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In this podcast, I interview smart ladies about feminism, the teen screen, and popular culture. Go to https://teenscreenfeminism.wordpress.com/ for more!

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Queer Girls Onscreen: A Conversation with Emily Chandler

In the latest Teen Screen Feminism podcast, I spoke with PhD candidate Emily Chandler about the representation of queer girls in popular media. We discussed some of the central tropes used to represent queer girls; queer subtext; resistant and transformative spectatorship practices; and some of the developments in representing queer girls in the media over... Read More

25 Jun 2016

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Imagining Alternative Worlds: Women’s Fics & Our Fan Fiction

Today Dr Jodi McAlister and I recorded a podcast about fan fiction, imagining alternative worlds, and what would happen if Aidan Turner and Sam Heughan made an amazing buddy cop movie together? Tune in for the fun, fandom, and slightly academic (if you squint) chat: Download for free on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/imagining-alternative-worlds/id1011011620?i=366268074&mt=2 Or listen right here... Read More

5 Apr 2016

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Making a Women’s Movie Club

In this podcast mini-sode, I talk about some changes that are happening here at Teen Screen Feminism, and I share some thoughts on creating a women’s movie club. I hope you enjoy this episode!

29 Apr 2018

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Outlander Season 3

In this episode of the Teen Screen Feminism podcast, Rachel Berryman and I discuss the first six episodes of Outlander season 3. Let us know your thoughts! We hope you enjoy the podcast. Listen here on the blog (iTunes link coming soon!): Download via iTunes for free!:https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/outlander-season-3/id1011011620?i=1000394120021&mt=2

28 Oct 2017

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The Representation of Teen Girlhood in 13 Reasons Why

In this podcast, Rachel Berryman and I discuss the representation of girlhood and teenagehood in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why (2017). In particular, we discuss issues related to representations of girls’ relationships with social media and technology; how Hannah’s point of view is focalised through the prism of Clay’s emotions and perspective; and the... Read More

31 May 2017

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