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The Real Health Revolution Show brings you an abundance of alternative health information on herbal remedies, energy healing, natural nutrition and weight loss, using the secret law of attraction to improve your life, and a variety of other topics for those who want to use natural means to Rise Up and Take Back Your Health!

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Real Health Rev. :Ep19:BAVD,Aneurysm& Aortic Dissection

Tonight we go off-topic with my experience with Aneursyms and Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease (BAVD)...plus we talk about Aortic Dissection.  Most people with BAVD or other connective tissue diseases walk around feeling fine, not knowing they might be carrying a ticking time bomb in their chest.  Education and prevention is the answer. Comedian John Ritter and the creator of Broadway's RENT, Jonathan Larson both died from aortic dissection.  Both might have been saved if doctors had properly diagnosed them, or if they or their loved ones had known what to look for.  I'm not sure if Ritter had BAVD, but whatever he had, his brother Tom was scanned and had the same problem, and had it surgically corrected.  John's death saved his brother's life.   It is believed that Larson had undiagnosed Marfan's Syndrome (simiar to BAVD but more serious). Unfortunately, many people who go to their doctor or to an emergency department with an aortic dissection go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed.  An estimated 2% of the population has BAVD--and that's not counting other connective tissue diseases that also cause dissection.  So learning about tonight's topic could save your life, the life of a loved one, or the lives of a whole family.


9 Oct 2011

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Real Health Revolution: Ep.18: A New Raw Weight Loss Journey

This week I've re-started my raw weight loss journey.  Tune in to find out how much I weighed at the start, how much I've lost already, how I feel, what I'm eating, and the benefits I'm seeing so far.


2 Sep 2011

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Real Health Revolution: Ep:17: My Revelation (take two)

My last episode didn't record properly, so I apologize to all those who downloaded it and heard dead air.  This will be a re-do of that show's topic. This show will cover my revelation regarding my health, Reiki, meditation, positive thinking, and other things that have totally changed how I look at health and life in general.  It has been a real transformation for me.  I'm considering making some changes to the show, including whether or not to stay with blogtalk radio, so I'm BEGGING for some reader feedback on this...please come out of lurkdom and tell me what you think!  I know there's over 2000 of you out there, so come on and share!  ;-)


8 Aug 2011

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Real Health Rev: Ep 16:Oops, no sound on this episode!Sorry!

This was supposed to be an episode on my revelation about my health, Reiki, meditation, positive thinking, and other stuff that changed my attitude and my life.   Unfortunately, the recording has nothing but dead air after the intro.  I will be re-doing this episode, so look for episode 17.   Also--sorry for the hiatus while we moved and got our lives organized.  I hope to record a show more regularly now.


28 Mar 2011

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Real Health Revolution: Ep 15: Fatique, Colon Hydrotherapy, and My Garden Plan

I continue a discussion from last episode (which got cut off) about fatigue and how the raw food diet solves this problem. I also talk about a new product I tried called Adya Clarity, which is supposed to precipitate heavy metals and other things out of water, and help detoxify your body.  Plus...more than you probably want to know about colon hydrotherapy.  ;-)  And I share my plans for my garden this year.


22 Mar 2011

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