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Join Biz and Mark as they muse about their fantasy football league and about the current state of the nfl. Also, there may be beer involved!

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37. Biz Breaking News!!

It's finally happened. Baker Mayfield is no longer on the Cleveland Browns. Mark and Biz break it down, talk Jimmy G and Von Miller, and play a few more offseason games.


15 Jul 2022

Rank #1

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36. Under or Overrated?

Biz and Mark play a game of Under or Overrated. Also, our hosts react to Deshaun Watson and Dan Snyder scandal updates (EPISODE WAS RECORDED PRIOR TO THE BAKER MAYFIELD TRADE).


10 Jul 2022

Rank #2

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35. Summer Fantasy

It's never too early to start looking at rankings and that's exactly with Biz and Mark talk about. Start preparing for the fall with this week's episode! Twitter: ImproperFutball


24 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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34. Rodgers more clutch than Brady?!

We're back from hiatus and talking about NFL, Golf, NBA, and Tennis! So much has happened over the past month, but Aaron Donald and Aaron Rodgers have been on our minds. Twitter: @ImproperFutball

1hr 6mins

4 Jun 2022

Rank #4

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33. Did the Seahawks have the BEST DRAFT!?

What a draft weekend! Trades galore and the Seahawks went best players available?!? Biz and Mark take a break from the offseason to recap the events of the 2022 NFL Draft.


11 May 2022

Rank #5

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32. QB Carousel

YOU get a quarterback! YOU get a quarterback! YOU get a quarterback! YOU get.... WRs? Our heroes discuss the recent league trades in the NFL offseason. @ImproperFutball


4 Apr 2022

Rank #6

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31. Happy Unretirement!

Biz and Mark discuss Tom Brady coming out of retirement and all of the crazy free agency news!!!! Twitter: @ImproperFutball

1hr 1min

21 Mar 2022

Rank #7

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30. The Seahawks Traded WHO!?!?!?!

Biz and Mark talk trades and free agency..... and also Mark's entire world is destroyed.... Twitter: @ImproperFutball


12 Mar 2022

Rank #8

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29. The BizMark Awards

Biz and Mark give their end of season awards in a lighthearted look back on the nfl year. And yes… the Seahawks make another unwanted appearance…. Twitter: @ImproperFutball


25 Feb 2022

Rank #9

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28. Super Bowl Recap

Biz and Mark give their thoughts on the super bowl, mvp debate and the amazing half time show. Plus, Russell Wilson makes a cameo (at the Super Bowl) and Biz does the quadruple! Twitter: @ImproperFutball


19 Feb 2022

Rank #10