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Do you want to enjoy classical music but don’t know where to start? Even if you are playing an instrument as a hobby or even as professional, do you truly know what you are getting yourself into? Join Alexander Bui (concert pianist & music educator) and Jeremy Au (violinist & IT specialist) every Tuesday as they and special guests explore specialized topics on classical music. If you want to improve your game, struggling and want to see the light at the tunnel or even if you are curious about what goes on in the classical music world, this podcast is for you!

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E17: Know Your Worth w/ Alexandra Sjobeck

Have you ever thing about your worth? Probably yes. Classical musicians are people who perform their instrument individually for many times to make their audience satisfied. What about them? How they would be aware of their worth to maintain and feed their knowledge, performance and practice? Alexandra Sjobeck will be our voice this week on Pianolin Tv! And, who is she?Pianist, composer, and educator Alex Sjobeck has won many awards for her performances at festivals as well as a Downbeat award for her work with the Northern Colorado Voices. Active as an educator, performer and touring artist, Sjobeck has released three albums as leader and co-leader; composed music for film; toured with a variety of ensembles including SBST, the Sjobeck/Baker Duo, and the Alex Sjobeck Trio; conducted her own music for big band; and has presented workshops and masterclasses throughout the United States. She is also currently on faculty at Boise State University.She began her professional career while attending the Manhattan School of Music on scholarship and studying under some of the world’s finest jazz pianists. After graduating, she began teaching at the famed jazz program at the University of Northern Colorado as a teaching assistant while attaining her master’s degree.Her unique sound is comprised of a voice all her own which relies on nuanced intricacies paired with familiarity, whether from pop music, world music, modern jazz, or straight-ahead jazz. One of her regular sidemen summarized it as “the combination of Post-Impressionistic painting, a jigsaw puzzle, childhood, and groove.”Follow Pianolin TV:www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexandra:https://alexandrasjobeck.wixsite.com/jazz/biowww.instagram.com/jobeylexFollow Alexander:www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy :www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123Pianolin TVAlexander Bui (Host & Founder)Jeremy Au (Co-host)​


27 Jul 2021

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E16: Why Fitness is Important to Musicians!

Lacking energy and focus in your practice session? Why not include fitness in your daily lives? Even if you are not a musician, fitness plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This may be difficult if you find work, family, and/or school consuming your lives but Find out the secrets of how and why both of us, Alexander Bui (Host) and Jeremy Au (Co-Host) manage to include fitness in our lives despite our busy schedules!Check it out today via YouTube, Spotify, Apple, & Google Podcasts! Be sure to follow us for weekly content every Tuesday!#fitness-----Vietnamese-American concert pianist Alexander Bui has performed worldwide in numerous venues such as Steinway Hall, NBC Studios of Los Angeles, and Borgata Resort & Spa Casino. As soloist with the Ocean City Pops Orchestra, Mr. Bui has performed frequently under the baton of maestro William Scheible to standing ovations. According to the Sentinel, “Alexander Bui made the Steinway sing. He is another great Pops find”.Aside from his solo career, Mr. Bui is an active chamber musician collaborating with string players in piano trios and piano quartets in the tri-state area of New York and New Jersey. In addition to being the Music Minister at Spotswood Reformed Church, Alexander freelances as a piano teacher and as an accompanist. Mr. Bui’s mission is to enlighten audiences of the beauty, excitement, and enduring quality of the great classical composers through his performances.Alexander Bui is currently pursuing his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in classical piano at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University with Daniel Epstein. He holds a Master of Music and a Bachelor of Music in classical piano from Manhattan School of Music, where he was a Frances Ballard scholarship student under the tutelage of Olga Kern and Nina Svetlanova.Award highlights include semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent” and 1st prizes in: Charleston International Music Competition, Rutgers Concerto Competition, Rutgers Chamber Music Competition, Manhattan School of Music Chamber Music Competition, Esther C. Weill Music Competition.-----Born in Tokyo, Jeremy Au began studying violin at age of 5 and piano at 3. He attended Mannes Preparatory Division where he studied with Chin Kim, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in classical violin from Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts where he studied with Todd Phillips of the Orion String Quartet. Jeremy was the winner of the Mannes Prep Concerto Competition and the Rutgers Sinfonia Concerto Competition. He participated in a number of music festivals that included the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival studying with Chin Kim, Meadowmount School of Music studying with Sally Thomas and Gerardo Ribeiro, and coached in chamber music by Kikuei Ikeda, and Aspen Music Festival and School studying with Masao Kawasaki.-----Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintv www.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianist www.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123Pianolin TV Alexander Bui (Host & Founder) Jeremy Au (Co-host)


20 Jul 2021

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E15: Life After Graduation w/ Margarita Rovenskaya

You're in college and about to graduate with a degree in a field of your career choice. What's next for you? More college, work, or even both? Some people want to be in school as long as they can while others want to finish their degree quickly to acquire a full-time job. Is there a clear path for what you want to do in your future life? Find out the answers with our guest, classical pianist - Margarita Rovenskaya! #lifeaftergraduationPianist Margarita Rovenskaya has performed extensively in the US and abroad, with recitals in Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, Zimmerli Museum, Ukrainian Museum, Teatro Machiavelli in Sicily, and Salmagundi Art Gallery, among others. Prizewinner of the American Music Talent Competition, Chopin Society Malaysia International Competition, WPTA Finland International Competition, Constantine the Great International Competition, Mary Smart International Concerto Competition, and American Fine Arts Festival. Margarita performs in several annual concert series such as Bach to the Future Concert Series, Young Masters Concert Series, Manchester Music Festival, as well as the annual Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival held at the Ukrainian Museum in NYC.Born in Ukraine, Margarita Rovenskaya began studying the piano at the age of six in Chicago. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Oberlin Conservatory in May 2012 and her Masters in Piano Studies at New York University in May 2014, where she also served as Adjunct Piano Faculty. She is currently earning her Doctorate of Musical Arts at Rutgers University. She is based in New York, where she performs and enjoys teaching. She is Head of the Piano Department at Newark School Of The Arts, and is piano faculty at several studios, schools, and summer festivals.Follow Margarita:www.margaritarovenskaya.comhttps://www.instagram.com/margaritarovenskayapianist/margarita.rovenskaya@gmail.comFollow Pianolin TV:www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander:www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy :www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123Pianolin TVAlexander Bui (Host & Founder)Jeremy Au (Co-host)Margarita Rovenskaya (Guest Musician)


13 Jul 2021

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E14: What Does It Mean to be a Composer in the 21st century? w/Aris Antoniade

Have you ever considered how performing classical music culture has changed in centuries? How composers are affected by the environment when they perform their art? We will be discussing and sharing our experiences with Aris Antoniades.Praised for the “spiritual heights, the drama, the tension” of his music “immersing the listener into a world of sound” (The National Herald, NYC), composer Aris Antoniades creates works for everything from Symphony Orchestras to Jazz Big Bands. He has written/arranged for eight-times Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria, the National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Greece (ERT), and X-Factor (Greece) judge George Theofanous.A recipient of the Fulbright award, Aris completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Classical Composition at Manhattan School of Music in NYC, where he studied with Mark Stambaugh, receiving the Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence upon graduation. He is honored to have been the recipient of the Manhattan School of Music International Advisory Board and the A. G. Leventis Foundation scholarship awards.Check out Aris’ work:Official Website: https://www.arisantoniades.comSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2jeUiIPp7IO6YNiCVhUi1q?si=1LXH15YUQ_uuoKIslSl9Gw&dl_branch=1YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/arisantoniadesSoundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aris-antoniadesInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/aris.antoniades/Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123


6 Jul 2021

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E13: Breaking Traditions in Classical Music w/ Chromic Duo

Do you think the understanding of classical music and interpreting might differ according to musicians? The way of performing art has been differ for Chromic Duo! This week they will be sharing their experiences and challenges. Stay tuned!


29 Jun 2021

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E12: Finding Your Own Path w/ Michael Alampi

Even though music is a journey that everyone takes individually, who are you on that road? How did you become that person in that way, what did you do, which light did you follow? Finding your own individualistic path to perform your art has been always a matter for all musicians. Well, it was not an effortles attemption for classical musicians as well! Michael Alampi will share his way of finding the individualistic path with Alexander and Jeremy. Who is Michael Alampi? Let's take a look,Michael Alampi is a multifaceted musician based outside New York City. He hasperformed alongside the Nash Ensemble, Symphony in C, Aspen Festival Orchestra,Orquesta Sinfonica Freixenet del Encuentro in Santander, Arch Sinfonia, the WorldPeace Orchestra, and New York Youth Symphony. He is a former prizewinner of theYamaha Young Performing Artists and has performed in many regular concerts andrecitals at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, Wigmore Hall, DiscoveryTime Square, and Symphony Space among others. His advanced studies began in thepre-college program at the Manhattan School of Music with Linda Chesis. Michaelholds a Bachelor of Music and LRAM diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and aMaster of Music from Mannes School of Music in New York.Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123Follow Michael : https://www.instagram.com/_michaelalampi/


22 Jun 2021

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E11: Stage Fright

Have you thought about how frightening it can be to perform in front of a crowd, to meet the expectations of people who come to listen to you by putting your own worries and fears aside, to have a pleasant time with them? The host and co-host of Pianolin Tv will be sharing their experiences about stage fright. Check out our new episode to find your common points with them!Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123


15 Jun 2021

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E10: Humility&Music w/ Jonathan David Archie

Have you ever thought about humility? Or, when you consider the concepts of classical music and humility together, how would you define music and humility? How does humility affect music and artists, what does the point we see ourselves tell us about humility? Our podcast where we talk about all of them and talk about our own experiences is on the air!Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintvwww.instagram.com/pianolintvFollow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianistwww.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123Jonathan David Archie is a native of Queens, New York. He began his musical journey at the age of 12 under the guidance of the Altino Brothers. His talents are currently used for church organizations on the piano and organ.Besides music, he currently works within Finance and is preparing to enter into school for Theology. He also is one of fastest cyclists in New York compared to 5 year olds.Contact David: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-d-archie-4b89031b2/https://www.instagram.com/jonathandavidarchie/?hl=enjonathandavidarchie@gmail.com


8 Jun 2021

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E09: Self Awareness for Strong Leadership w/ Rachel Chen

Have you ever imagined yourself being a leader of a company, organization or part of your industry? If you already are a leader, read on. If you answered yes, read on. If you answered no, that's even better! You might be the next leader of something significant in the future who will be followed by many in your footsteps. We are joined by classical pianist and President of MNTA Collegiate Chapter at Indiana University, Rachel Chen, who speaks about how her leadership role changed her life! (Bonus: She did not previously plan to be the President of MNTA).Follow Pianolin TV: www.facebook.com/pianolintv www.instagram.com/pianolintv Follow Alexander: www.youtube.com/alexanderbuipianist www.instagram.com/alexanderbuipianist www.facebook.com/alexanderbuipianistFollow Jeremy : www.Instagram.com/jeremya0123 -- Rachel Yu Chen is currently pursuing a doctorate at IU Jacobs School in Piano Performance, studying under Roberto Plano. She earned her Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance at the University of Michigan. She was born in New York and received a worldwide musical education in Washington D.C., Taipei, and Los Angeles. She started her piano studies at the Levine School of Music in Washington D.C., where she was a recipient of the “From the Top” Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Foundation Scholarship. In 2007, she represented Taiwan in the 40th International Piano Competition in Usti nad Labem of the Czech Republic and made her Carnegie Hall debut just three years later. Her primary teachers include Eva Pierrou, Roberto Plano, Dr. Logan Skelton, Ory Shihor, Dr. John Vaughan, Dr. Mikhail Volchok, and Róża Kostrzewska Yoder. She has studied pedagogy under Dr. John Ellis, and Dr. Aya Higuchi Hagelthorn. Aside from performing, Rachel currently teachers students through the Indiana University Young Pianists Pre-College Program. She previously was a faculty on the Piano Pedagogy Laboratory Program (PPLP) at the University of Michigan, where she ran a full studio and developed her interest in teaching students with special needs. She is an active Music Teacher National Association (MTNA) member and has presented her academic work at the MTNA national conference. She is currently the President of the MTNA Collegiate Chapter of IU. Contact Rachel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-yu-chen-352b5011b/ https://www.instagram.com/rachelyuchen/?hl=enrachchen@iu.edu


1 Jun 2021

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E08: What's your excuse?

Do you ever wonder why you have deadlines to meet or tasks to complete for the day but don't feel like doing them? We've been there, procrastination... but how can we do better? Find out the secrets in our latest episode and see how we surpass our own excuses within the music industry and beyond!-- Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/pianolintvFollow us on Instagram: instagram.com/pianolintv Follow Alexander on: youtube.com/alexanderbuipianistinstagram.com/alexanderbuipianistfacebook.com.alexanderbuipianist Follow Jeremy on: Instagram.com/jeremya0123


25 May 2021

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