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GuyGab: Better Emotional Management, Better Men

GuyGab is a weekly podcast hosted by Jonathan Blank for those who believe men can be better to themselves and others. Jonathan shares personal stories, some funny and some serious, and has guests mine those stories for lessons for you. Let's replace #MeToo and toxic masculinity with men 2.0.Visit https://www.guygab.com/ for more information.

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The Mental Health Question I Asked After My Coronavirus Infection

A lot has changed since the last GuyGab episode. We’re all now focused on how to get through the coronavirus pandemic. GuyGab will change with the times.For season two of GuyGab, I will focus entirely on supporting your mental well-being through this crisis.For the first episode in this new GuyGab season, I’m opening up that I’ve been infected with COVID-19. Listen to learn:The question that helped reduce my feeling of fear after I realized I was sickThe difference between being persistent and S&S (stubborn and stupid).While I am not a therapist or medical professional, I hope my personal stories will act as a speed bump between any negative thoughts you have and potential overreactions.If you'd like me to address any specific topics related to mental well-being and the coronavirus, feel free to suggest them at https://www.guygab.com/contact.


25 Mar 2020

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Date Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

As we gear up for Valentine's Day, it's time to explore how masculinity impacts how men approach dating and relationships. When I came to New York from college, I had no confidence when it came to dating women. So I panicked and made a bad choice.I admit my mistake and talk with Anahita Moghaddam, a student of the Eastern Contemplative traditions for over a decade, to help you understand how to date with clear intentions and deep appreciation for all those involved - including yourself.Specifically, we explore:What questions to ask yourself before you dateHow to communicate respectfully and clearlyWhy dating apps should be deletedIf you have questions on dating for us, post them to social media using #GuyGab.


9 Feb 2020

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Better Choices Than Anger with Jaclyn Siegel

When men feel a negative emotion, they often react immediately with anger. In this episode of GuyGab, I open up about the anger I observed as a child and how it impacted me. I believe we can make better choices to deal with negative emotions than getting angry. I turned to Jaclyn Siegel, PhD candidate in social psychology at the University of Ontario, to help you learn lessons from my story and specifically gain insights in how to:Explore your emotions that are being masked by angerCreate space between a triggering event and the instinct to immediately react in angerDeal with anger that you feel towards yourselfThis will not be the last GuyGab episode on why or how men get angry quickly. Together, we can learn to make better choices in heated times.


27 Jan 2020

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Empathy in the Face of Failure with Michael Brenner

Our resumes and LinkedIn profiles often portray are careers as perfect track records of success. However, we all face the dreaded "f" word - failure - at some point in our careers. In this episode of GuyGab, I bring on an executive who recruited me to a firm years ago to discuss a situation where I feel I fell short.Michael Brenner is the CEO of the Marketing Insider Group and the author of the book Mean People Suck. Through his comments on my "f" story, I hope you'll learn how to:Use T.O.E. when you "stub your toe" in your career - Michael wakes up every morning to the acronym T.O.E. Listen to hear what it stands for. It helps him, and now me, keep moving forward with chins held high even during the tough times at work.Become a "champion leader" - Great leaders do more than direct others. Michael highlights how to champion others.Consistently apply the power of empathy at work - Michael gives great examples of the lens he applies to conversations with bosses, colleagues, and even those who inform us that flights are delayed as we head to important work events.If you want to learn more about the power of empathy, read Michael Brenner's book Mean People Suck: https://amzn.to/2ud4En7


19 Jan 2020

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Bringing Spirituality Back with Rick Little

Happy New Year GuyGabbers. I sat down with Rick Little, a Vedic meditation teacher at the Spring Meditation center, to understand why our egos push us often to attach to things and people instead of spiritual journeys.I tell a story about my best friend moving to a different city (sad) and how I flailed to find someone or something else to connect with.Rick responds with summaries of:The practice of Vedic meditationWhy we are drawn to health and wellness, as opposed to spiritualityThe concept of the egoFor more information on Vedic meditation, check out https://www.thespringmeditation.com/


5 Jan 2020

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