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The So...Let's Hang Out Podcast is an extension of the gluten free food blog Soletshangout.com. Gina chats with her friend Beth about all things life, love, food and gluten-free living, with a hefty side of awkward and embarrassing stories. It's like listening in on a phone call between best friends. Enjoy!

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Episode 010: Haters Gonna Hate

We promised you a Christmas episode, but now that it's March you're just going to have to be cool with us talking to you about Valentines Day. Oh, wait. That was a month ago? Whoops. So, this podcast is coming to your ears a bit belated, but with all of our good intentions. Life got away from us. But, we're ready to talk your ears off. By the way, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, all the things.In this episode:  We catch up about traveling over the holidays and eating too much chocolate.I wrote about my food allergies on the internet here. People had a lot to say.Beth made this deliciously fatty Chocolate Avocado Shake. It looks soooo good.I wrote a five part series about doing Whole30. The internet told me I had an eating disorder and yelled at me about beans. Normal.Valentines day is kinda meh, unless you make it into STEAK AND LOBSTER DAY!Chronic illness is no joke. Can we all just be nice to one another and support our fellow humans? Great.Please watch this bomb ass Brene Brown video on EMPATHY. It's life changing. Share it everywhere.We talk about Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I'm sorry, but also, here's the link so you can catch up. So glad to be back in the swing of things, homies! Have questions for us? We'd love to hear from you. Write to us here.  And, don't forget to follow us around the web @soletshangout and @tastyyummies. We're pretty much everywhere. ;)

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23 Mar 2016

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Episode 009: You've Gotta Go Full Island

We're back! I know it's been a while, but we're totally back to chat your ears off. I'm going to tell you about my Hawaiian vacation. Beth will tell you about getting drunk on airplanes. I'll try not to cry on the podcast and end up giving you too much info about bikini waxing--plus soooo much more. I hope you enjoy it! xox Gina went to Hawaii. It was a REALLY big deal. Huzzah. You can see some photos here. Bone broth is kind of like having a pet. Except, you eat it. Do you know about TSA pre-check? Because, it's the best. Adulting. What does it even mean? Also, birthdays are rough. PSA: Don't try to do your own bikini wax. It's awkward. Note: Bryan Adams is not the same as Ryan Adams. PSA PART TWO: If you don't drink water for eight years, you might die. If you don't like water, you can try to infuse it! Get a bunch of great ideas here. Watch this cat video. Meow. Also, this one. GMO Salmon makes us feel scared inside. Like dogs? Want Facebook to totally rule? You should join Cool Dog Group. Have questions for us? Write to us here!

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10 Dec 2015

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Episode 008: Disaster Date

Hey, Friends! Beth and I are back to chat about all things fall, a date gone horribly wrong, what happens when mercury goes into retrograde, and how we're both sweating while trying to use pumpkin pie spice. Fall has not been cold in California, but that does not change our need for comfort food. Did I mention that Beth had the sniffles and I had a fever while recording this? I mean...What could go wrong? Nothing. We're total professionals. ;)Don't forget to find us on iTunes, where you can easily subscribe and download these episodes to your desired listening device. If you're enjoying to podcast, and would be so kind as to leave us a review, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much to all of you for listening, and those of you who have taken the time to rate us and write to us and all the things. We love hearing from you! xoxHere are the notes: • Dating is not usually disastrous when your're married, unless mercury is in retrograde and you decide to eat here for your anniversary. (DON'T) • If you're going to serve something called "BBQ Water", you best make sure it doesn't suck. Because, ew. • If you're ever in Portland, Maine you should totally eat at this hyper-local restaurant. It won't be a disaster and they don't serve BBQ Water. • If you ever find yourself in Julian, California, go see Jeremy. He makes a good burger. • Do you ever wink at people when you're nervous? Because, maybe I do. ;) • We got reader questions. We tell you how we met. It turns out it wasn't at all like Dirty Dancing. • We are into fall food. Gina baked you this  Grain-Free Spiced Kabocha Squash Pie, and Beth made you this Grain-Free Apple Berry Crumb Pie. Other things we thnk you should make this fall: Sausage Soup with Kale, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Apple Cider Margaritas, and Curried Shepherds Pie with Sweet Potato Mash!Thanks so much for listening! If you have questions for us (and we totally hope that you do), please write to us at soletshangout (at) gmail (dot) com ! xo

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22 Oct 2015

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Episode 007: Pizza Pits & Doppledads

You guys!! We're back on the air this week, talking about all the things you probably don't need to know, and maybe a a few things you do. But, before I dive into the notes, this is the part where I ask you oh so kindly if you'll do us a solid and rate us or write us a quick review on iTunes. We'd be forever grateful. Seriously. Like, if we had one of those fancy walls where we write people's names who are important, we'd write your name on it. Here are the show notes for this week: Periscope is a new social media platform where you can hang out with us in real time and ask questions. It's awkward and terrifying and also a lot of fun. You should come hang out. First download the Periscope app to your phone. Then, search for @SoLetsHangOut and @TastyYummies. Generally Periscope is pretty great. But, there was this one time that Gina decided to live stream detoxing her armpits. Barely anyone came. You can catch the replay here and feel embarrassed for her. Is it weird to smell like pizza? The answer is probably yes. We try our best not to swear on our podcast and keep things family friendly. But, sometimes we just want to be like Thug Kitchen. WARNING: There is language. Mean Girls is a great movie. But, it's also art imitating life. Life lesson: Don't be a dick to your girlfriends. Remember the saga of DOPPELDAD, my dad's doppelganger? Well, all is revealed in this episode. GET EXCITED. This is Matt. He makes amazing drinks. You should follow him here, and maybe here. Or, pre-order his book here. Dude. The internet is ruining pizza. Check out this video of them making it into a cone? Or, how about when then turn pizza into PIZZA. STAWWWWWP THE MADDNESS!! Oh, if you're looking for a delicious sugar-filled indulgence-- try out my Gluten-Free Funfetti Cake. We maybe sing Wilson Phillips one too many times in this episode. I'd apologize... but, meh. You know you wanna sing along. Thanks so much for hanging out with us!! If you have questions for us, write to us here. 

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22 Sep 2015

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Episode 006: Gone Catfishin'

In this episode: •Our husbands are out of town and we handle things a little differently. Beth meditates every morning and makes vegetables. Gina poops with the door open and eats gluten-free mac and cheese out of a box. •Gina is having reoccurring dreams. So, she Googled their meanings. Instead of the requisite "you're afraid of change"she was met with "someone's probably going to die". Cool. Thanks Google. You're fun. •If you have a ring stuck on your finger, you can try this floss situation. •Did you know baby carrots are killing you? Want to find out twelve ways to be a better lover? We're talking about all the things that make you go CLICK on the internet. Clickbait, my friends. It's happening. • We talk all about Catfish. The movie, the show, the red flags and our own experiences. It turns out there IS a wrong number of stuffed animals to bring the girl you're stalking on the internet. That number is ANY. •We both joined Periscope. This means that you can randomly hang out with us in real time and ask us questions while we do stuff like make hemp milk. No big deal. Come find us!! Gina is @SoLetsHangOut. Beth is @TastyYummies. •For the Gluten Free Gossip we're dishing up our feelings on the new #girlswithgluten thing happening on Instagram. But, mostly we just want this soft pretzel flotation device. Have a question for us? Write to us here and we’ll try to answer your questions on the air. xox

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20 Aug 2015

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Episode 005: Tears & Toots

In this episode: •Gina has the same thumbs as Megan Fox. We're going to start a Clubbed Thumb Club. •Beth has big hands and excels at Thanksgiving hand turkeys. •Crows and rats have infiltrated the neighborhood. A murder of them. Send help. •Beth went on a yoga trip and got farty in the mountains. Yes, it was a case of the altitoots. Totally a thing. •We cry in yoga. Maybe a lot. Deal with it. •Beth is throwing a yoga retreat with her lady friend Vyana. They're called Wild Spirit Retreats, and you should totally go. You can cry in class. It's a safe space. •Talking on the phone makes us weird because texting has ruined everything. Great. Great. Ok, LOVE YOU! Bye. *awkward face emoji* •Gina wrote A Few Words On Body Shaming and posted a photo of her body in a bikini on the internet. People had things to say, and so do we. •Kathryn Budig makes us super happy in this video. We're all real women, my friends. #AllTheBodyLove •In this week's Gluten Free Gossip, we're chatting about being a great gluten-free house guest as well as an awesome host to guests who have food allergies. You can get a ton of this info from this awesome post. Have a questions for us? Write to us here, and we'll try to answer your questions on the air! xox

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6 Aug 2015

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Episode 004: Hump On A Log

In this episode: Gina went to LA where she got to visit family, hang out with Beth,  and witness the craziest display of dog humping possibly EVER. Beth made meatballs. Mama couldn't have them. But, Mama don't care. Cosmopolitan Magazine wants us to spice up our lives by having sex on campfire logs. We're asking questions. Lots of them. Some thoughts on Magic Mike XXL and why wearing that amount of baby oil is dangerous. Don't put a wooden spoon in your food processor while it's running. Also, make your broth in a slow cooker. Life lessons. Gina googled herself and ended up finding a few things. A world record for bee bearding as well as her father's doppelgänger. Yes, a dad-ppelgänger. Mind blown. This iPhone ap might tell you that you look like Angelina Jolie or Jeff Goldblum. Pretty much the same. Almond Flour vs. Coconut Flour. THEY'RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE SAME THING. We're walking you through it. Turns out the internet is making everything into a dip. We're not into pizza dip. But, s'mores dip looks dangerous. These allergy friendly marshmallows are everything. Did you ever do da dip? Or, maybe the tootsee roll? We did. Also, the dinosaur.

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22 Jul 2015

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Episode 003: There Will Be Blood

In this episode.... Gina had to face her EXTREME fears and give ALL the blood. So, she gives you the anxiety girl's guide on surviving a blood draw. Even when no one gives you a cookie, and your phlebotomist is having an existential crisis. Don't give yourself your own B-12 shots if you are afraid of needles. A cautionary tale,  as proven around the 8:00 minute mark on this video. Beth got a new watch. She can text me from it. It's the future and we're a little scared. Summer is happening. We want to eat all the popsicles. We recommend these Roasted Blueberry & Lemony Yogurt Pops as well as these Bourbon Tea Lemonade Popsicles With Peaches! There's also plenty of time for alllll the Ceviche, all the Poke, tons of  Shrimp Tacos,  and this dessert that includes both roasted fruit and cookies. Because, WIN! There's stuff we wanna do this summer. Gina is lusting after beach house rentals and wanting to put her toes in the sand. Beth is going to Wanderlust to do all the yoga and hopefully not hide in her room. Beth spent her childhood summers camping all the places. Gina went to circus camp run by a hippie clown. Gina talks about periods. We let it happen. Her twelve year old self doesn't want to hear the phrase "Shove it up there". Ever. Are you taking a summer vacation on a restricted diet? We help you vacation like a pro and let you in on the food we like to pack when we're traveling. Hint: Beth likes to smuggle all the canned salmon into Mexico and Gina consistently confuses her in-laws by showing up with homemade bone broth. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Have a question for us? Write to us here, and we'll try to answer it on the air. Thanks so much for hanging out! xox

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8 Jul 2015

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Episode 002: Stranger Danger

In this episode Gina + Beth  catch up with one another and largely discuss the realness of STRANGER DANGER. But, of course there is more. Here's a list of other topics and the necessary corresponding links. Beth went to Mexico while Gina got glutened. Gina went to her cousin's wedding and cried all the tears. Because, weddings. Beth's dad has an incredible mustache. When opening coconuts goes VERY wrong. Considering buying this tool. Caitlin Jenner broke the internet. Gina thought she was being supportive, and then Jon Stewart was like... Dear Strangers, we've compiled a list of questions that would be best if they were never ever asked to anyone ever. Even on the internet. Unless you're Ryan Gosling. Apparently, we make concessions. We're not proud. #stangerdangerisreal Some people have babies in their pants. That's just life. Garbage TV is like low grade meditation. Beth is all about The Real Housewives. Gina can't stop watching The Bachelorette. We both have very low standards. Do you feel embarrassed by your dietary restrictions while eating out with your friends? Meh. Don't be embarrassed. You rule. But, if you are, we've got some tips. Getting glutened is REAL. Let us help you get through it with a list of tips and tricks. Activated Charcoal and L-Glutamine are both lifesavers. Not to mention ALL the bone broth and ALL the lemon water. Thank you so much for hanging out! Have a question for us? Write to us here.

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24 Jun 2015

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Episode 001: First Times

It’s the first ever episode of The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast! Yay! We’re so glad you’re listening. Since it’s the first episode, it’s only fitting that we’re talking about FIRST TIMES.  You know, like… The first jobs we ever had, first kisses, first crushes, probably WAY too much about NKOTB and a myriad of other embarrassing things.  Gina confesses to being a truly ridiculous human being while sharing the story of her first kiss and the poetry she wrote about it. Oh, and that time that she dressed up like a member of the band TLC for Halloween.  Because, you know… all the cool kids were doing it (they weren’t).  Beth accidentally lets it slip that she had a crush on her Aunt’s boyfriend (because, he had a horse—duh) and shares a story about a date night gone wrong with her now husband, Mark. We share how awkward it is to start blogging, and how we both got off to a rocky start. Gina’s first blog post included SKEE-lo lyrics. Beth’s first blog post reads more like an apology.  We also discuss our tumultuous relationships with smoothie bowls and the ever so cunning watermelon cake trend—plus, we give you some tips on how to snack healthy throughout the week!  Thank you so much for hanging out! You can follow us both around the web @soletshangout and @tastyyummies on both Instagram and Twitter. Have a question for us? Write to us here. 

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9 Jun 2015

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