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Come on and talk your shit. I call it low maintenance because i don't edit nothing. completely raw uncut and no filter. Half the time i don't know what i'm talking about. Started this because i needed to vent now its a hobby.

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We Back!!! (Fr This Time)

We getting serious about doing this now, so we bout to drop weeklys again. but this episode was to get back into the swing of shit, so enjoy us talking about completely nothing.  


14 Jun 2022

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I got mad because i was loosing at Forza 5 so i decided to get on the mic and talk to calm down. i cover a few topics in this episode. Including my plans when i get rich. and you know im still putting my kings onto game. Special guest appearance from the one and only LeeJohn. 


11 Dec 2021

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First Day Out

im back and im getting better at this podcast shit. After a long n=mental break im back to my regular weekly bullshit!!! got a new segment for yall come check it out!!!


25 Nov 2021

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She 6 going on 16 Ft.Nae

Im back yall!!!! I needed a mental break but did you miss me?? Today we welcome a special guest onto the podcast. Meet meet my daughter and her bright personality while we talk about absolutely nothing.  


7 Oct 2021

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Why so serious Ft. Vic

Back at it again but this time Vic Has Returned to the pod!! Today We talk about Sha'Carri Richardson, The crate challenge, And a few more things. 


27 Aug 2021

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Very Low Maintenance Ft. Shy and Twin 1&2

Back again with more guests. i think im starting to like it this way!!! We talk about trauma, pocket watching,and other things. (Bonus) Funny freestyle session at the end.


21 Aug 2021

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Dugget Bros Ft. Shy

Today i each the young bulls to put the pride to the side, Special guest Shy has a announcement and a bonus clip at the end victor makes a wild confession  


14 Aug 2021

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Off My Chest

Straight off my chest to your ears. This is what runs through my head on a day to day.


9 Aug 2021

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Brothers Of Destruction

Welome to the pod!!!!! On this episode Jiffy reunites with his brother After 6 years. 


22 Jul 2021

Rank #9