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Business Continuity Expo explores best practice for protecting your organisation before, during and after an incident. Whether these incidents are terrorism threats, loss of IT or extreme weather conditions, the large exhibition, free seminars and stand-alone conference will help you identify the practical solutions to ensure the continuation of your business at all times. Visit www.businesscontinuityexpo.co.uk for more information.

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Business Continuity Podcast 3

Business Continuity Expo interviews Roger McLoughlin, Continuity Risk Specialist, Vodafone, about BS 25999 and its importance to an organisation for successful crisis management.


20 Aug 2008

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Business Continuity Podcast 4

In this podcast, Business Continuity Expo speak to Gary Locker, Permanent Liaison, ACPO and The Cabinet Office, about business continuity in public services, as well as the challenges and opportunities provided by its adoption of BS 25999.


20 Aug 2008

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Business Continuity Podcast 2

This second podcast in the Business Continuity Expo series sees Keith Tilley talk exclusively about sustainability and sustainable information availability. Keith explains why he thinks sustainability is such an important issue for SunGard, both as a business and in a wider industry context, and has been for over a decade.


28 Mar 2008

Rank #3

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Business Continuity Podcast 1

In the beginning business continuity was only a consideration for the IT department, but has evolved into one of the key discussions topics on the boardroom agenda. With the ever increasing threat landscape, protecting your electronic assets is not simply an important issue, it is one that can actually be realised by intelligent investment in technology. The importance of this cannot be understated - Understanding where the risks lie, and how employing the right technology and policies can reduce your vulnerability, is one way that businesses can ensure their survival in the event of an incident.


1 Oct 2007

Rank #4

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