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A football podcast where we discuss gameweeks, ins and outs of the premier league, weekly rumours, and more!!

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Reindeer Rendezvous

The boys are back in town! For the last episode before a short Christmas break, the boys recap world football over the last 2-3 weeks. Revisiting some of their old takes, the boys also discuss the title race and what will become of it after the AFCON in January! With this being the last one for the year, this episode is going to be a cracker!


22 Dec 2021

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Snowball Soccer

For the first of two Premier League episodes this week, the boys kick it off with a conversation regarding the Ballon D’or and everything that happened at the ceremony this year. If you missed what happened, you’re probably living under a rock. With some very snowy conditions affecting the games of the weekend, the lads give their own take on what they thought of each game before moving onto goal of the week and tips for the midweek games. There’s so much Prem content coming this week, don’t miss out as we kick things off!


1 Dec 2021

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Coming up on the end of the group stage of the Champions League, the boys are getting to the point where they start making predictions on group standings and who will progress into the knockout stages! With so many contenders, goal of the week was a lottery for the boys and player of the week was the exact same. If you’re dreading working on Monday, just pop this episode on and you’re good to go!

1hr 1min

28 Nov 2021

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Triple Threat

Our last international break for 4 months! Premier League fans and FTS fans can finally rejoice as that means we are BACK to Prem news and analysis after a lengthy break. After a high scoring week between some of the more mediocre teams there’s plenty to be said from each of the boys as the League starts to take shape. With Dyl and Jayden finally getting what they want, what are their expectations moving forward? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

1hr 4mins

25 Nov 2021

Rank #4

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Transfer Window Special Pt 1

Strap yourselves in! This episode the boys sit down for Part 1 or the 2 Part series this week, discussing where teams should look to start heading into the next transfer window. With some massive calls and some big signings involved, there’s always a chance for some opinions to go awry. Regardless of that, the boys had a belter of an episode and don’t want you to miss out either!


18 Nov 2021

Rank #5

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Break Out

With the start of another dreaded international week comes another skit ep! Join the boys as they work wounded again, discussing young players that could break out over the next few years. Ranging from players just out of the first team to those in the academy, the boys delved deep into the database of players to find some hidden gems in the Premier League. Maybe your wonderkid will get a shout out, listen along to find out!


14 Nov 2021

Rank #6

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Barbaric Burnley

Another week of Premier League, another week of unpredictable results! Join the boys as they delve into the weekly dose of Prem footy and take you through the ins and outs of some shocking scorelines. Complete domination on derby day and an unbeaten team finally beaten, with a lineup like that there’s no shortage of head scratching decisions being made. Get yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the show!


10 Nov 2021

Rank #7

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The UCL is back! And with it comes another FTS breakdown of the latest match day of Champions League action. With positive results for most of the English teams, and with Liverpool already advancing, they take you through what the coming weeks of the group stage could mean for teams competing for a PL title. Without many contenders for goal of the week, the boys give some love to beautifully worked goals before finishing out with some tips for the next matchday. With a poor result for Jayden and Dyls favourite team, and a scathing assessment from them both, this won’t be an episode you want to miss!


6 Nov 2021

Rank #8

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Working Wounded

Following a blockbuster gameweek which saw a manager sacked and multiple top sides drop points, the boys discuss what this latest week means long term for the Prem. With plenty of contenders, goal of the week is a shot in the dark and the boys end up providing 3! Crack open a cold one and enjoy the latest Prem coverage FTS!


3 Nov 2021

Rank #9

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Unpopular PL Opinions

Strap yourselves in for one of our most controversial episodes ever! This week, the boys cover a few "unpopular" opinions surrounding the Premier League. Crack a beer, listen along and make your own assumptions on some left field takes. What a way to fill the gap before the next Prem podcast!


30 Oct 2021

Rank #10