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The Young Leaders Series on Kingdom Entrepreneurship

Levi Wiersma and Joshua Rathbun conclude the Young Leaders Series. We discuss the concept of kingdom entrepreneurship from the 100X Podcast and how to sell yourself from the 10 Minute Entrepreneur. As aspiring business leaders, Levi is curious about how technology will continue to evolve as a contribution or divergence for human connection, and Josh is curious about how to lead a team professionally and effectively with our own leadership style.To listen to the original podcasts reviewed, see:100x Podcast: Kingdom Entrepreneurship with Pedro Adao10 Minute Entrepreneur: Mentoring How to Sell Yourself with Sean Castrina


20 Apr 2021

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The Young Leaders Series on Purpose and Distraction

Senior business majors, Sutton Derr and Michael Love join this week’s podcast. They review episodes from Business with Purpose, the Andy Stanley Podcast and the Side Hustle Show. They discuss finding a fulfilling life’s work and recognizing the distractions that leaders face. We also talk about the process of becoming a strong leader, which includes having patience with the process, preparing to grow continuously, asking for help and leaning on mentors.To listen to the original podcast episodes reviewed, see:Business with Purpose – Coffee with Purpose EP 231The Andy Stanley Podcast – the Three Villains of LeadershipThe Side Hustle Show – EP 406


16 Apr 2021

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The Young Leaders Series on Developing New Leadership Muscles

Entrepreneurship students, Makenzie Fink and Jonathan Gabrielse breakdown leadership lessons from The 10 Minute Entrepreneur Podcast with Sean Castrina and the EntreLeadership Podcast with Daniel Tarday and guest Mathew McConaughey. Key takeaways include risk-taking, re-inventing yourself, brain dumping, optimizing your strengths and the importance of developing new leadership muscles.To listen to the original podcast reviewed in this episode, see EntreLeadership #414 and The 10-Minute Entrepreneur with Sean Castrina.


5 Apr 2021

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The Young Leaders Series on Virtues of a Leader

Throughout the Young Leaders series, we’ll be talking with entrepreneurship students for a quick take on popular leadership podcasts. They share the episode’s big ideas and how those ideas inspire leadership growth. In this episode, Mia Hoogeveen and Dominic Seivert explain the Seven Virtues of Leadership from Andy Stanley’s interview with Habitat International CEO, Jonothan Reckford. Hear how it has transformed Mia and Dominic’s view on who can be a leader.To listen to the original podcast reviewed in this episode, see Andy Stanley’s “The Virtues of a Leader” Part 1 and Part 2. 


26 Mar 2021

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Teaching and Empowering Young Leaders with Erica Vonk

Inspiring future leaders and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are significant passions for Professor Erica Vonk. As director of the new Center for Innovation and Leadership at Northwestern, Erica partners with college students to develop entrepreneurial skills. In this episode, she shares her approach to empowering young leaders. We talk about the value of creating psychological safety, failing forward, outsight and the process of grace.We’ll be talking with some of Erica’s students coming up in this Young Leaders series.Book Recommendation:Act Like a Leader, Think Like a LeaderPodcast Recommendation:EntreLeadership


19 Mar 2021

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Know Who You Are with Larry Korver

In the final episode of the Legacy Leaders Series, we talk with one of Northwestern’s most legendary coaches, Larry “Bubb” Korver. His ability to build relationships has been the catalyst for influencing a magnitude of servant leaders since 1967. We talk about his philosophy to make athletes better than they ever thought they could be both on the football field and off. His simple challenge "do you know who you are?" leads us to our identity in God and away from the comparison to others.


11 Feb 2021

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Core Values with Earl Woudstra

From coaching consecutive national championship teams to helping lead a city through a pandemic, Earl Woudstra shares what keeps him grounded. We talk about who's inspired him and discuss his own core values including treat others with respect, do your best, do everything to God’s glory, and just do the right thing.Resources:orangecityiowa.comfacebook.com/cityoforangecityiaBook Recommendations:In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day


3 Feb 2021

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The Do Right Philosophy with Marty Guthmiller

The stronger the healthcare system, the stronger the community. Orange City Area Health System CEO Marty Guthmiller’s leadership lessons include tips to a strong community. He provides advice on hiring with the acronym “DHB: Decent Human Beings”. We also reflect on "who are we when things don't go right?".Resources:ochealthsystem.orgfacebook.com/orangecityareahealthsystem/Book Recommendations:The book of Proverbs


20 Jan 2021

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Motivation Check with Congressman-elect Randy Feenstra

In this episode of the Legacy Leaders series, we welcome Congressman-elect Feenstra, representative of Iowa’s 4th district. He shares his journey to politics. We discuss what motivates a legacy leader and the opportunity to listen well before emerging as an empowering voice for others.


22 Dec 2020

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Leaving a Legacy with Les Douma

In this new series called Legacy Leaders, we’re talking to thought leaders who are - you’ve guessed it - leaving a positive legacy. Our first guest, Les Douma shares his wisdom and rich experiences in education. We discuss his principles of culture and leveling up: from good to great leadership.


16 Dec 2020

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