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Episode 006 - AdGuard, GitHub and Site Updates

* Adios Antergos - https://antergos.com/blog/antergos-linux-project-ends/ * Adguard follow up - https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/05/20/adguard-home-first-thoughts/ * New AMD powered Thinkpads! - https://hothardware.com/news/lenovo-thinkpad-x395-t495-t495s-amd-ryzen-pro-apus-radeon-vega * Github package registry - https://www.reddit.com/r/docker/comments/bn3lgl/github_releases_package_registry_with_docker/ LSIO News * BaseImage updates * New site design to be released soon. Will officially deprecate old image list in favour of Fleet. 


3 Jun 2019

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