benefit of that is that you really find yourself getting into a flow. I know when I do my podcast and I have one interview after another.You just get into this rhythm. That's really awesome. And things start to flow. So there is a benefit to having that singular focus on that one activity. So that's my second word. It is focus. The last one is flow and by flow I mean quite simply if it's not a hell yeah it's a hell no because again reflecting on 2018 I realized that there were certain instances in my business that created friction. It created those feelings of me and really don't want to do it but okay I'll do it. And what started to happen is I didn't honor the feelings I didn't honor my gut my intuition my subconscious whatever it is that you want to call it. And whenever I do that I know better because then I'm always like in regret I'm I should've listened to my gut on that one right. And so if that happens to you the first thing I'll say is when you go against your gut. It's just going to kick you in the butt. I didn't realize that was late. Yes that's a rhyme I'm trademark it.So get into flow right hire out for the things that are heavy right. If it feels heavy like bookkeeping oh my gosh the namer for me I hire it out my legal stuff I hired out my accounting I hired out the podcast editing and production I hire out. I have somebody that is awesome who's helping me with my podcasts. The whole workflow of all of the steps that have to happen. It is so much easier when I do that. And so I'm starting to take inventory of more of those things that feel heavy to me.And so what happens is you start to strip away and focus on what Gay Hendricks calls your zone of genius and when you're focusing on that zone of genius that's when you tap into the flow when you can do that thing all the time and it just comes to you. And when you focus on an even more you get better at it. So my thing is strategic planning. I love strategy I love rolling up my sleeves and going into a business and finding what I call the drill sites of where the money opportunities are fixing what is broken. Right. From a marketing standpoint etc.That's really my zone of genius. So by doing all these other things the answer things I'm focused on it really compromises the flow. So I am a level setting again redirecting the energy and saying let me focus on the things that bring me joy flow. So again just a recap really simple. Just wanted to share with you. How are you getting ready for 2019? You know create your vivid vision and again focus on those feelings that you want to feel. In December of 2019 and look back and create just kind of that movie of the mind type of thing and like what is it going to look like then take your pen to paper stream of consciousness. Just write out your thoughts.Whatever it is that comes to you. Don't judge it. Just let it roll. Just let it go and then see what comes out of that that inspires you. And then the other thing is what are your three words. What are the three words you want to honor for 2019 to help keep you on track so that you're not compromising your got your intuition etc. and you're also honoring the way that you want your personal life to run your business life to runs? You're not getting caught up in reactive mode.Because that happened to me a little bit in 2018 and so this is all about self-reflection looking back course correcting when it's appropriate. And just keep going keep going toward the things that you want to create because everything you want wants you back. And I thought I'd share that with you too. So let me know what you think about this episode. I also have a download for you. Hopefully that helps. So it's just a quick PDF that you can download with these ideas so that you can start to jot down what again your vivid visions. It looks like as well as your three words that are the theme for 2019. And with that thank you so much. Hey you haven't already done so. Definitely please let me review. You can send me a message when you download and let me know what shows what inspires you most. Who's a guest that you want you to have on. Because I'm always looking for new guests. And with that here's to you my legacy leader. I hope you have an outstanding 2019. I'm right there with you. Talk to you soon.So take advantage of that would love to hear you so that was really creating momentum here with what we're doing at her legacy podcast. We'll see you next time. Thank you so much for being here.


1 Jan 2019

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Lynda Sunshine West | "The Year of Fears" & Finding Your Purpose

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/On today's show, Lynda Sunshine West who shares her story of living a troubled childhood and how that led her to where she is today, a Women in Business Mentor and Leadership Coach. She vulnerably shares her "Year of Fears" after her mentor challenged her to write a book. That book opened the way for more purpose in her life. She also shares the ups and downs of growing a business and finding her niche.


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Penny Chiasson | Changing Careers, Dealing with Judgment and Discovering Your New Positioning

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20 Jan 2020

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How to Connect with Your Prospects Authentically

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How to Move Your Business Online with Hallie Bulkin

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The Business of Divorce with Tanya Somerton The Divorce Angel

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18 Feb 2020

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Marketing Mishaps: Videos Must-Haves

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/In today's solo show, Patty discuss a marketing mishap that is so easy, sometimes we forget the fundamentals. This mishap kept being identified over and over, so naturally it's being shared with you. Today is a quickie show that shares this simple step that a lot of people forget in their content marketing.


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How to Deal with Change with Camden Hoch

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7 Timeless Marketing Rules That Matter Even During Tough Times

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Dealing with Overwhelm During Tough Times with Wendy Wise

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Wendy Wise is the founder of Wendy Wise Healer. Wendy is a First Nation (Native American) Master Energy Healer, Wellness Advocate and “Curandera”. Using gentle yet impactful techniques and tools Wendy helps to clear energy for more abundance, prosperity, and personal power.


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What Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for us as small business owners

Ready to Position Your Business to Profit? Go to-->>> http://positioningtoprofit.com/Today's episode is a solo show because I wanted to offer my take on several conversations I've been having with clients who are shifting in their business due to what is happening with the Corona Virus. During these uncertain times, it's pertinent to know how to pivot in your business.


18 Mar 2020

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