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Each year, religion professors at Brigham Young University (BYU) produce hundreds of publications on subjects related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This podcast brings this research into one place to enlighten the everyday seeker of truth. Interviewing the author, we discuss why the study was done, why it matters, and why the professor chooses to be both a scholar, and a disciple. This is Y Religion.

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Episode 21: The Influence of Rose Marie Reid (Andrew Reed)

You may not know about Rose Marie Reid. After this episode, you’ll know why you should. In the 1950s she not only revolutionized women’s swimwear and established a multi-million dollar industry, but she also counseled with apostles about how to improve missionary work and establish relationships between Jewish and Latter-day Saint faiths, influencing interfaith dialogue today. Dr. Andrew Reed discusses the impact of this remarkable woman who built a family, built a business, and built the Kingdom of God


1 Dec 2020

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Episode 14: The Development of Temple Worship (Richard Bennett)

Just recently, prophets have made notable changes to temple practices of the Church. This, however, is not a new phenomenon.  In this powerful episode, Professor Richard Bennett discusses his decades of research on how temple practices of the Church have divinely developed, the pivotal people and events that precipitated these events, and why temple work has always been and will be at the very soul of the Restoration.


15 Aug 2020

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Episode 7: Youth Suicidality and the Church (Justin Dyer)

It’s not uncommon to hear popular narratives that link depression and suicide with the Church.  Are those claims accurate? Dr. Justin Dyer finds the research suggests a different narrative. In this episode, professor Dyer shares his important studies about Latter-day Saint youth suicide, depression, LGBTQ members, and religiosity that can help us act in more informed and compassionate ways. Click here and here and here to read a few of professor Dyer's articles on the subject.  Remember to "subscribe" to the Y Religion podcast to get automatic downloads of new episodes, and also to leave us a rating (it helps others find us). Thanks!


1 May 2020

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Episode 6: Becoming Beloved Disciples (Eric Huntsman)

Although we all come from different backgrounds and situations, we all are coming unto the same Savior.  In this episode, Professor Eric Huntsman discusses insights from his book publication, Becoming the Beloved Disciple, about a purposeful theme in the gospel of John that highlights people in varied circumstances, and what we can learn from each of them about becoming beloved disciples of Christ.  


15 Apr 2020

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Episode 5: Women Expounding Scripture (Amy Easton-Flake)

The Lord told Emma Smith to “expound scriptures” by the Spirit, saying this was his “voice unto all.” So how did women of the Church in the 19th century use the scriptures, in particular the Bible, in their teaching, exhorting, and writing? In this episode, Dr. Amy Easton-Flake discusses her research publications about how early Latter-day Saint women used scripture to understand their divine roles and change their society, and why modern Latter-day Saint women should do the same. Click here and here to read Professor Easton-Flake's articles on the subject.  Remember to "subscribe" to the Y Religion podcast to get automatic downloads of new episodes, and also to leave us a rating (it helps others find us). Thanks!


1 Apr 2020

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Episode 4: Remembering the First Vision (Steven Harper)

Joseph Smith’s First Vision is often the first story we tell in the narrative of the Restoration.  But that was not always the case.  It took about 50 years for the First Vision to become solidified as a foundational story of the Church. In this episode, BYU professor Steven Harper discusses his landmark research publication about how the First Vision was remembered and interpreted by Joseph Smith, and why thoughtfully doing the same today is essential for Latter-day Saints.  Click here to get Professor Harper’s book, or here or to read a published essay on the subject. Remember to subscribe to the Y Religion podcast and give us a rating, it helps others find us. Thanks!


16 Mar 2020

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Episode 3: Dreams as Revelation (Craig Manscill)

It’s not uncommon to have vivid dreams. Sometimes we may even feel like our dreams have a divine message. How do we differentiate when our dreams are random, and when they are revelatory? In this episode, Dr. Craig Manscill discusses examples and principles of dreams as revelation, and why he and his co-authors researched this important religious subject. Click here to read Professor Manscill, Woodger, and Alford's publication. Remember to subscribe to the Y Religion podcast and give us a rating, it helps others find us.


1 Mar 2020

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Episode 29: Living the Parables of Jesus (Hank Smith)

If we seek to teach in the Savior’s way, a common approach the Lord used was parables.  In fact, Mark says that “without a parable spake he not unto them” (Mark 4:34).  Good parables are multi-layered, and the teacher often leaves them uninterpreted to cause listeners to reflect and draw meaning. In this episode, BYU Religion’s Hank Smith shares insights from his publication on the parables of Jesus, why the Lord utilized them to teach, and why we should seek to do the same today. 


1 Apr 2021

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Episode 28: God’s Voice to His Daughters in Doctrine and Covenants 25 (Carter Charles)

Doctrine and Covenants 25 is unique and powerful. It is one of the two modern revelations directed specifically toward a woman, Emma Smith.  It is also unique because of the progressive teachings it contains when studied in context, which makes it crucially relevant today. In this episode, Dr. Carter Charles analyzes the context and content of this important section, discussing how Emma Smith becomes a type for all sisters of the Church as “elect” ladies by virtue of their covenants.  


15 Mar 2021

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Episode 27: Teaching Children to Believe in Christ (Byran Korth)

The recent home-centered and Church supported plan that focuses on gospel teaching and learning in the family has re-emphasized that parents have the primary responsibility to teach the gospel to their children. In this episode BYU Religion’s Dr. Byran Korth discusses how family gospel teaching is an “echo of a celestial pattern.” Using scriptural examples such as Alma, he explains the doctrinal WHYS and practical HOWS of parents teaching children to believe in Christ.


1 Mar 2021

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