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My name is Bukiie Smart and my purpose is to help you achieve financial freedom. I do that through helping you make better money decisions on saving, spending and investing. I’m a personal finance author, speaker and content creator. I’m here to help YOU so you can always hit me up @savespendinvest on Instagram and Twitter & submit your questions and suggestions! *Please rate and review this podcast, if you enjoy it.*

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020: Financial Planning in Your 20s — Investing, Saving for Retirement and more!

Control your spending, save regularly, build good credit and start investing AND saving for retirement. On today’s episode we’re talking about financial planning in our 20s. Things we know, things we don’t know, things we really need to know to start doing in our 20s. This is how we set up life for the next 10/20/30 years. If you liked this episode please leave us a rating and review and get in touch with us @savespendinvest on Twitter and Instagram!


19 Feb 2019

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014: 7 Lessons to Know About Money + SSI Year in Review

What a year gone by! It’s been a very interesting journey we’ve had here at Save Spend Invest and we want to use this last episode of 2018 to share our highlights as well as some tips to get you thinking about before the new year. Massive thank you to YOU for being here and being awesome. Here’s to the journey. Here’s to many more milestones and good success for all of us. Catch me in Lagos at the Save Spend Invest workshop on Sat 22nd Dec and come say hello! Don’t forget to review, rate and share this podcast. Till we meet again, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Xo, Bukiie


20 Dec 2018

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011: Save Spend Invest: The Story of a Black Girl and Her Money

10 episodes in and 1,000 downloads later I thought it’ll be a good time to share who the girl behind the microphone is. I talk a little bit about my money journey and how Save Spend Invest got started. I also want to get a women’s round table discussion on our money journeys so if you’re interested in getting involved, DM me on Twitter : Instagram @savespendinvest @bukiiesmart or email info@savespendinvest.co.uk. Student, business owner or employee— get in touch! You can also ask for your entry to be read and stay anon. I look forward to hearing from you!


27 Nov 2018

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5 Tips for Managing Money in Uni

As September ends and autumn starts to creep in, it means that uni is back in session. This episode is all about making sure you’re set financially in uni with 5 useful tips. Rate, review & let us know what tip you’ll be trying out (we hope all!). Dm us @savespendinvest on Twitter and Instagram.


29 Sep 2018

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013: Securing the Bag— Planning For Your Future

At some point in life, we all grow up. And growing up makes you realise that life is more than Topshop coats and Zara shoes. You start to think about your future, I mean like 10 - 20 years kind of future. But how do you plan for the unknown when nothing in life is certain? How do you know to balance spending on yourself to live a good life vs saving and planning for the future? Join Ife and I as we share our experiences on how we’re doing just that. Share this on your Instagram story and tag us @savespendinvest @IHWGlobal & @ifeny to let us know what you got out this episode! Please leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts!


10 Dec 2018

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8. Self Control & Money: How to Stop Dipping into Your Savings

The problem isn’t that you can’t save. No, the problem is you can’t keep the savings. So let’s talk about how to stop dipping into your savings every time something comes up. Get this discipline right and you’re setting yourself up for your best financial life ahead. DM me and let’s talk some more @savespendinvest on Twitter and Instagram! don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast!


4 Nov 2018

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019: 10 Ways To Improve Your Spending Habit

Some of us have our savings automated, yet wee still come up short with our monthly expenses and end up with more month than money. Therefore we dip a little here and there from our savings to keep us afloat. But what if you could have your spending on lock so that you’re not having to touch your savings at all? Find out 10 ways to get better with spending and share this with a friend who spends as much as you do. Follow us @savespendinvest on Twitter and Instagram and let us know which one you’re working on.


11 Feb 2019

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021: A Woman and Her Money — Part 1

Hey guys! Today we have a bit of a different episode. I’m joined with 4 ladies to talk about a woman and her money. We’re sharing our truths when it comes to money, our journey and how our mothers had an influence on us with money. This is part 1/3 so stay tuned for part 2&3 and let us know how you like it! Tweet at us or share this on your Instagram story @savespendinvest!


25 Feb 2019

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6. 8 Ways To Improve Your Money Management

We all know how to save, we all know to spend less, and some of us even earn enough to start investing. But yet we find managing what’s in our account so hard, so much so that we end up in the negative or close to, at the end of the month. Yikes! I’m here to help. Listen as I share 8 ways to manage your money. Subscribe, rate & review this podcast. Find me @savespendinvest on Twitter & Instagram and let’s talk!


22 Oct 2018

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5. How To Stay Motivated With Your Finances

I get it. Sometimes we think we aren’t doing too much or going as fast as we want to. Other times we’re feeling burnt out and need a break from all of this personal finance stuff. What you’re really looking for is balance. Listen in today’s episode where I share how to stay motivated with your finances. Please subscribe, rate and review & let us know how you’re doing @savespendinvest on Instagram and Twitter.


10 Oct 2018

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015: How To Set Your Financial Goals for 2019

Happy New Year Save Spend Investors! Welcome to 2019. As your 14 days free trial comes to an end I thought it was time to come on and help you get your year set up financially. We’re talking about the one thing everyone has on their new year resolutions which are financial goals but how do we make sure we hit them? Keep the conversation going by taking a screenshot of this and putting it up on your IG story, letting us know what you took from this and tag us @savespendinvest. If you want to help out with running the Save Spend Invest social media please email info@savespendinvest.co.uk.


14 Jan 2019

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7. Peer Pressure & Money: 5 Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure To Spend

Peer pressure is real in a generation that is being offered everything you can possibly spend on. Everyone around you influences your everyday decisions, but could it be possible that you’re unconsciously or consciously being pressured into spending what you don’t want to? I share with you some of my experiences and the ways I’m finding to deal with the pressure to spend. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, review & share this podcast. Tag me @savespendinvest on Twitter and Instagram!


29 Oct 2018

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016: Sprint vs Marathon Mindset — Road to your financial freedom

So, let’s talk about how we think of money. Would we rather get all the money we want now but forfeiting our youth and adolescent years or would we want to wait, build and enjoy the journey to financial freedom. There’s no right or wrong answer, it all depends on you and what you want your life to consist of. If you like this episode please leave a review and rating. Also check out Myleiks podcast called My Taught You.


21 Jan 2019

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10. How to Balance Your 9-5 and Business feat. Jade Vanriel

It’s not uncommon to see many young professionals with side hustles and businesses. Not even for extra income but sometimes we have a passion outside of our day job. However it might seem like surviving both is impossible and you might feel like something has to give. Join Jade and I as we share our experience of balancing both our day jobs and our businesses. Leave a review and rate this podcast and find us at @savespendinvest on IG and Twitter to let us know what you took out this.


19 Nov 2018

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012: Q&A! My personal finance journey, buying a property vs buying a car and more!

On today’s episode I’m answering some of your questions on my financial journey, what I was like at uni (LOL), buying a property or buying a car, financial freedom and more!If you enjoyed this podcast please leave a rating and review, tell me what you got out of it by tagging me @bukiiesmart / @savespendinvest on your Instagram story or twitter! And if you want to get involved in the round table discussion for women, please dm me or email info@savespendinvest.co.uk!


3 Dec 2018

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