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How can I increase the value of my business? How can I increase profitability in my business? Is it possible to balance owning a successful business with living the lifestyle I desire? Welcome to the Cultivating Business Growth Podcast, where we answer all of those questions and MUCH MORE! We host weekly discussions designed to help you grow your business AND create the lifestyle you desire. Elevate your business with proven strategies from CPAs and business advisors. We discuss real-world challenges solved with actionable steps that get you real results both in business and building the life you deserve.

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#03: Strategic Planning - Goals for the Next Quarter

We are getting very actionable in this episode, taking you from vision and long-term goals in episode #1, to 12-month goals in episode #2 and now breaking that down even further to goals for the next quarter. If you have ever struggled with implementing steps that will get you to your big goals, this is the episode for you! 


2 Dec 2019

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#11: Who are the Women Behind PJS & Co. CPAs?

In this week's episode, we introduce you to the owners of PJS & Co. CPAs. Katina Peters, Jami Johnson and Jaime Staley discuss how the firm started, the importance of work/life balance to our firm and more about the podcast. 


9 Dec 2019

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#10: Strategic Planning - Ongoing Monitoring & Motivation

In this final episode of our 10-Part Strategic Planning Intro Series, all three owners, Katina Peters, Jami Johnson and Jaime Staley, are on speaking about ongoing monitoring and motivation. The goal of today’s episode is to give you tips you need to keep the right mindset and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to continually monitor and update as needed to stay on track with your strategic plan.


2 Dec 2019

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#05: Strategic Planning - Digging Deeper - Sales & Marketing

Do you know the difference between a strategic marketing plan and a tactical marketing plan? Do you know how to incorporate your revenue and vision goals into your marketing plan? Have you defined your client avatar? We are discussing all of this and more in today's episode in the fifth installment of our Strategic Planning Series. 


2 Dec 2019

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#09: Strategic Planning - Tools Needed

Are you building the list of tools you'll need for the year during your strategic planning session? Some tools to consider are the team and mentors you will utilize, industry data for KPIs, software and processes. We discuss these things in further detail during this episode focused on the tools needed during strategic planning.


2 Dec 2019

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#06: Strategic Planning - Digging Deeper - HR

How do I implement an HR plan? How should I incorporate HR into my strategic planning session? How do I let go of control as a business owner? These are the things we are breaking down as we continue our 10-Part Strategic Planning Series introduction to the Cultivating Business Growth Podcast.


2 Dec 2019

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#04: Strategic Planning - Digging Deeper - Budgeting

What is a strategic budget? Why do I need a strategic budget? Do I approach this like a personal budget? And where do I start? These are the questions we are answering in the fourth of our 10-Part Introductory Strategic Planning Series as we dig deeper into budgeting. 


2 Dec 2019

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#08: Strategic Planning - Digging Deeper - KPIs

We dig deeper into KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, in this episode. These are crucial to establish for your business as they relate to your own, unique goals. We discuss what is a KPI, why are they important to the success of your business, and what are some popular KPIs available to you to track progress. There are multiple financial and non-financial KPIs available to you and it is important to select the KPIs that will make the largest impact in your journey to grow.


2 Dec 2019

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#36: The Legal Series - Staff Productivity & Efficiency KPIs

What are some growth strategies you can implement for your law firm to see intentional growth? Legal is one of our industry-specializations, so we have put together a series of episodes that can help you get more strategic with your numbers. More specifically, today we will be discussing staff productivity and efficiency KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This episode will focus on setting goals, tracking and measuring performance, and using KPIs to analyze results and make adjustments toward success.


18 May 2020

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#35: Generating Cash During Hard Times

How can you continue to generate cash during hard times? We have seen almost everything in our lives change and it’s pivoted the world around us, our businesses, and every interaction that we have with our family and friends. When it comes to business though, we still need to keep pushing forward. More specifically, we will be talking about where you need to start in evaluating your cash flow and accounts receivable, how we can get creative, and take a look at your sales and marketing.


11 May 2020

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#34: Maintaining Your Motivation Working From Home

Have you had a difficult time maintaining your motivation while working from home? As we continue our discussions to help business owners during the COVID-19 situation, working from home and running your business from home have become the only way for many businesses to continue operating. While working from home has its perks, it’s not as easy as many make it out to be, so we’re discussing some of the tools we use, since we have operated as a distributed team since 2015.


4 May 2020

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#33: How to Stay Connected Working From Home

We are talking about how to stay connected while working from home in today’s episode. We’re discussing three main areas of connection in your life and our best tips for keeping these together: #1) Staying connected with your team #2) Staying connected with your support system of family and friends #3) Staying connected with yourself. 


27 Apr 2020

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#32: Taking Action in Your Business During Difficult Times

What do I do with my strategic plan now that everything has changed? How can you use that to make the adjustments needed to keep your business running? How do we take the information we have now about your business, leverage it, pivot and change as needed as you face these different challenges that COVID-19 is throwing our way? We're answering all those questions in today's episode!


20 Apr 2020

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#29: What You Need to Know About the Stimulus Bill - Part II

What does the stimulus bill mean for your business? What are you responsible for when it comes to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act? What do you need to know about EIDL and PPP? We recorded this update on April 2, 2020 about what we know now, loans and other resources available to you and how you can access these resources to help your business move forward.


3 Apr 2020

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#27: Legislation, Support & Assistance Programs for Your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak - Part I

As fellow business owners, we wanted to provide some assistance programs that could provide relief during this difficult time for you and your business. This is our first update regarding the Covid-19 situation. We will continue to stay on top of various relief efforts and share them as we can to help guide you! Please stay safe and healthy. We will all get through this together.


20 Mar 2020

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#26: A Quick Start Guide to Running Your Business Remotely

In watching as many businesses are hustling to get their teams up and running in a virtual environment, we wanted to record and release our next episode early. We have gathered our top resources, with links in the show notes, for our best software and processes that keep our team and company running remotely for the past 5 years. We welcome all questions and encourage you to share with anyone who could benefit! 


18 Mar 2020

Rank #16

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#23: 5 Ways to Manage Cash Flow Issues

How can you better manage cash flow issues? What if you are currently facing a cash flow crunch and you're not sure how to tackle the problem?  We are continuing our discussion focused on cash flow in this week's episode. We break down cash flow issues and 5 ways to better manage them. If you'd like a cash flow template for free, you can download that and get started at pjscpas.com/23/. 


2 Mar 2020

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#21: Understand the Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

Do you understand the difference between cash flow and profit? The two don't always go hand-in-hand. We are talking about the differences, some of the dire implications of failing to manage cash flow in your business and some big picture best practices to improve cash flow continuity.


17 Feb 2020

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#20: So You Want to Grow Your Business?

While this podcast is always focused on business growth, today's episode is talking very specifically about a few of the items from our 4 Ways to Grow Your Business webinar. We are talking about how to define your UCD, or Unique Core Differentiator, creating a sales promotion plan, and increasing the effectiveness of processes within your business.  The full 4 Ways to Grow Your Business webinar can be found at pjscpas.com/4-ways.


10 Feb 2020

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#19: Options for Investing and Taking Control of Your Financial Future

We welcome our first guest outside of the PJS & Co. CPAs team to the podcast, John Moriarty of e3 Wealth. He has been in the wealth management industry since 1995 and he joins us to talk about education regarding investments, options for investing and retirement. 


3 Feb 2020

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