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Designed by the one and only Chris Schweitzer, this podcast gives you Chris's reactions to all things happening in the world, movies, and pop culture. Enjoy!

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A Conversation About Positivity with Meghan Darcy

Right now I think positivity is crucially important given some of the toughest challenges we are facing globally. I interviewed and had a conversation with my great friend, Meghan Darcy, who provided some great advice on how to stay positive with a bunch of other funny stories she and I shared from our college days together. Follow Meghan on Instagram @Grateful_Blooming_Strength.

1hr 26mins

24 Mar 2020

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Ben Affleck, Depression, Mental Illness, Alcoholism, and My Own Battle of Depression

Welcome to Episode #10! We are moving along and finally at episode #10! This week's episode, I talk about Ben Affleck's battle with depression and alcoholism but I also talk about how I've dealt with my own depression in my life. I hope you enjoy! Instagram: @Chris_OnceTwitter: @TheChrisOnce


20 Feb 2020

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Morphin’ Into 2020 - A Conversation About Power Rangers with Fernando Cintron

This week I decided to ask one of my co-workers to join me in an episode to talk about Power Rangers, the children's superhero television show that aired in 1993 (and still runs to this day). If you're not familiar with Power Rangers, the show launched when Fernando and I were just toddlers (like many of the viewers of this podcast). But as one of the first shows ever watched, we decided to talk about how Power Rangers has impacted us and where we think the franchise is going including the movies that have been created (including 2017's PG-13 movie) and much else. We hope you enjoy this episode for this week!You can find Fernando on Instagram at @nando_el_father_jajaja. You can find me on Instagram @chris_once and Twitter @TheChrisOnce. 

1hr 7mins

9 Jan 2020

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Happy New Year! Will the 2020s be as colorful as the 1980s?

Happy New Years to everyone! I can't believe we are in a new decade and I've been holding off talking about it because I wanted to discuss it on my podcast... that's why I made a second episode for this week. For some strange reason, the 2020 Era reminds me heavily of the 1980s I think because of how colorful that era was but also how transformative it was as well. I share my thoughts and hope you enjoy... along with a new surprise at the beginning! ENJOY!!!!!


2 Jan 2020

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My Fav and Least Favorite Films of 2019

Since everyone is in reflection mode, I decided to take a look back at my favorite and least favorite films of 2019. Only one of each though. There's so many to choose and I didn't have 10 favorite/least favorite films to list but thought I'd share with you why these two films made the episode this week. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and Happy 2020! Social Media: Instagram -- @chris_once / Twitter: @TheChrisOnce


2 Jan 2020

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All Things Star Wars with Sami!

In this week's episode, I am joined with my great friend Sami Pacheco to discuss all things Star Wars (and of course some other stuff). We talk about the Rise of Skywalker and our experiences with the franchise. We discuss what we expect from The Star Wars Franchise in the future along with a few other things. We hope you enjoy this episode! And hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

1hr 1min

26 Dec 2019

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Looking Back at 2019 and the 2010 Era

In this week's episode, I look back at the 2019 year, its significance, what has changed in this year and how I have changed as well. I also talk about the 2010s in itself and what to anticipate as we enter a new decade. I also discuss the movies I've seen over the weekend as well. Next week's episode will be on Star Wars with my good friend Sami Pacheco! However, the episode will come on Thursday since Wednesday is Christmas! I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday season and Merry Christmas! Follow me on:Instagram: @Chris_OnceTwitter: @TheChrisOnce


18 Dec 2019

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Avengers: Endgame - One Year Later! A Conversation with my Cousin Richie

As promised, here is a brand new episode of me and my cousin Richie talking about our experience last year when we went to see Avengers: Endgame at opening night. It truly was an experience like no other and as sad as it is, I don't think we will ever see or have anything like that again. But it's really great being able to talk about it one year later and the impact it has on us for the rest of our lives. ENJOY! 

1hr 2mins

25 Apr 2020

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HBO Max, Georgia Reopening Theaters, Venom 2, and MORE! - Chris REACTS!

Some great news came about yesterday and I decided to react to it. The following was covered:- HBO Max & Streaming Services- Georgia Reopening State and Movie Theaters- Venom 2- And much else!Social Media:Instagram: @Chris_OnceTwitter: @ChrisSchweitzer


22 Apr 2020

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Why You Should Become a Marvel Fan

If you aren't already, then what are you waiting for? I decided to make an episode about why you should become a Marvel fan. They are totally worth checking out. Enjoy!Instagram: @chris_onceTwitter: @ChrisSchweitzer


19 Apr 2020

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