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Looking for a career change away from the 9 to 5?This podcast is for anyone not satisfied in their current career and wondering if there is more to life. Join Steve as he talks to people who have done a "safe" career and switched to something completely different. We get career advice from a banker turned videographer, a woman who turned down a corporate job for a life working with horses, a guy who quit finance to start a podcast, and many more...Each week Steve gives a few take home career tips from our guest and one task to make changes in our own lives. Screw the 9 to 5 and join us on our journey to a more enjoyable life!Episodes will be released weekly, with 10 episodes per season.Categories: life advice, career advice, self improvement, quarter life crisis.Social media: @notthe9to5pod

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The comfort zone.

CAM CALKOEN - Inspirational speakerWelcome to the final episode of season one of Not the nine to five pod. For those of you that have listened to every episode so far, thanks heaps for the support. For those of you that haven't heard the other episodes, I recommend listening to them in order to get a full appreciation of the show. Each season has a theme and season one has been around the idea of why change from what you're currently doing. In our finale of season one, I spoke to Cam Calkoen. He was born with cerebral palsy and instead of worrying about the way he walked and the way he talked, he turned these perceived weaknesses into his biggest strengths, making a career as an athletic gold medalist and inspirational speaker.I talked to cam about his childhood, taking risks in your career and doing something outside of your comfort zone.I finished season one with this conversation, because if you've been making excuses to yourself not to change career, then hopefully this will inspire you to make a change.You can find Cam on his website camcalkoen.com or on instagram @camcalkoenFor social content, visit: @notthe9to5pod


10 Oct 2021

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Talk to an insider.

Robbie Allen - ADVERTISING STRATEGISTRobbie is in the advertising industry as a strategist, but Steve spoke to Robbie because he's the founder of Insidery, which is a platform that connects you to people already doing a specific career, and helps you find out if that job is the right one for you. Their slogan is "The best career advice comes from those actually in the job." We talked to Robbie about Insidery as well as some of the cool adverts he's worked on, flexible working hours, and finding people inside your industry.He also shares some handy tips for making a change in your own life, including making a career change within your own industry.Website: insidery.coi: @robbie_allen


3 Oct 2021

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Social media is sweet.

ENTREPRENEUR & FOUNDER - Hannah Mellsop.i: @hannahmellsop or @realradfoodThis week, Steve spoke to Hannah Mellsop, she's founder and CEO, of Real Rad Food, was she started off the back of posting her plant-based desserts on social media.Hannah shares her career story, studying a geography degree, only to focus on her real passion, real raw food desserts.She'll hate me for saying this, but she's an entrepreneur and I talked to her about starting a business and she gives some tips for people looking to make a career change. You may be one of them. She also shares tips for people looking to make a change in their own career.You can find Hannah on her website www.realradfood.co.nz or social media above.Find the podcast on instagram: @notthe9to5pod


26 Sep 2021

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Capitalism is a trap.

VIDEOGRAPHER - Moon HurstThis week, Steve spoke to the man that filmed his wedding, Moon Hurst, about his career. Moon started out his career making bank as a corporate banker, but was miserable. His mates all noticed he was great at making videos on their holidays and so Moon turned this into a profession, making safety videos as his core business and wedding videos as his side earner and hobby.Moon talks about how the system is a trap and gives advice to those people looking to make a change. He's a big believer in being the top 10% of whatever career you choose. You can find Moon at: website: smartvideos.co.nz i: @moonrocksnz


19 Sep 2021

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Get lucky.

AUTHOR, PHOTOGRAPHER, WILD HORSE TAMER & ADVENTURER - Kelly Wilson.This week's guest is the definition of living your dream career. Having grown up with horses, Kelly show jumped to Pony Grand Prix level, before focusing on her creative talents. After winning a scholarship to the Auckland University of Technology, she graduated in 2009 with a bachelor in Graphic Design, before going on to work as a freelance designer. Then in 2012, an unlikely series of events, led her onto a journey with wild horses. Since then she has tamed over 50 wild horses, starred in the hit-rating television series "Keeping Up With the Kaimanawas" as well as two documentaries, is the No.1 bestselling author of 16 books, has won awards for her photography of wild horses and is a sought-after tutor during her annual photography workshops, and alongside her sister Amanda hosts popular Retreats for horse riders of all ages.Her current career description reads: bestselling author, award-winning photographer, reality television star, wild horse tamer, motivational speaker, equestrian and adventurer; there is no doubt Kelly Wilson has a diverse career.You can find out more about her and her career below.Website: kellywilson.nzInstagram: kellywilsonnzPodcast: @notthe9to5pod


12 Sep 2021

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Same same but different.

EXECUTIVE COACH - Bernie EvansThis week's guest has been there and done that. He moved around from job to job, never satisfied, until he realised his common link was always people.He now spent over 20 years in a career as an Executive Coach, which is his calling.Bernie shares with host Steve all his years of advice as a coach, helping people access their "Personal Vision" around:PurposeValuesGoalsEnd visionPrior to making a career change, he strongly recommends doing something completely different to what your current skills are, to help you see things from a different perspective.Unlike our previous guests, I won't be sharing his contact details as he likes to express his "human right to be unavailable".Enjoy!@notthe9to5pod


5 Sep 2021

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Jump and the safety net will appear.

YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Jenna Mueller.This week Steve spoke to Jenna Mueller. Growing up in a traditional family in the Mid-West USA, Jenna went to university, studied journalism, and got a job at a PR agency.She quickly got trapped in the grind of the office life in Chicago. Jenna jumped, booked a ticket to Australia, found her safety net and has since discovered a life and career that has brought her happiness.She now lives in Papamoa in New Zealand as a yoga, pilates & fitness instructor.Jenna gives tips about how you can find a more happy & fulfilling life and Steve gives one take home task to make changes in your own life.You can find more about Jenna at jennamuellerfitness.comi: @jennamuellerfitnessher work: @mahanayogaloft


29 Aug 2021

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We've been shat on.

FREELANCE DIRECTOR - Charlie Parker.In our third episode, Steve speaks to Charlie Parker, a freelance director, having worked with BBC. Charlie went to university and then learnt more in a short stint of practical placement than the whole university degree.Charlie discusses his career, how university is overrated and in the modern environment you can learn most skills by YouTube. He provides practical advice to millennials looking to make a career change.You can find out more about Charlie at www.brokenblonde.comi: @charlieparked


22 Aug 2021

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The myths we tell ourselves.

ORGANISATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST - Clare MannThis week, Steve speaks to Clare Mann, an organisational psychologists, existential psychotherapist, trainer and author.Clare has practised as a psychologist and organisational consultant for over twenty years.Her focus is on helping people to become conscious leaders of their own lives and careers.Steve speaks to her book, Myths of Choice, about the myths we tell ourselves we "should" do, instead of doing things we actually want to.As always, we have 3 tips from our guest, as well as one take home task to make change in your own life.You can find more about Clare at claremann.com and lifemyths.com.i: @clare_mann


15 Aug 2021

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We're doing it backwards.

ENTREPRENEUR & PODCASTER - Chris Stemp.This show is for anyone stuck in a dead end job and looking for something different.In our very first episode, Steve speaks to Chris Stemp, an entrepreneur, podcaster, and lifelong student. Chris started out his career working in finance for a fortune 100 company. He quickly discovered this sucked, quit his job, worked on a golf course and started Smart People Podcast, with his good mate Jon Rojas. They've had some pretty awesome guests, including Tony Hsieh, Mark Manson & Brene Brown.Chris shows that you don't need to follow the normal career path to end up successful. We also talk about what defines success.Each episode we'll have three tips for your career from our guest, and we will give you one task to go home with.You can find Chris at smartpeoplepodcast.comi: @smartpeoplepodcast


8 Aug 2021

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