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How John Bogle changed my life… and yours too!

With the passing of 89-year-old John Bogle, many writers who have covered Bogle’s work wrote thoughtfully about his life and the impact as the creator of the first index mutual fund.  For 10 years, Tom Cock, Don McDonald and I interviewed him annually on our “Sound Investing” radio show on KVI in Seattle Washington. It …


22 Jan 2019

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What to do about the Brexit Blues?

What should investors do about the recent global loss of over $2 trillion? Should you get out – or reduce your exposure – to international equities?  Should you sell and go to cash until the smoke has cleared? Should you reconsider your overall equity exposure? Paul addresses these questions, along with a little about his new video, available …


27 Jun 2016

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2 Funds For Life

A simple strategy to maximize your retirement investments In this podcast, Paul Merriman and Chris Pedersen – who spent most of the last two years developing the “2 Funds for Life” strategy – discuss the rationale, research, details and benefits to easily implement this simple strategy. The discussion includes a quick review of the “Three greatest investment products” (podcast and article  including …

1hr 6mins

24 Oct 2018

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The three greatest investment products – Part I

This is the first of a three-part series, laying the foundation for the upcoming “2 Fund for Life” strategy.  In this podcast, Paul discusses the mutual fund, index fund and target date fund, which have been responsible for some of the greatest wealth building for the average investor. In the case of the mutual fund and the index …


26 Sep 2018

Rank #4

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10 more things you need to know about the Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy

The annual Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Strategy article and podcast are among the most important pieces Paul and Rich produce (with a lot of help from Daryl Bahls in creating the updated tables). This podcast addresses topics not covered in the Marketwatch article.  Paul answers such questions as: Are returns reasonable? What is the impact of annual and monthly rebalancing? …


20 Mar 2019

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Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation,Worldwide and All Value Portfolios

In a recent podcast, Paul discussed a table of historical risk-and-return data for the S&P 500.  The purpose of that podcast and corresponding table was to give investors a way to build reasonable expectations of the short- and long-term losses, as well as short and long-term returns for the S&P 500.   In this podcast the same information is presented for …


14 Mar 2018

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10 lessons from my favorite investment book

From the latest Dimensional Fund Advisors annual Matrix Book, Paul discusses 10 lessons he thinks will give investors a better long-term perspective of returns, before and after inflation.  He also compares the long-term results of both U.S. and international asset classes.


25 Apr 2016

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Strategy update: How to turn $3000 into $50 million

Four years ago we wrote one of our most popular articles, "How To Turn $3000 into $50 million."  This article, originally published at MarketWatch, has had over 500 comments and many of them were calling the strategy crazy.  In this podcast Paul offers at least 10 solid lessons about this strategy, as well as discussing the first 4 years of returns. Lessons include return numbers that will help investors understand the unexpected path they are likely to travel with this strategy. Investors may be surprised to find that some investors in the strategy have earned a 24% compound rate of return over the first 4 years. For more articles and podcasts on this strategy, click here.


18 Dec 2019

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The real secret to long-term investment success

What’s the toughest challenge for many investors? Staying the course for the long term. In this podcast, Paul discusses what he considers "the most useful information for investors.” While adding new insights to his Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy, Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation and Distributions in Retirement articles and podcasts, Paul explores nine decades of returns for six asset classes that academics have studied for over 50 years. It turns out that the end result of the returns has been exactly what the academics predicted, but the trip was not an easy one for investors. See and download the Tables referenced here. Paul hopes that in understanding this, all investors  — especially young investors — will see that the strategy with the most predictable returns is also the one with the best predictable returns, and maintain the focus and confidence to make it through the normal ups and downs of the market without giving up.

1hr 6mins

15 Jan 2020

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Will you try to beat the market?

Paul reads from Financial Fitness Forever, “Will You Try to Beat the Market?”, which focuses on how trying to beat the market has had a terrible impact on investors’ returns. This Chapter 4 includes important studies, from DALBAR and Morningstar, suggesting that more than half of all investor returns are lost to bad personal behavior, like being influenced …


21 Mar 2016

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When should you fire an advisor?  Plus, who to trust and how much is enough?

In this podcast, Paul addresses four different but related issues regarding the management of your investments.  When should you fire an advisor?  Paul discusses the ethics and competence an advisor and others must have. Ken Fisher’s recent problems have raised another requirement one could expect from an advisor. This could be very important to listeners who are about to …


23 Oct 2019

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What successful investors know about performance in risky times

What information is really meaningful to be a successful investor, especially in light of conflicting, enticing and scary reports? In this podcast, Paul asks and explores the questions: Will a list of 10 likely catastrophic events be enough to keep you out of the market?  Will a newsletter, produced by an ethical organization, likely give …


27 Feb 2019

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Answers to 12 Questions from AAII investors

Paul addresses questions raised during his recent presentations to more than 200 AAII members in Madison and Milwaukee. Also, he recounts an exciting meeting with 2 young women (ages 13 and 15) and their parents who announced the start of their daughters’ lifetime investment journey modeled after How To Turn $3000 Into $50 …

1hr 3mins

22 May 2019

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Introducing the The Best, Easiest, Lowest-Cost Way To Invest

Paul explains why he’s excited to offer this new, easy, low-cost way to implement his Ultimate Buy and Hold portfolio recommendations, and invest wisely for the long term. To learn more about Paul’s “one-click-and-you-re-done” portfolios at Motif Investing, Click here.


15 Mar 2017

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The biggest risk of all for investors plus 12 Q&A’s

Do you know that only 31% of Americans believe they will have enough money to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement?  Or how about this: 60% of Millennials report having made an emotional decision they later regretted to sell in a 401k plan?  This sort of emotional decision can be the very thing keeping people from having the money they …


8 May 2019

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Performance: What should you plan on for the future?

Whether you are saving for retirement or already retired, establishing a reasonable expectation for future returns is one of the most difficult planning decisions.  What can investors learn from the past?  Are the next 10 years likely to be similar to the last 10, 20, 50 or 80 years?  Can we count on the value and …


14 May 2019

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How to invest in a bear market

Paul shares bear market observations and advice from Sir John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, as well as offering his own ideas. He starts the podcast by reading an article by Jason Zweig, “Everything You Know About the Crash Is Wrong”.  Jason discusses a period when investors would buy funds at 150% to 200% more than their net asset …


6 Nov 2019

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Finding a fiduciary, plus Vanguard vs. DFA

With all the speculation about the future of fiduciaries, I felt it was time to make some remarks about important differences between those inside and outside the world of commissions. But, as you’ll discover, even a fee-only fiduciary can give terrible advice.  Plus, having just spoken at a conference sponsored by a local DFA advisor, I thought it …


15 Feb 2017

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12 lessons we must teach first time investors

In this podcast Paul discusses the 12 investment decisions all first time investors must face.  He speaks to both the parents, as well as the young investor, about the life changing impact good decisions can have on the young investor’s future.  There are a couple of important links mentioned in the podcast. https://paulmerriman.com/ultimate-buy-hold-portfolio/


15 Jun 2016

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Why doesn’t Vanguard add more small-cap value to its TDFs?… and 13 more Q&A

Paul addresses 14 questions from listeners and readers, but first he speaks to an interesting case of an investor who has greater trust in a bar of gold than a government bond-based Vanguard fund.  Where are your Fine Tuning Tables for 2019? 9:33  Where can I get a better rate of return in my checking account? 11:20  Does …

1hr 12mins

20 Nov 2019

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