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Our Voice Now radio is the next generation of Humanity's Team ~ Awakening the world to OnenessEach week Sarah and Andy discuss diverse topics such as meditation, communicating with animals, Angels and Spirit Guides, the Law of Attraction, school, peers, politics, ghosts, vampires, tarot, and so much more.Every few weeks they will be joined by a guest from various religions and cultures including Wicca, Islam, Native American Long House, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, As we learn more about cultures and religions we understand in their purest forms. All religions teach the same basic spiritual truths. It’s only the different ways of expressing them that divides us. Each system of belief has different pieces of the puzzle. Ultimately, to heal our communities and our world, we will have to fit these different pieces together and realize the essential truths that connect us all as one.

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The Underground Railroad

Tonight Andy and Sarah talk with Ednita Wright about the inspiring ex-slave and "underground railroad" facilitator Harriet Tubman.


20 May 2014

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Living in Oneness Summit

Living in Oneness Summit Starts May 7th! Hear Neale Donald Walsch, don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patricia Ellsberg, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Bruce Lipton, James O’Dea, and many others help us to begin simply, and simply begin right where we are, in our own homes and communities. Special guest Dee MeyerJoin Us! livinginone.com


6 May 2014

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Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

Listen to Andy and Sarah discuss the importance of not only cleaning the earth but connecting with the nature around us and creating a global consciousness for a better world.


22 Apr 2014

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The Dynamics of Dreaming

Diane Schenandoah is a member of the Oneida Nation and Faith Keeper of the Wolf Clan within Iroquois Confederacy. She is a professional Artist and lectures in the Principles of Peace through Forgiveness based upon the Great Laws of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. She Centers the vibration of spiritual oneness through energy, peace and Dream Guidance. She joins us to help us better understand the dynamics of dreaming.


15 Apr 2014

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What is it about the movie Frozen that resonates with us? And how does it teach us to awaken to our true selves?


8 Apr 2014

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48 States and Counting

Tonight Sarah and Andy talk with Jenna Donald about her family travels to 48 of the fifty states.


1 Apr 2014

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A Capella

Tonight Sarah and Andy talk with Jasper Vue who is 21 years old and is studying Integrative physiology at the University of Colorado. Jasper also enjoying singing in an A Capella group. Jasper is passionate about creating community through both his music and his education. He believes that everything you want in your life, lives in the heart and may be achieved as long as you believe in yourself.


18 Mar 2014

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Tonight Sarah and Andy talk with Sean O'Grady who is a twenty four year old Upstate NY resident and a Tattoo collector and enthusiast. About how he uses tattoos to express himself.


4 Mar 2014

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The "ART" of Mindfulness

Tonight Sarah and Andy talk to Mikhail Kenealy about how to incorporate mindfulness in to art.


25 Feb 2014

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How to form strong supportive relationships

Friendships act as a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves. Opening yourself to a intimate and healthy friendship can be uplifting. Andy talks with Sarah and her long term friend Emily Robison about how to form strong supportive relationships.


18 Feb 2014

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