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‘WorldAbout’ – A talk show packed with interesting, informative, innovative news from around the world you can use at home. Filmmaker, Journalist and Broadcaster Grace Farah has interviewed many of the World's most prominent and famous business leaders, innovators and entertainers. An Australian who has lived in several countries and travelled to many more, Grace understands the power of shared knowledge and the value of our collective experiences.Whether its tech advances, medical breakthroughs, lifestyle tips , travel insights, sports, entertainment or interviewing the most fascinating and unique people in the world- ‘World About’ with Grace Farah has it covered.

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WorldAbout Show: The Making Of San Diego Comic-Con International with Co-Founder Mike Towry

Imagine being a 14 year old comic book fan and teaming up with a few friends to put on an event in the hope of meeting other fans. Imagine that small get-together with other fans soon becoming the biggest pop culture event in the world: The San Diego Comic-Con International. In this episode of 'WorldAbout' with Grace Farah, Grace chats with Mike Towry, Co-Founder of what was initially called "San Diego's Golden State Comic-Con" which he started in 1970 with a group of friends, including Richard Alf, Shel Dorf and Ken Krueger. Find out the legendary backstory to how this led to becoming the famous San Diego Comic-Con International, how Hollywood got involved, and great Comic-Con tales from over the years. Further Information: Original Radio Broadcast July, 2017. Join us www.worldabout.com Follow us on www.twitter.com/worldabt


27 Sep 2020

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The World Minute With Grace Farah

As the entire world concentrates on overcoming  the COVID-19 virus that has disrupted lives and economies across the globe, some experts are warning of a looming mental health crisis in the wake of the pandemic.  In this segment of ‘The World Minute with Grace Farah', Grace explains the mental health issues being caused by the pandemic, and reveals who in our society are the most vulnerable. Grace Farah is a journalist, filmmaker, host of the 'WorldAbout' talk radio show (www.worldabout.com) and founder of 'Trigger Food Allergy Awareness' (www.triggerawareness.org)


23 Jun 2020

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The World Minute With Grace Farah

Is the world heading towards cashless societies sooner? And is the Coronavirus pandemic to blame for the sped up move to digital currencies? In this segment of ‘The World Minute’, Grace Farah reveals how people were misinformed about the use of cash during the pandemic, how this may have hurried the movement in the direction of cashless societies and how Sweden, thought to be the most cashless society on earth is coping Grace Farah is a journalist, filmmaker, host of the 'WorldAbout' talk radio show (www.worldabout.com) and founder of 'Trigger Food Allergy Awareness' (www.triggerawareness.org)


9 Jun 2020

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The World Minute With Grace Farah

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen global travel decline by an unprecedented 95 percent. As restrictions start to ease, countries across the globe are exploring the creation of a safe travel bubble. In this segment of 'The World Minute', Grace Farah explores the idea of a safe travel bubble. What is a travel bubble? Will it be key for tourism post COVID-19? What countries have already implemented it? Grace Farah is a journalist, filmmaker, host of the 'WorldAbout' talk radio show (www.worldabout.com) and founder of 'Trigger Food Allergy Awareness' (www.triggerawareness.org)


2 Jun 2020

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WorldAbout Show: The Washington Post's Tech Expert Geoffrey Fowler Talks Tech And Privacy Issues

As technological advances continue to push us forward we experience, simultaneously, the rising concerns of how and why our personal data and online behavior is being tracked. On this episode of ‘WorldAbout’ listen to The Washington Post’s Tech expert Geoffrey Fowler discuss how your data is big business, the major privacy concerns you should be aware of, what keeps him up at night and what steps you can take to protect your privacy and data. Latest From Geoffrey A. Fowler At The Washington Post Follow Geoffrey On Twitter Follow Us On Twitter www.worldabout.com


1 Dec 2019

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WorldAbout Show: The Extraordinarily Inspiring Julie Randall, Author Of 'Patient 71'

Meet the Extraordinarily Inspiring Julie Randall. In 2012, Julie was told she was going to die. She went from being a seemingly healthy 50 year old one day to being told the next that she had Advanced Melanoma with only months to live and there was nothing more doctors in Australia could do. Julie, Author of 'Patient 71' shares her remarkable cancer survival story, detailing her promise to her family that she would fix this and her refusal to take no for an answer. Her tenacity paid off and she was able to take part in a clinical trial in America, becoming PATIENT 71 of a 70-patient trial. Julie's story is a significant story of hope. Follow us on Twitter Join us at WorldAbout.com 


12 Nov 2019

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WorldAbout Interview: Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum Illustrator Andrew Joyner

In 2013, decades after his passing, Dr. Seuss’ widow, Audrey Geisel was cleaning out his studio and found a box containing an unfinished manuscript and sketches for a book entitled Horse Museum. On this episode of WorldAbout, we take you inside Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum and introduce its new illustrator Andrew Joyner. Hear from Andrew, an Australian artist, on how he was chosen to illustrate this prize find, sworn to secrecy and how this best-selling book has changed his life. To find out more about Andrew Joyner To find out more about Grace's childrens book Today,Today,Today Follow us on Twitter Join us www.WorldAbout.com


29 Oct 2019

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WorldAbout Show: Thomas Silvera, Co-Founder Of The Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Thomas Silvera and Dina Hawthorne-Silvera’s 3-year-old son, Elijah tragically passed away after he had an anaphylactic reaction to a grilled cheese sandwich at his daycare. On this episode of WorldAbout, Grace sit’s down with Thomas, Co-Founder of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation, and discusses how losing their son to anaphylaxis has put them on a path of ensuring that no other family has to go through what his family experienced. “It shouldn’t take a tragedy to create change. Elijah, he did not die in vain. His echo and his words, rang through each and every one of us.” Their inspiring advocacy has already resulted in change. #elijahsecho #elijahslaw


21 Oct 2019

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WorldAbout Show : Travello Co-Founders & Organ Donation Advocate Brenda Cortez

Have a great app idea? The Co-Founders of Travello did and with no tech experience created this popular travel social network. Find out the steps that Ryan Hanly and Mark Cantoni took to take a great app idea and turn it into a global success. Plus, there’s a worldwide shortage of organ donors. Meet the amazing Brenda E. Cortez, a living kidney donor who gave her kidney to a complete stranger. Brenda is now a children’s book author Howl The Owl & advocate for organ donation.  Follow us on Twitter Join us WorldAbout.com


24 Sep 2019

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WorldAbout Interview: Seabin Director - David Turton

Did you know that at least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, and the No. 1 man-made contaminant in the world’s oceans is the cigarette butt? Seabin Director David Turton explains The Seabin Project and how this Australian invention is turning the tide on plastic pollution. Plus, easy steps you can take to help resolve this global enviromental issue. Follow us on Twitter Visit WorldAbout.com


17 Sep 2019

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